Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Taxing Not Only My Patience"

Folks, as you begin gathering all the paperwork together to do your taxes, as you review your W2's and 1099's to determine how much in taxes you've paid in and how many additional dollars you'll need to mail to the IRS, consider this:

As of 2010 only half of all families in the U.S. actually pay taxes.  Indeed, the vast majority of those who pay no taxes actually get a check back from the IRS in still another revenue-draining stream of funds that go to people who are, frankly, not contributing their fair share for all the services they receive. 

Only under the American tax system would you be encouraged to have more children than you can afford to support.  Not only is the "constant breeder" rewarded by "dependent exemptions" in the tax code, but they are also awarded thousands of your tax dollars in Child Tax Credits for each child bred!  In other words, in addition to receiving social welfare checks, food stamps, Section 8 housing, free Pell Grants for schooling, WIC, reduced tuition rates and free health care, the IRS adds an additional stream of social revenue through the child tax credit. 

Is it any wonder that we're running an annual trillion dollar deficit that now totals $15 trillion dollars? 

Now, I'm going to have to add a link to this one (because you are not going to believe it).  Nearly all of the above cited benefits are also awarded to illegal aliens and their children.  Can you believe that the IRS sent out $1.5 billion dollars in Child Tax Credits to illegal aliens?  Here's how it works:  In some instances the illegal alien will be bold enough to file on a stolen social security number.  However illegals have become much better at playing the game now.  You see, the IRS requires even illegal aliens to file their taxes.  They do so by using a "W7" which evolves into an Individual Income Tax Return (INIT).  The IRS then awards them a filing number and stands ready to accept their return.  Since the illegal almost never files an honest return, and is often paid in cash, the illegal claims just enough to qualify for the dependent exemptions and the Child Tax Credits.  Large illegal families normally collect thousands of dollars through these credits!  How can this be?  Well, Congress, when they passed the Child Tax Credit made no distinction from those filing a 1040 or W7 so the Child Tax Credit jackpot goes to everyone who can breed a brood!  Here's one of the hundreds of sources on this; you can google this yourself as well:

It should also be noted that, by law, the IRS is not allowed to turn over addresses of illegal aliens to the Immigration and Naturalization Agency ICE.  They treat illegal tax matters more secretly than a priest in a confessional!

Is it not enough that we already spend hundreds of billions to build additional schools and prisons to accomodate illegals?  Is it not enough that we spend more billions on law enforcement to deal with increased crime?  Is it not enough that illegals take billons out of our depressed economy and send it back to Mexico?  Must we even give them our tax dollars through the IRS system?
Now folks, as Congress begins talk of cutting spending they talk about cutting social security and medicare (programs which you paid into since you were 16 years old), do you see them saying anything about ending Child Tax Credit abuse?  Payments to illegals?   As you total your tax on your bank savings (money that you already paid income tax on) do you see Congress discussing why even legal green card holders are entitled to medicare and social security disability which they never paid into?

So, Mr. and Mrs "Middle Class", as you see your jobs shipped overseas to China, as you see the richest one percent of Americans paying taxes in the investment bracket of 15 percent, as you pay out 50 percent of everything you make in local, state, federal, medicare and social security taxes how is it all working out for you?

How is all of this abuse happening?  Because too many are not willing to go out and learn what's happening, write your representatives and vote the rascals out and bring in someone who will end this abuse!

Here's headlines in Phoenix that we have to read every day.  It is any wonder were trying to fight illegal invasions?


Tony Riggs said...

Thanks, I just ate breakfast!

Anonymous said...

Put me among the people who do NOT pay taxes. Not because I am an illegal alien but because I got tired of being the governments whipping boy. See, in 2008ish when Bush and obama started bailing out irresponsible companies like GM, AIG, CHASE, BofA, etc is when I decided that no longer will I pay into this giant ponzi scheme called the IRS. So I quit my job and now I work odd jobs for straight cash. This way, I get to actually keep what I earn and donate what I want to whom I feel deserves it or truly needs it. No more of this bullshit where my money is taken and givent o illegal aliens, rich bankers who have enough money already, or used in manufactured wars to protect interests in oil. I urge all US citizens who are tired of the federal governments bullshit to stop filing income taxes, or quit your job and work for cash. Starve the system. Let the socialst libtards and greedy repubilcan business owners who hire illegals pay for all the waste in this now dead nation. Rest in Peace Joe Stack.

A Modest Scribler said...

You're right; I will censor you if you either hate speech or vulgarity. My blog, my rules.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond mind boggling. I just cannot imagine how this got to this point that we issue ID's to illegals, don't ask for ID for people who want to vote, all of the assistance they are getting. I am a 53 year old female who was down on her luck a few years ago with no job (in spite of three degrees and 30 years experience in my field) and lost everything, my car first then my home and had to start over. Thank god I was able to eventually but only out of sheer determination and starting my own business. But when I applied for a little assistance which I hated to do, I got denied any medical help from the State of Arizona because I made "too much money" - um 240 a week on unemployment is too much money??? And then I finally got through the misplace paperwork with DES (I filed no less than 8 times and each and every time I got a letter of denial from them saying I hadn't sent this or that in when I had, so I went down there and saw a line at least 8 hours long and mostly Hispanics with 3 or 4 kids, only to finally be told I would get a whopping 12 dollars in food stamps. I told them to shove it. Seriously. A tax payer of over 30 years gets NOTHING yet we kiss the asses of illegals??? Lord help us all! All I can pray for is we elect the next president who has not only some balls but a spine too stand up for THIS country and not everyone else.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the comments, anon. Unfortunately, those that get the government goodies are those who will vote Democratic in large ethnic blocks. Whether it be Blacks who represent only 12 percent of the populace, but take 42% of every welfare dollar, or Hispanics who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, it is all politics and government power.

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