Thursday, February 10, 2011

I need reader feedback

I would like to thank all of you readers who have made a habit of visiting my blog.  I started it only three weeks ago and have faithfully written a blog entry each day.  Some of my writings concern personal experiences, some are frivolous and meant to add a little humor to your day, and some are very serious and involve issues that I am very concerned about. 

I've been very pleased to see that I am attracting visitors from all over the world as well as folks from all over the U.S.  Thank you for taking the time from your day to visit me.

I would greatly appreciate your taking it a step further:  I would ask that you take a moment and leave a comment, whether in praise or critical, just to let me know what kind of articles you enjoy reading. 

Note that, at the bottom of the blog article, there is a place for comments.  I'll settle for a :) or :(  or specific comments or suggestions. 

Give and Take Care,

Dearel Friend


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, keep it up!

Coloradan said...

:-). I enjoy your musings. Thank you for sharing them.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thank you, Coloradan....I think you're pretty special too!