Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In Praise of Nelson Mandela

I was heartened to see that Nelson Mandela has left the hospital and returned home after his recent illness.  We need more Nelson Mandelas in this world, if only to remind us of perseverance and the grace of forgiveness. 

Mr. Mandela, after being wrongly imprisoned for more than two decades, emerges to freedom and, rather than bask in bitterness, sets out to lead his country to independence and freedom.  More important, he favors everyone he meets with a smile and let's that magnicent soul shine outward to other souls thirsting for fulfillment.

It is heartening to see the magnificent preachings of a Jesus Christ enlivened by a life challenged beyond belief.  Mr. Mandela, live long, live strong and continue to inspire us to better ourselves through your example.

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