Monday, May 28, 2018

Cockroach Milk; The New Superfood


Well, I had just only recently acclimated myself to the fact that some of our world cultures show a fondness for introducing cockroaches into their diet.  (Tastes like chicken?).  Then, lo and behold, I'm just minding my own business this morning, when I come across an article about cockroach milk becoming the new superfood for those daring enough among us who will try anything.

Seems this researcher at the University of Iowa, while studying cockroach mothers, found that they emit these little crystals, which their young eat for nourishment.  Then, a little known scientific journal called Journal of The International Union of Crystallography published a research report that says each one of these little cockroach crystals contains three times the protein of cows milk and is just jammed pack with sugar and essential amino acids.
So now they've started up a cockroach farm and plan to raise the Pacific Beetle Cockroach, the specific species of cockroach that produces the most cockroach milk crystals.  Once they cultivate the crystals they can then sell them in powder form and all you will need do is add water, and voila!, cockroach milk for the masses!

That got me to thinking as I wondered what they'd be feeding the roaches down on the farm.  What if they fed them a steady diet of Oreo cookies?  Then you'd have yourself a real snack; cockroach milk and Oreos.......but only for those who like to dip.

You're welcome.



Jerry Carlin said...

and to think I have been squishing them all these years!

A Modest Scribler said...

Harvest those milk crystals, Jerry. Then tell us how they tasted.

Wally said...

I'm going to pass on this Dearel, just so you can have my share.

A Modest Scribler said...

I'll stick to the cow stuff too, Wally