Monday, August 21, 2017

"Sponge Worthy" or "Meg Worthy"..The Principle's The Same"


Remember that classic Seinfeld episode where Elaine found out her vaginal sponge manufacturer was going out of business?   (Google "Elaine's sponges" if you are not familiar.)  Anyway, in that Seinfeld episode, Elaine fanned out all over town and began buying up all the vaginal sponges available.  Then, realizing the preciousness of her vaginal sponges, she began interviewing potential bedmates, to determine if they were "sponge worthy". 

Well, in this era, where my internet company now says my monthly internet megabytes are now finite, I'm being even more selective about what I see on the internet and what I watch on TV.  With respect to TV viewing, I've been even more selective about what I watch, admittedly for a multitude of reasons.

For example, I never watch news from CNN, CBS, NBC, and now won't even flip over to MSNBC for a good laugh.  And, since the last election, I don't watch Fox News anymore either....Fox and Friends now Trump's "Morning Show" and Hannity so partisan he's now comedic.  None of news shows are "meg worthy".

Also not "meg worthy" are Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, any of the CSI family, and pretty much anything on the mainstream stations, now that "Last Man Standing" has been cancelled.

So, on the internet, I've given up monitoring "The Huffington Post" (just to see what the enemy is up to) and I skip the New York Times and Washington Post teasers, cause I know it's going to be liberal gruel. I do read seven online papers each morning, perhaps Google News being the most objective (they even report their own scandals!)  

And on TV I'll watch any and all three of the C-Span channels.  And I watch Turner Classic Movies...the channel that still streams movies with a plot and without pyrotechnics.  And old Andy and Barney are still charming.  And Perry Mason is still as smart as he ever was.  And, after leaving The Waltons for a few months, letting those wonderful shows to lay fallow, I'll come back and watch them again.  And that's pretty much it.

Instead, I spend a lot of time reading books, either in paper form, mostly on my Kindle E-Reader.  Amazon offers me lots of free books, and I'll willingly purchase any book that falls to a reasonable ten bucks.  And, on that Kindle, there's not "Meg-Master" tallying how long I'm spending lost in the world of reading.

"Sponge-Worthy" or "Meg-Worthy"..the principle's the same...and I'm becoming a better person for becoming more discerning.

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