Monday, January 6, 2020



Could we all just set aside our political preferences this morning and cast a rational and objective eye toward a few national headlines? Thanks in advance to those willing to do that.
Let's first look at President Trump's order to take out that long time Iranian military leader, Soleimani. 
I just read a news article this morning that said the American military has wanted to take out Soleimani as early as 2007. The Iranian general had been directly responsible for thousands of American deaths during the Iraqi Freedom campaign. He and his Shite proxies planted IED's, engaged snipers, funded, served as proxies, and deployed rocketry to kill our own young men and women. Were that not enough the Iranians have stirred up trouble in Africa, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, and have used Yemen as a surrogate for terrorism throughout the Middle East.
This Iranian mayhem was going on long before American troops arrived in force in 2002. And their trouble-making has gone on whether in peace accord with the west and without.
Now let's get back to that moment in 2007, when American commandos had a bead on Soleimani and could have taken him out. Sadly, and incredibly, General McChrystal (under higher orders?) ordered them to stand down, afraid that taking out Soleimani would stir the anger of the Iranian Mullahs. That "stand down" stood all during the remaining Bush and Obama years......the Commanders in Chief of the mightiest military on earth deathly afraid of one general and one bad-acting third world country! How is that even possible, even as our own military was dying by his efforts!
So once again we have President Trump doing something that previous Presidents were too scared to do! And we have Hollywood's latest "liberal darling/unappointed ad hoc Secretary of State, Rose McGowan apologizing to Iran, saying "please don't kill us......52 percent of us are being held hostage by a President we don't support." Is that not madness? Does Hollywood even understand that Iran has been the regional bad guy for some 40 years now? Did she not follow Iran's firing on western oil tankers just a few months ago? Has she not followed Iran's legacy of terrorism across five continents for over these many decades?
But let's forget Hollywood's "foreign policy ignorance" for now. We know their type and are not surprised by anything Hollywood does or says. What is truly astounding are our previous leaders treading so softly around a stone-age third world country who chooses to do us harm whether we leave them alone or not. And so many times has!
So, okay, we all can say what we want about President Trump. And yet, here he is this week, taking out a bad guy whom no one in the west was willing to touch, even as western diplomats and America's far left quake in their boots about what Iran might do to retaliate! 


Jeff H said...

Those 'Americans' would like to just keep kicking the can down the road. Nothing to see here, they won't really harm us. We finally have a President who takes decisive action and clowns like George Lopez say in public that he will assassinate Trump for $40M.

A Modest Scribler said...

George got his wish. The Iranians are offering $80 million for Trump's head.

TheRandyGuy said...

People seem to forget the policy of appeasement under Carter brought us an Iranian occupation of our US embassy that lasted until just before Reagan's inauguration. The Iranians even back then knew Reagan would not mimic Carter, and those hostages were released. It sickens me to hear leftist politicians complain about the execution of the man responsible for the deaths of untold US soldiers, yet isn't that a perfect example of just how broken we are as a nation? Trump is exactly right in making clear the days of murdering US personnel with no consequences are over, backed up by a threat (and God bless him for making it clear this is not a warning, but a promise) to kill even more Iranians if it continues. The world's largest sponsor of terrorism has been called out by a President willing to back it up, but undercut by leftist pols afraid and desperate to regain power.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, the Dems this morning are once again eager to skirt the Constitution and tie the President's hands. And please note there was never a ripple when Obama was doing the same thing.