Monday, January 13, 2020

Ladies, Just Stop It!


In just the last few months I have seen an unending parade of 55 plus models and movie stars displaying their "wares" in bikinis.....and even less. Selma Hayak, Christie Brinkley, Brook Shields, Elizabeth Hurley......the list goes on and on. And their female fans just love it!

I can find no more definitive example of objectifying women than these photos, many of the women posing being bonafide members of the MeToo Movement.

So why are these senior women doing it? Could it be for the same reasons they pay to have their chests transformed into cantaloupes? Or sport lingerie, meant for the boudoir, on the red carpet? One would think that, if women want men to take them seriously, they wouldn't self-objectify their legs and boobs.

What the hell is wrong with senior women of all sizes and shapes just standing before the camera, fully dressed, happy in just being generally healthy? Anything else is a huge insult to the women who bear birth marks and mastectomy scars and all manner of scars disease has wrought.

Perhaps the worst of all this flesh peddling is the vast difference in lifestyles between these Hollywood types and the average woman. These wealthy women can afford plastic surgeries, personal nutritionists, fitness trainers, and daily massages on demand. Sadly, the average woman cannot afford that life lifestyle, yet learn to look like Liz or Christie or Brook.

And on a final note, most of these iconic women just happened to win the lottery of good genes..........something they have no business taking credit for.

All I can say is that many women, both the famous and not so famous, are responsible for a culture that values sexiness and the grand flesh peddle. Stop blaming men for your MeToo woes and assume a little responsibility for the casting couch invites and office come-ons. Women are proving to be their own worst enemy.

So stop it, ladies. Your hypocrisy is gag worthy.


TheRandyGuy said...

Simply consider the source. These are aging women still immersed in a Hollywood culture that worships youth and sexuality, a culture that once elevated them to the top of that world based in large part upon physical appearance. Unfortunately, by those same standards, these women are has-beens, no longer considered for the leading roles of sexy, sensual young female actresses. It is sad, and I feel sorry for them. Relegated to shamelessly promoting themselves in a way no 20-something needs to, they are left with nothing more than a pitiful "LOOK AT ME -I STILL MATTER" moment.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, you said it far better than I did.