Monday, June 18, 2018

Spineless America


If America had been peopled by the current crop of Americans during World War II Hitler's grandson would be ruling the world and the Japanese would own Asia. Fighting and winning  that world wide war, that killed 50 million people, required great character, tremendous courage, and steely-eyed will, all traits the current crop of Americans seem to lack.

We are confronted with our societal weaknesses every day.  Cold blooded killers either sit on death row for 25 years, their lives extended by court appeals, or are coddled by life sentences, American taxpayers dishing out $44,000 a year to feed, house and medicate them.  And Americans insist that criminals who were given probation four or five times before they were finally incarcerated, are capable of being rehabilitated.  

On the wider societal front parental supervision is virtually non-existent.  They surrender their children to a horribly failing education system.  And when they are not  in school their spermal offal spend their time in front of gaming machine or texting or sexting on their cell phones.  The resultant harvest has been two generations of "everyone wins a blue ribbon" snowflakes who are dumb as door knobs and as sensitive as a pansy when they are offended by life's hard truths.

The weekend's headlines reveal just how weak we are.  Former First Lady Laura Bush has come out against separating children from their illegal invading parents.  An hour later the current First Lady entered the fray, stating that she too didn't like children being separated from their criminal parents, even if it might discourage future invasions.

And Americans seem unable to even distinguish between the processing of those who seek asylum at a border checkpoint and those who cross our border illegally.  At the border checkpoints children are not taken from their parents.  Those child confiscations are taking place only for the illegal border crossers because America has only recently discovered that, under the Obama regime, some 15,000 children were turned over to child sex traffickers....a pretty good reason to confiscate children where no parental documentation is available to prove family status.

We have become a nation that can't make the hard choices, even when it's for our own good.  We refuse to condemn urban Black thuggery.  We refuse to deport 30 million illegal invaders.  We refuse to demand good educations for our children.  We refuse to impose a military draft that might toughen up the snowflake generation and give them a sense of self-discipline....instead relying on an all volunteer force comprised of less than 1 percent of the population.  Hell, we even condemn President Trump for trying to improve our trade agreements, Americans seemingly happy with Canada imposing 300 percent tariffs and China owning a $200 billion trade surplus. 

All of these weaknesses create a void that must be filled.  A review of history proves it.  Our void will either be filled by a totalitarian from the left or right....or by a Muslim tyrant hell bent on taking control of the last fifth of the world that is not Muslim.    

America is the 97 pound weakling that is just waiting to be bitch-slapped into oblivion. 

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

The Liberals have taken a page out of Jim Jones book "mind control"(or how to kill 900 people without much effort). I think what will eventually happen is that when these kids finally wake up out of their stupor, they'll realize just how dumb the Left really is and do a complete 180. I've already seen it happen and they absolutely HATE having been duped and are the angriest(at the Left) people you've ever met. And I can guarantee you, my Grandchildren will NEVER be Snowflakes. I'll see to that(if my children don't).

A Modest Scribler said...

From your lips to God's ear, Frank.

TheRandyGuy said...

I don't disagree with your conculsion at all. Taking into account the fact I live in Silicon Valley and the neutered male is the norm here, it seems worse than it probably really is. The combination of political correctness that has assumed the power of de facto law and the rise of the fallacy that everyone has the right not to be offended has resulted in a society of cowards and wimps. The predators are still out there and always will be. It is just that they no longer fear what used to be the greater numbers of the people who would stop them.

A Modest Scribler said...

Sadly, too true, Randy.