Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Obama - Disconnected Child of Wonder"

Can Barack Obama possibly outdo his recent display of incompetence?  As Japan, the 3rd largest economy in the world, sinks under the weight of  tens of thousands of deaths from massive earthquakes, tsunamis and now threatened by a massive nuclear meltdown, President Obama offers what the Japanese are calling a "remote, rhetorical and cold" nod of sympathy. 

As the middle east is ablaze in turmoil, as Americans face $4.00 per gallon gas prices, Obama is climbing into Air Force One and burning up enough fuel to power an American city for quite awhile to jet off to Rio!

As the economy continues to crumble (the feds reported today the lowest number of housing starts in recorded history), as Congress wrestles with coming up with a budget that is now 6 months overdue, Obama
played golf over the weekend and is devoting part of his last few days before Rio to appear for a nine-minute segment on ESPN to discuss his NCAA bracket choices.

We saw this same "child President" react the same way to the BP oil spill.  It took him forever to get engaged and then he chose to throw a tantrum like a child and feign anger.
This President received his education through federal grants and favored racial quotas to attend the best schools in the country.  Like Clinton, he has never held a private sector job, has never felt the pain of poverty and has never developed a deep love for this country. 

This President, when confronted with personal pain, chose to dull that pain with pot and cocaine.

Given his life circumstances, how can we ever expect President Obama to understand all the pain unfurling across our nation and across the world. 

We don't expect the President to stand out on the front portico of the White House to wring his hands and sob into a handkerchief but for God sakes, try to have a little empathy of those suffering.  Refrain from appearances on ESPN hyping a damn basketball game and forego your trip to Rio and stay home to see these crisis through!

People in pain have long memories; the military has still never forgiven former President Clinton from not wanting to interrupt his golf game to authorize a rescue of our downed troops in Somalia (Black Hawk Down). 

Obama's failings are our failings.  We all saw a bright, cheerful, well-spoken "child" and crowned him "King"!  We must remedy this in November of 2012 if there is any hope for this nation...or for that matter, the world!

Addendum on 29 April 2012:  Now Obama is calling an illegal immigrant amnesty summit; who did he call for discussions?  All amnesty/open borders supporters.  Guess he didn't think he needed any input from the 70 percent of us that oppose illegal immigration.


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A Modest Scribler said...

Addendum: Just got a heads up that Obama, after facing tremendous criticism from both parties, is coming on national TV, teleprompter ready, to voice his concern about Japan. Hey! Only six days too late!...just as with Libya, the BP oil spill, the Egypt revolution, etc.
90 percent of all politics is just theater and posing. Sad. Damn sad.