Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Buying Fast Food With Food Stamps!"

Good Day, America,

I was just browsing through the federal government site that provides info on where our tax dollars are going.  When I came across the dollar figure on the food stamp program I came close to falling out of my chair.  This info led me to the USDA site where I learned that a study completed in 2010 shows the number of folks on food stamps is now a staggering 36.5 million people!  And why wouldn't they?  The federal government now offers a very generous and efficient means to allocate food stamp money.  They simply issue the food stamp recipient a debit card so that no one need feel diminished by accepting free government largess.

Now, I had already been aware that California has had thousands of food stamp recipients using their debit card at Indian Gaming casinos.  But I have just now learned that food stamp recipients can now just slide their card through the card machine and pony up to a Big Mac meal or a Jumbo Jack, all on the taxpayer's dime!  Are you kidding me?

As usual, California is leading the way with the widest implementation of this. 

Well, let's just hope those little guys are reading the calorie count flyers that the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime put in place.  Now that the National Center for Disease Control has labelled 35 percent of our children as obese and diabetic, these folks are going to need that free Obamacare that we're paying for also.

And thank goodness for those WIC credit cards, huh?  Looks like we've got some "new immigrants" enjoying a nutritious meal!

So, as working taxpayers have had to cut out those fast food visits for their own kids, perhaps they can vicariously enjoy the notion that they are paying for someone else's children to partake.

Will this madness ever end?


Anonymous said...

What a ridiculous post. Just because the state of CA makes dumb decisions does not mean you should blame the dems. Hasn't CA been run by a republican the last 8 years? Food stamps are abused in red states. Red states take more federal welfare dollars than blue states. Don't be so partisan or we are never going to get out of the mess the GOP is 80% responsible for getting us in.

A Modest Scribler said...

The California statehouse has been controlled by Dems for 40 years and nothing gets done because of them. Please show me your source for saying Red States take more dollars than blue states. List the number of red states versus blue states. Show me the source for saying GOP is responsible for 80 percent of the mess. The Dems has controled the federal Congress since Jan 2005. Finally, please explain the Dems' Barney Frank, Charley Rangel and Dodd in conducting oversight of Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae for the last six years.