Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Help! Are We Raising Savages?"

I just caught the viral You Tube video of Rebecca Black.  Saw her appearance on Good Morning America and they reported that 76% of viewers hate her!  She also received emails telling her to cut herself, kill herself!  My god!  Are we raising savages?  While I admit the song is not that great; more attuned to what some kid might make up on the spot and sing just for the joy of it, but the girl is cute and I thought the video was kind of fun to watch.  Certainly not so bad that justify viewers writing her and telling her to kill herself!

To be honest, I sometimes want to do myself in when I see rappers doing their thing (probably would if I understood a damn thing they are saying!)  For the same reason, I try to avoid the Grammy awards.

Anyway, here's the GMA feed /You tube presentation.

Now please tell me why this little girl is receiving hate mail!  I have a beautiful grandaughter just about this age.  She is supersweet and gentle and has a kind and sensitive heart.  I would hate to have her receive the kind of hate showered down on this little girl.

BTW, she can indeed carry a tune so she's ahead of at least half of those I see on MTV.

Sad,  Damn Sad.

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