Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Know Your Enemy"

I believe my past writings have proven that I'm a fairly skeptical fellow.  Trust but verify, as Reagan used to say.  However, I have to admit, until a few months ago, the liberal left had me pretty much fooled about the motivation behind their beliefs.  I now know how very important it is for us to "know our enemy" as Sun Tsu said in The Art of War.  And folks, this is surely a war between the "givers" and the "takers".

I always thought liberals were simply "over-compassionate" about their support for over-generous social programs.  Sure, I knew that liberal politicians build their voter base from lawyers, teachers, unions and anyone who draws a welfare check.  However, I failed to see the depth of support among liberal voters for all liberal causes.  I frankly failed to put 2 plus 2 together.  However, after seeing that almost half of all Americans pay no income taxes I now realize that liberals do not care how much fraud, waste and abuse occurs in big federal programs, nor do they care how big the deficit rises in order to pay for them.  They don't pay so they don't care!

So now folks, when I see, what to me seem insane comments on message boards, and in the liberal media, about how big business is screwing everyone, how liberals argue the merit of literally every social program that comes down the pike, I now understand.  Liberals, other than rich movie and rock stars, have no "skin in the game". 

This presents the conditions which exist today.  There can be no civil discussion of the cost or merit of costly social programs because a liberal literally doesn't care about the cost or the consequence. 

For example, when a conservative presents the facts about a program's failure, a liberal will answer with a worn out liberal mantra.  For example, when the basic tenet is presented that "those who fail to earn their keep have little self pride and ride easily down the road to sloth", a liberal will say "he's been kept down".  Now, since minorities and the poor have been given preferential quotas for education and employment how have they been kept down?  Another example:  "Someone who has invested money and time and work in their personal home is more likely to take pride in that home".  Please note that when the Democrats built hundreds of public housing units, within a decade those housing units had become ghettos.  Democrats response "Minorities and the poor haven't had the same opportunities to buy a home".  To which I say, really?  When the Dodd-Frank liberal team managed oversight of  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac these two agencies were forced to make home loans to tens of millions of minorities and the poor, who couldn't afford that home!  Result?  Tens of millions of foreclosures as these same "poor" folk walked away from their homes when it was no longer a "cash cow" which sprouted second mortgages to finance a lifestyle they couldn't afford!  Now we the taxpayer are propping up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the tune of $125,000,000,000 per quarter to avoid bankruptcy!

The liberal elite have particular strategies designed to marginalize anyone who disagrees with their socialist, big government philosophies.  Their power base are lawyers, public and private unions and social welfare recipients.   Here are examples of the "branding" of anyone who opposes free spending liberal programs:

NPR calls us" tea party racists"
Pelosi-"tea party is wild eyed extremists"
Reid: "tea party just a bunch of kooks"
Obama: "gun toting, flag waving, church going extremists, fearful of the new socialism

So, I urge you folks, don't be fooled like I was.  The liberal elite have very specific goals and the first of them is to stay in power.  The second is to take all you can before it's all gone!  Know your enemy folks.  Do not be deceived.   Be prepared to be branded "racist" if you oppose illegal immigration.  Be prepared to be called "selfish" if you are concerned about the fraud and waste in social programs. 

Stay strong...and keep an eye out for who's your friend and who's your enemy.  They are out there whether you like it or not.


Anonymous said...

nazi faggot

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for proving my point; one cannot debate a liberal because they can't argue the facts, therefore the only weapon left is name calling. it's the typical liberal mantra and diatribe against anyone who opposes the liberal agenda. I'll wear your brand as a badge of honor.

PinkPuppyPoliticalWatchDog said...

Middle America is tired of both ends of the political spectrum. What is your postition on the trillions of dollars spent on two wars that are never ending?

A Modest Scribler said...

If you read my "Foreign Entanglements" and many other of my blogs you would know that I'm against occupation in both countries; it is a colossal waste of lives and a trillion dollars in costs over the last ten years.
By the way, I visited your blog; I see, from your resume, that you have never had a steady job or served in the military and are, in fact, a full time liberal activist. How can you possibly relate to either the military or working people? I guess you represent that "third" segment I mentioned, after teachers and unions. Hmmm. I can see why you don't want the gravy train to stop.

Anonymous said...

Just do what I have done. Quit your job and pick up odd jobs that pay straight cash. This way the socialist liberals assholes and greedy unethical busines owners get to pay the tab for the illegals that are here leeching off the system. The thing that pisses me off about mexicans/latinos is they all think that the illegal immigration debate is about them. They always make it about them andkeeping the brown person down. What they fail to understand is that illegal immigrants come from all walks of life. We have illegal immigrants in this country from china, pakistan, india, ireland, korea, thailand etc. Not all illegal immigrants have brown skin. Its just the mexicans/guatamalens/el salvadorans always make it about them because they know they are largely guilty of this crime. I bet the chinese, irish, koeans are all laughing because the spotlight is not on them and they are getting away with their crime of being here illegally much easier than these brown people. That or the mainstream media likes to keep everyone focused on the brown-skinned people because it helps detract from solving the problem. After analyzing the entire situtation though I'd have to say that the biggest enemy is not the mexicans/latinos/other ethnicities who are invading our country illegally, it is our elected officials and mainstream media who are not bothering to protect our nation and using the illegals as a power grab. When the next war breaks out in America I know exactly who I will be targeting and it won't be people with brown skin.

Anonymous said...

Just to fill you in on our budget..all of the taxes they take in go to the interest on the debt. I heard that corporate taxes pay for the military but I don't believe it. Printed money is covering the bills, not taxes. Read the grace commission report from Reagan's presidency.

White Liberals do pay shitloads of taxes and I'm glad. It seems like they have to justify their tax burden by supporting liberal policy. Normal people should be glad we weren't born worthless like some...and we need to keep believing that most people are good, even some liberals.