Friday, July 5, 2019

Let's End Corporate Welfare

So Nike fell on its corporate knees, gave Colin Kaepernick a wonderful blow job, then caved in to "Spastic Colon's" opposition to making a shoe with the Betsy Ross flag adorned on the heel.  Kaepernick says that flag only perpetuates and honors slave owning founders and Nike fell in line, even they participate in their own slavery in those overseas sweatshops.


Nike is not the first corporation to take a stance on social and politics issues.  The number is now legion as one corporate entity after another pimps homosexuality, racial mongreling, open borders, and any number of a hundred national controversies.  You cannot read a print ad, or turn on the television set these days and not find corporations sucking up to folks who they have determined are their prime target consumer audience.

Yes, it gets a bit sickening.....especially if your own personal social or political views are in direct conflict with that corporate pimping.    But let's be big here.  Let's be tolerant.  Let's allow Coca Cola and Budweiser to push open borders.  Let's allow Bank of America to cease banking services to immigrant detention centers and Homeland Security.  After all, it's a free country, right?

But let's exercise our own particular freedoms while we're at it.  If you are opposed to the politics of a corporation, you have as much obligation as in the voting boycott the products and services of those companies.  Why in the world would you continue to succor entities that are in direct conflict with your own personal beliefs?

And while we're at it, let's cease and desist from paying out our tax dollars for corporate welfare.  Let's stop giving Apple, and Google, and many others offers of free land for establishing a factory, a decade of tax breaks and incentives.  Let's stop allowing our Congress to hand out $100 billion a year in tax credits to companies who obviously don't need it, whether it be companies we admire, or companies we detest.

I stopped buying Nike apparel about five years ago.......just about the time Spastic Colin Kaepernick took a Nike adorned knee when the Star Spangled Banner began to be sung.  Bank fo America lost me a decade ago when that banking giant began serving as the chief financial conduit for exporting American dollars to Mexico...and allowing illegals to have bank accounts.  And if Bank of America does not want to play by fair trade rules in banning services for Homeland Security, let's remove Bank of America from the U.S. Treasury's trade window and let em go find a money deal that will loan them money at less than one percent...even as they gouge their customers with 20 percent Visa card interest.  

Do I hold out much hope that consumers will stand up for their own rights?  Nah.  Nor do I expect Congress to eliminate corporate welfare.  But folks should at least know that they are being screwed royally, without a dab of Vaseline.  Let them at least know they have a choice.

It's all sad.  Damned Sad.

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