Friday, January 28, 2011

Free Elections are never "free"

As we watch Egyptians taking to the streets in protest of excessive government control of their lives...and for the freedom to vote in fair and honest elections I can't help but wonder why we Americans take our right to vote so lightly.

Less than half of eligible American votes ever go to the polls.  This is a sad state of affairs.  It dishonors those hundreds of thousands of Americans who gave their lives to fight fascism and Nazism and communism so that Americans could stand up and vote their conscience.

I would urge everyone to look into the faces of those Egyptians taking to the streets these days.  Look at the sadness and frustration and anger.  Look on as they risk life and limb to express their deep and abiding need to be free.  And remember this, no one is guaranteed freedom.  Freedom must be fought for.

And freedom should never be taken for granted.  Might one or two of you keep this in mind the next time an election comes up?

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