Tuesday, January 18, 2011

American Education; Further proof of a country in decline


The above reference cites a study showing college graduates actually learn very little in their college careers.  Sadly, I have found this to be very true.  I've worked with hundreds of college graduates, many of them who hold advanced degrees and I'm always amazed at how little they really know. Many can't write or read literately and, sadly, the last time they actually opened a book was during their college years.

It's as if, once that diploma is received, it is no longer necessary  to ever learn anything again. 

Learning should be a life-long effort.  How can one hope to understand the world he lives in if he reads nothing of what is happening in it.  Our media has not been helpful either.  Despite a plethora of media outlets afforded us by the new electronic technology, most of our news sources are sorry indeed.  Peruse Google or Yahoo News and you'll find the vast majority of "news" is celebrity rot.  Even when serious news stories are covered, they are covered so shallowly that one can never grasp the substance of the story covered.


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