Monday, July 1, 2013

The Hubris & Arrogance Of The Liberal Class


I was on a political message board this week and came across a post that is so typical of today's liberal elite.  The poster wrote, in effect, "well, the New America won out this week" you homophobes and haters can just grow crawl in a corner somewhere and die!".  Go find your own country and get out of this one...cause there's a new Sheriff in town..and he's gay!".  

Here's some of the problems I have with that utterance.  First of all, the Supreme Court decision was a narrow decision, and once again carried the day by one squirrelly Supreme Court Judge, Justice Kennedy.  This wasn't driven by a popular vote from a national referendum on gay marriage.  I'm not seeing some huge popular mandate won by anyone.

Secondly, in the hateful charges made in that post, we can deduce a number of things; liberals charge that anyone who believes in the sanctity of traditional marriage is a homophobic.  Hey poster!  You just alienated a number of married folks who had no problem with your gay marriage but, for them, it's not their cup of tea!  Finally, we can take a look at the number of gays in this nation.  By all accounts, they make up no more than 5% of the population...and yet this 5% are telling the rest of us to leave!  Hubris!  Arrogance!

We also saw this week the Humpty Dumpty fall of Paula Deen.  As I've written this week, I'm no huge fan of Paula Deen...but the weak kneed arrogance of a host of corporate cruds who, worshipping only the profit god, were so afraid to wait until the facts came out before dropping old Paula, that they showed their true arrogant colors.  And really, to be crucified for something said two decades ago, to assume that you have never likewise sinned,  bespeaks an arrogance beyond belief!

And, if we had not already seen the duplicity of this crucifixion, we had the key witness in the Trayvon Martin trial, an illiterate, hate-filled Black woman portray Zimmerman as a "white cracker", then flatly rejected the idea that the term was racist!  And, lo and behold, both Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson quickly rushed to her defense and denied that this was racist in any form!

The arrogance and the hubris of the liberal class got so god-damned ridiculous that even Leftist Bill Maher attacked liberals for their two-faced standards of behavior for their enemies and for themselves.  He even came to the defense of Paula Deen, saying the Crucifixion was a "a bit overdone and her attackers were cowardly."

I wrote several times this past week about the "gag'" factor.  America is essentially a center right nation.  They basically just want to be left alone with as little government intrusion into their lives as possible.  Well, last week the liberal Brownshirts were out in force, claiming huge popular victories that weren't there, accusing anyone who opposed them as being racist or homophobic.  To which I say; "Warning, Will Robinson"...America is quickly reaching the gag factor on abusive IRS agents, $150,000 dollar janitors, teacher's unions blaming the rich for their failure to educate our kids,  thimble sized corporate ethics that value profit over principle, and a loud, whiney and arrogant minority telling the rest of us to leave the country.

Libs; your hubris and your arrogance will eventually be your downfall.  Gag.


Anonymous said...

I have to wonder what drugs your on. Alcohol would seem to be your drug of choice, because you don't commit crimes do you.
After reading a few of your post I have to conclude you are lost, in your own little world.
I will not read any more of your dribble, nor commit on it.
It's a waste of my time as much as writing this has been.

A Modest Scribler said...

I love the comments I get from liberals...they are too easy...note they did not bother to dispute a single charge, a single fact I cited...why? Because their true! How can you dispute the facts?...Hell, they are in every newspaper! So what does a libtard do? Well, he just accuses you of being insane, or racist, or homophobic...or whatever "label" he can pin to you.

But, bottom line, they always lose because they can't dispute the facts. Nuff said.