Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day Dreaming; If Obama Had Governed LIke He Campaigned In 08


Okay boys and's been a rough couple of weeks, what with the Congressional Snits over Farm Aid and Food Stamps and George Zimmerman, and the continuous barbarity emanating from the Middle East.

So let's indulge ourselves with pleasantries.  Let's revert to our childhood years, throw out all the skepticism and cynicism and let's just day dream for a bit.

Let's try to imagine Obama governing with the same attitudes, the same tone in which he campaigned in 2008!  You remember!  It was Kumbaya, where there were no red states or blue states, no class warfare, no race warfare, no demonizing a fellow cause he's got more money in the bank.  The Obama who spoke kindly of both the rich and poor, spoke not of individual mandates, spoke in favor of deporting illegals who invaded us, spoke kindly of his predecessors, was in favor of civil unions for gays but advocated strongly for the marriage between a man and a woman as central to the advances of American culture.   Hell, he even praised Ronald Reagan as a transformational leader!

Yes, it was Obama who pledged to close down Guantanamo in the first month, only to learn the hard truths; no state would take them and they were too damn dangerous to be let go.  It was Obama who pledged to end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home in the first year, only to learn that war is hard and war is hell and kept our troops in Iraq almost as long as Bush did.

Obama in 2008 campaigned against lazy and ineffective teachers and said we have to fire a lot of them because our kids are illiterate.  It was candidate Obama who went before the NAACP and criticized Black parents for not participating in the education of their children, for the dismal 75% rate of fatherless families in the Black community.  

And my, you recall when he said he respected every one's points of view and would always listen to the ideas of the opposition?  Do your recall when Obama promised to bring a new breath of civility to Washington D.C.?  When he pledged not to have any tax cheats, or lobbyists in his Cabinet or on his staff?  Do you remember when he said his administration would be "the most transparent in history?"  

And everyone was hopeful in January, 2009, when Obama took office.  Americans hoped race relations would improve with a Black man assuming the Presidency.  Even those who did not vote for him wished him the best....AND THEN HE DID THESE:

Travelled overseas, grabbed his Nobel Peace Prize after only two months in office, spoke to the Egyptian Parliament, praising Muslims and saying America was no more special than anyone else.

Rammed a $780 billion dollar pork barrel stimulus program through the Congress...did it behind closed doors and would not accept a single input from the Republicans.  Rammed a $16 trillion dollar, 2,300 page Obamacare bill through Congress, behind closed doors, then told both the Republicans and the majority of the American people to go to hell.  Called the Tea Party opponents "terrorists".

Release two thousand automatic rifles to the Mexican drug cartels, allowing them to use them against our police, our border patrol and our own citizens.  Covered up the failure and denied knowing anything about it.  Lied to Congress in follow up investigations.

Hired thugs from Chicago, open Marxists and convicted tax cheats for his cabinet and staff.  

Began attending NAACP meetings and never mentioning the plague of Black violence and crime and, instead, in his best ebonics, began castigating "Whitey" for the massive Black failure to advance their finances, their culture, or their failure to improve and educate themselves.

Before knowing the facts, publicly rebuked a policeman in favor of a drunk Black college professor.  Had to hold a "beer summit" when he found out he was wrong.

Nearly donned black battle dress in taking credit for Seal Team 6's magnificent and brave operation to take out Osama Bin Laden....but froze in panic when four of our best Americans were killed by terrorists...refused to mount a rescue operation for fear of offending his Muslim friends.

Conducted the most corrupt Presidential campaign in our history in 2012, desperately lying about his opponent without a bit of remorse.  Funded grass roots political organizations that won him 115% margins in Black neighborhoods, encouraged his Attorney General to make war on any state that demanded voter ID and pandered to 30 million illegal Mexican invaders to win the Hispanic vote.

Circumvented Congress, and the U.S. Constitution by selectively enforcing, or not enforcing our nation's laws...strictly for the benefit of political favor.

Sued more than a dozen of our states for trying to enact legislation that might have reduced illegal immigration.  Made war with them in the courts, all to buy votes.

I could go on and on...Obama has been a catastrophic failure; race relations today are worse than the sixties, the economy continues to drag with real unemployment over 25%, with more people on food stamps, unemployment and disability than the number who are working.

Perhaps Obama's biggest failure has been his decision to go with the devil and not the heavenly; he has promoted hate between rich and poor, between Hispanic and White and Black and White, between gay and straight, and any other way he could divide us.  America is in a state of great chaos, so divided that many believe a 2nd Civil War will be the only way to resolve the wide chasm between the law abiding and moral and the outlaws and immoral, and violent and undisciplined.

Obama, that "Wizard of Oz", that little man behind the curtain, the one who convinced millions that he was a leader, and not a man-child, has done more to destroy America, to turn citizen against citizen, than anyone in our history.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Old Bob said...

It's damned sad because it's damnably true. Talk about a liar first class!

A Modest Scribler said...

Bob, what makes him so despicable is, like Bill Clinton, he's so damn good at lying. Can do it in earnest, and with a straight face.