Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blacks; The New Aryan Race?

Part 1 of The Entitlement Series
The Nazi Aryan movement of the 30's and 40's was falsely based on the idea that the only hope for the world was for a "superior race" to take control of the world.  This plague was based on the false assumption that one class of people are superior and need not prove it for it to be so.  Sadly, for a century, many Americans also held this view about their fellow African Americans.

In an ironic and strange twist of fate a huge swath of the American Black population seems to have adopted the Aryan philosophy.  It seems that millions of Blacks today now believe that, just for the fact of being born Black, they are somehow immune from living within the rules of a modern civilized society.

While 25% of Whites and Hispanics are one--parent families, we find that an astounding 75% of Blacks are one-parent families.  These one parent families are almost certainly in poverty because two incomes will far more likely pull families from the depths of poverty to middle class status.  These irresponsible "breeders" are rewarded by the IRS tax codes through multiple dependent exemptions and thousands of dollars in IRS rebates in Child Tax Credits.  A welfare mom that is able to breed six kids (with several different fathers) is rewarded with thousands of dollars a year in IRS annual "child bonuses", Child Tax Credits.  Taxpayers fund this breeding orgy and when the kids are ready for day care, pre-school, and grade school taxpayers will foot those bills as well.  A single parent Black will almost certainly qualify for WIC, Food Stamps, Welfare and free Section 8 housing.

All of the irresponsible Black breeding is championed by liberal Democratic politicians who garner their electoral support from these Blacks being "kept" on the "liberal plantation".  And Blacks don't mind it a bit!  They wallow in an orgy of "victimhood" and self inflicted "faux" poverty and have learned to scream racism at anyone who dares to speak against this Black Aryan philosophy.


I often watch C-Span and I see these Black elected Congressional representatives stand up in the halls of Congress and bellow and scream for more "chocolate gravy".  They whine and moan about Black poverty while completely ignoring the failure of their race to stand up and produce for themselves.  They stand at that Congressional podium and continue the false and empty accusations against "the Great Whitey" who, in reality, gives Blacks every benefit of the doubt, and dreams up even more benefits in an effort to alleviate some sort of false collective white guilt.    These Black politicians have evolved into blustery abusive clowns lobbying for more pork.  I suspect there are not a few Black Americans who are shamed by this, and I know there are even more non-Blacks that sit in those Congressional halls and think what they dare not say out loud.  "You people have been pampered to death for four decades now, and like a spoiled child, it only results in your demanding more".  And these so called Black leaders are without morals or courage; how many times have you heard one of them stand up and decry the weekly murder rampage on the South Side of Chicago, or chide the Black youth for their infamous "mob robs".  Never!  And then they have the nerve to shout "foul" because nearly 50% of the prison population is Black.  Earth to the Congressional Black Caucus:  Did it ever occur to you that your crime rate is high because of a government spoiled, permissive culture where your leaders fail to condemn bad behavior?

The national headlines are filled daily with reports of Black "flash mobs" who rob and steal and destroy retail establishments.  Black ghettos are war zones with dozens of shootings every night of the week...and Black leaders ignore these infestations while rising to march on a moment's notice if a White kills a Black, or if they can drum up some phony charge of "discrimination".

Black ethics is so despicably lacking that their "heroes" are tax cheats like Charlie Rangel and Al Sharpton and the corrupt Maxine Waters and their cultural icons are gangsta rap thugs.  Too few Blacks today even know of Martin Luther King's teaching, and wouldn't follow him even if they did!

According to a report in the New York Times in 2005 the Great Society Programs have cost the American taxpayer trillions of  dollars in the last 50 years and, despite preferential quotas for college, employment, housing and a host of other federal programs, has failed to lift Blacks up to the "productive citizen" class.  The only thing this "massive giving" has accomplished is to breed three entire generations of "self styled victims" who have developed a massive sense of entitlement!

This sense of Black entitlement has now reached the "institutional stage" where it is now generally accepted that a race of people who make up 12% of the population are now entitled to 50% of every federal welfare dollar!  While the Nazi's battled for six years in an effort to create a "superior race", entitled to all the best the world has to offer, the Blacks were able to achieve that same "superior race" status simply by declaring themselves "victims".

Note:  Now all of you who wish to be apologists for Black "victimhood" can now begin yelling "racist!"  My admiration for Blacks who go against the tide, ignore defeatism and become productive citizens is all the is all too easy to just fall back on the excuse of race and let Uncle Sugar take care.  For those who don't do it I salute you.  For those millions who are guilty, I'm calling it like it is.  Liberals and many moderates, hell, even conservatives, won't dare to speak the truth...but the facts are there for everyone to see:  When 75% of all Black families are one parent families that just tells you how little regard for traditional family values so many Blacks have.  Not giving the White 25% any "out"...but they don't have the excuse of race to fall back on.  The "Black Aryan Race", that is.

Perhaps the worst part of this whole sad story is that Americans have become so god-awful politically correct that they are afraid to call the Blacks on this and say "enough of your phony discrimination bullshit....get on with your lives and quit leaning on us".  "Get a job, be a father or mother to your own kids, make sure they stay in school, do their homework, and begin learning how to develop a little pride in individual achievement.  And quit making excuses; excuses are just a cheap explanation for failure..and we have far too many of them.


TheRandyGuy said...

After almost 50 years of "the Great Society", all we have succeeded in accomplishing is establishing the blacks as a permanent underclass, perpetually deserving of "assistance" in a never-ending cycle of more and more money, more and greater "affirmative action", and deference to any who will stand up and cry "racism". We would do well to lower our expectations for this group because they have not intention, as a whole, of ever standing on their own.

JustCommonSense said...

Randy, if you've read my Second Civil War you know that will be part of why we have that second war; irony: it will not be racial per se, but economic. My theory is that, when all the government goodies can no longer be provided, a group who've never learned to work will riot in the streets and cause us such misery that our only option will be to take arms against them.

Seriously, in world history, have you ever seen such sloth over a long period of time? What group has ever been able to survive without working for themselves? The American Black is unique in this respect and their days of sloth are numbered.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post LIA.

Ken said...

I truly believe this would not have continued on so long had our representatives actually represented us. Way too many people speak their disgust on this subject with the exception of our spineless politicians. The day is near, but sadly, not near enough when a politician will figure out that taking the stand against this behavior will be a far more lucrative position for him/her that they will jump on this.
Most people know how/why their Social Security has been bled dry. We know that it is only the asshole liberal politicians calling it an entitlement (SSI)similar to welfare. I know union stewards who are yelling about this.

When the "great society" and "civil rights" became the fleecing of SSI to fund the wet dreams of every politician since the 1960's the patience of the real victim has been tried (the white). It may come to pass, as your "Second Civil War" foretells, but something needs to happen. I, for some reason, think an opportunistic politician is going to jump on this.
I don't know how it is in other city's low income areas but Oakland, CA has been a slum since the advent of the civil rights movement, populated from the mid sixties to the late eighties by an almost completely black population. It was like a war zone, and just filthy. Police say that there were many places that they would not even go. Then along came the "illegals". Another of society's problems but with this one came a blessing in disguise, a blessing no one will report on. A large population of Mexican illegals began populating the streets of Oakland. The garbage was being cleaned from gutters, houses were painted, drug dealers physically removed from the streets, some at gun point and none of this was done with our tax dollar. The schools are filled with children who want to learn. It was truly amazing. Sadly though the welfare state knew what they (the mexicans) needed more than the people themselves and with the bureaucrats help, we now have mexican gangs, mexican drug dealers, etc, etc.. The problem is not the people, it's the government. Look at census statistics for blacks in the late fifties. Things were really looking up. Thank you Lyndon Baines Johnson!! It WILL be up to us to take it back, after all it was we who gave it away.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I'm currently re-reading "Vietnam, A History". One of the side discussions in the book was all the slimy and slippery LBJ moves to implement The Great Society programs. I'll probably write about. I knew LBJ was bad, really rotten, but this book refers to some all time lows on Johnson.

Don't think a politician will ever have the bravery to step up and condemn this Black victimhood thing. It will be an issue during the 2nd Civil War as Americans take their fate in their own hands.

Ken said...

I disagree, I think our first Mexican president will strike the first blow on the great society programs (might save ssi, that would make him a hero). I have listened to the things said by the Mexicans living in Oakland, the feelings are very strong in passion and foundation. I heard many times, with much passion the hate for the black who drove the Cadillac, wore nice clothes and didn't work. They truly resented the fact that they work so hard and their standard of living was so much lower than the black man.

Sadly, the welfare bureaucrats have wasted no time showing the mexican kids to the welfare window though. Of the men that worked for me, all refused to collect welfare and it was offered to all, even when they only had green cards.

dee jay Chemilion said...

You white people make me laugh!!! You complain about us living off of you for the past 40 years. What about you living off of us for the past 400? Did you idiots really think you are square? It will NEVER be square unless we can buy and sell your whole families and have a free labor force for centuries. And you people have the nerve to consider stateside to be the number in the world. Idiots the whole lot of you. America is prosperous due to the centuries of unpaid labor. When that system ended the eventual decline was inevitable (look to the roman empire). As for mlk... respect him, but didn't really care for his nonviolent approach. I am and will always be a fan of Malcolm X (pre-hajj of course). My philosophy is very revolutionary. So if you are waiting for the 2nd civil war, so are we. There is an arsenal in every ghetto that would rival waco. In short, bring it bitches! We have been preparing for war by commiting self genocide for decades. What the fuck do you really think you can do to us that we haven't done to ourselves? Once you unite us with a common known enemy we attack. So be careful what you wish for or keep whining on pathetic blogs like the punk. Bitches you all truly are. Fucking devils. I am of to get some new gats and rifles with my 'guvmint' handouts.

A Modest Scribler said...

See dee jay? You make my case perfectly. You aren't a slave, never were...but hey, it's a good excuse to sit on your ass and rot and collect a check from Sam.

As for me, my family were too poor to own slaves, couldn't even feed I'm free of that liberal collective white guilt.

And I say too, yeah, bring on the 2nd Civil War...this time it'll be to put your ass to work!

Creola said...

Such an exmple of disgraceful hate and self pity. You do a great disservice to all the people of color who have tried since Reconstruction to make their lives work in the face of very daunting odds. Believe it or not, many have succeeded. Yes, let's dwell on all the bad things that ol' massa did to us. The truth is, we've done worse to ourselves! This ridiculous myth of a "black" uprising is just sad and pointless. Grow up and join the world. Your life will improve immensely when you discard that enormous chip on your shoulder.

A Modest Scribler said...

Amen, Creola. dee jay chamilion's rant was so typical of Blacks....I've never been a slave owner and they've never been slaves...I don't owe them a damn thing..and our society has damn sure paid the debt of our ancestors...time for them to get off their ass, quit whining and be productive.

sad. damned sad.

Anonymous said...

blacks will never get their s*** together because it's not in there nature. over the last 50 years. we let them do their thing, now it's time to real back in the leash.

Anonymous said...

While what you are saying still holds true in pockets of America (which is what is shown in the media and then makes it seem as if they are not "getting their ish" together ) I think you should check your facts and stop reporting things you see on the television. As of today over 4.5 million blacks have a bachelors degree or higher. While that there is a huge gap between they and their non-hispanic "white" counterparts it is progress...