Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weiner-Gate, Filner's Follies...The Real War On Women


All last year, all we heard about was the Republican's "War On Women"...the specific charge?  Not being willing to publicly fund serial abortions and spend taxpayer money on birth control pills.  No groping charges, no offensive Facebook photos of their penis sent to women....just not willing to foot the bill for an overactive sex life.

Then, Congressman Anthony Weiner was caught sending pics of his penis to unsuspecting women and had to resign his House seat.  This devastated liberals because Weiner was such a champion of liberal causes, made even more tragic because his spouse was best buddies with Hillary Rotten Clinton!  How could this champion of liberal women's causes be so bestial and insensitive?


Meanwhile, liberal darling San Diego's  Bob Filner won the mayor ship over the dastardly "women-hating" Republicans by signaling his willingness to abort babies at a record pace and pay for it with taxpayer money.

Alas, Filner has proven to be just a "Republican in sheep's clothing", as he is outed for aggressively kissing, groping and playing grab ass with his female staff.  Shocking!  A liberal groping and playing "tongue tag" with his female staff!

In an era when liberal women thought they had successfully drained every ounce of testosterone from their male counterparts, they are now shocked to learn that some residual male hormone dwells surreptitiously within the male liberal soul!

But let's not mourn the fates of either Anthony Weiner or Side Show Bob Filner.  Following his recent downfall,  Weiner was immediately sent to a Gloria Steinem Feminist Re-Education Camp and has been testosterone free, thus safe to once again re-emerge into liberal la-la land.  Accordingly, Weiner has now declared his campaign for Mayor of New York City where he can once against castigate against guns, Big Gulps, and the Objectification of women.

Filner on the other hand is in the first stages of remorse.  He has not yet resigned even as his Chief of Staff and other staffers have resigned in disgust.  However there is hope for his redemption, even at this point.  Rumors are circulating that Filner will be sent to the Betty Ford Institute for Addicted Groping with hopes that he will emerge once again as a liberal in good standing!  If this form of treatment fails his supporters are urging him to hang with Bill Clinton for a month to learn how to grope, swap spit and other bodily fluids and still hang on to the woman vote.


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