Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Liberal Constitution For The 21st Century


        We the people of America, having evolved with greater diversity, and a greater openness toward all manner of human behavior, do hereby declare the Constitution of 1787 null and void.  We hereby reject the requisite ethics and outdated moral standards set forth by our forefathers who wrote the original document, and submit for citizen obeyance this modern 21st Century Liberal Manifesto for the purpose of establishing less stringent mandates for the regulation of human behavior.   On this date we do ordain and establish this manifesto to be the guiding document for all legislative, executive and judicial matters within these Socialist States of America.

Article I

Section 1 (Amended):

All legislative powers vested herein shall be the sole authority of Congress, and Congressional affiliations, as proscribed:  1)  The House of Representatives, 2)The Senate, 3)Public Sector Unions, 4) the AFL-CIO, 5) the Sierra Club and 6) the Green Energy 500 Lobbyists properly registered residents of K Street, The District of Columbia.  Consultive authority is hereby granted to Islamic citizens following Shariah Law as well as the President of Mexico, head of state for what is now America's ethnic majority.

Section 2, Amended:

Effective with the signing of this Manifesto, the Socialist States of America shall adhere to a Parliamentary System whereby all branches of government, and all appointed office holders will hereby consist of one political party only.  That party must have won election and must have majority electoral support of the Lesbian and Gay alliances, the majority vote from secular interests and enjoying provisional support from all five minority ethnic groups, to include Hispanics granted the right to vote in free and fair elections proscribed in the last amnesty.  

Articles II through VII of the original Constitution shall continue to be in effect except for those voting laws proscribed and amended in Article I, Sections 1 and 2.

The Bill of Rights, Amendments 1 through 10, from the original Constitutional document, are hereby amended as follows:

Amendment 1:  

The right to peaceably assemble for the purpose of citizen protest against their government shall be honored, as long as groups seek and secure the proper permits for that assemblage.  However, any group who chooses to stage a protest in support of the old Constitution shall be deemed treasonous and a menace to the well being of The State, and are subject to immediate arrest and death by injection.  Further, any public protests executed to promote organized religion will be deemed a threat to the liberties of the agnostic and atheistic and shall be arrested forthwith and subject to severe penalties up to and including capital punishment.  Further, the citizen shall retain his rights to express himself freely, except in instances where such speech is deemed inflammatory or politically incorrect and likely to foment unrest among the general populace.

Amendment 2:  The right to bear arms and the formation of citizen militias are immediately rescinded under the authority of this manifesto.  Only the military and law enforcement shall have the right to own and bear arms.  Any citizen found to own personal firearms of any kind, whether in their homes, transportation conveyances or on their person will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, except in instances where The State has deemed the gun bearer was deemed a resident of an urban Black poverty zone, at which, the victim shall be deemed a victim of a societal disorder and made eligible for government paid rehabilitation training.

Amendment 3:  Stands as Written.

Amendment 4:  

The right of the people to be secure against illegal search of their homes, their persons or their property shall remain valid, except for those plotting an overthrow of government, or those who promote a return to tenants as outlined in the original Constitution.  Those found plotting against the state shall be subject to all manner of government surveillance, to include phone tapping, drone surveillance and any other means the government deems appropriate to insure national security.

Amendment 5 through 9 shall stand, as written, except for the already proscribed rules of law against unreasonable dissent, politically incorrect speech, or threats to the Socialist States.

Amendment 10;  Amended, as follows;

Any powers not specifically granted to the central government of these Socialist states shall be assumed to belong, not to the citizen, or an individual state, but shall yield to the supremacy of the Socialist States of America.

We the people of the Socialist States of America do ordain and establish this Manifesto, deemed necessary to champion a woman's right to abort, the state's responsible to pay for said abortions or other birth control devices, to champion the wide diversity of lifestyles here existent, to combat the forces of organized religion who choose to promote religious icons in public places, to once and for all put a stop to exposing the secular to Stars of Davids and Christian crosses, to condemn those who accrue excessive wealth, to distribute excessive wealth to those less fortunate and to create a new nation where everyone shares and shares equally in the nation's abundant bounty.

One Nation, no longer under the harsh confines of a mythical god, but free to pursue the rational thought of a liberal, secular nation, where no lifestyle shall be deemed immoral or abhorrent, and free to pursue our own individual interests without the threat of poverty clouding our lives.  We shall turn our weapons into plowshares, lay down our arms and embrace our enemies so that war shall never again be necessary.  Our only enemy shall be those who hark back to old and outdated traditions and all of their outdated ethics and morals.

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