Monday, July 22, 2013

Obama; 1st "Gangsta" In The White House


When Barack Obama was asked by CBS's George Karl about his second term goals, he surprised everyone by listing law enforcement reform.  Was Obama talking about finally going into Black thug urban zones in Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, Newark, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and rooting out where most of the violent crimes occur?

Sadly no.  Obama was talking about reforming the prison system so that, somehow, he could "let his people go" and cull that Black prisoner rate down from 50% to a rate more representative of their 12% of the total population.  

How best might he accomplish this?  Apparently an army of liberal district judges, who slap the wrist of repeat Black felons, granting probation after probation, and allow them to inflict further mayhem on the community, is simply not enough.  Most of the time, when a Black thug finally sees the inside of a jail cell, he's committed a violent felony.  A spoiled child learns nothing from coddling and an aspiring thug, given multiple free passes, will finally commit that one atrocious act that sends him to prison for years.

Nor will liberals ever force a work ethic on urban Blacks.  It is too easy to use the Urban Black as a solid ignorant vote for the liberal ilk; keeping them safely on the "liberal plantation".  The same is true for admonishing Blacks about their 75% fatherless families, or for their total non-interest in securing a quality education.  All of these urban ills contribute to the explosive Black crime rate.

So,  what exactly does Barry mean when he says he wants law enforcement reform?  Well, clearly, he wants to overlook most of it.  When Obama interjected himself into the Trayvon Martin controversy, please note he didn't mention Trayvon's thug past as he painted a profile of Trayvon as someone who just jumped out of Norman Rockwell painting.    He lamented that Whites won't overlook the real danger of the Black criminality and lock their doors around Black men..and try to stay off any city street in America named Martin Luther King Boulevard.  Nor during Obama's bout of crocodile tears, would he mention the hundred plus Black on White "revenge beatings" since the Zimmerman verdict...better to ignore them as if they didn't happen.

So when two Black thugs, wielding billy clubs, stood in front of a voting station and intimidated Whites from voting, Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder staged a massive cover up when it was discovered the voting rights investigation into the matter was quashed by the Attorney General himself.

When Acorn was falsely registering ineligible voters the Obama campaign knew about it months in advance but denied knowing anything when Acorn was busted for voter fraud.  

When Obama was asked what is the most important musical form today he quickly cited the supremacy of rap music....and never mentioned the hundreds of Black rap gangstas gunned down in the last decade alone.

So the only thing I can surmise about Obama's crusade to reform law enforcement is a two-pronged approach...deny that the crimes are committed, deny the massive Black crime plague, find some way to blame it on Whitey and he's found a winning formula.  

One of the biggest fears I have is that Obama will use his power to pardon...and simply pardons a few million Black rapists and murderers, freeing "his people" so that White America can really experience a nation in chaos.

Reform indeed.

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