Friday, July 26, 2013

War..And Rumors of War..2nd U.S. Civil War


I've written often about the coming 2nd American Civil War.  I became convinced that we'll have that war beginning sometime in the next decade.  And lately, I've seen and read literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of posted messages that are saying the same thing.  More and more people are convinced that the only solution to our problems will come from war, and the ensuing "culling" of career welfare queens, America hating socialists, corrupt politicians on both side of the political spectrum, 30 million illegal Mexican invaders, and a few million Black thugs who create havoc in their runaway crime sprees.

Actually, we are probably in the first stages of this 2nd Civil War.  It became an "undeclared war" just about the time the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime began insinuating themselves more and more into our personal lives and into our wallets.  From the criminal pork stimulus bill that squandered a trillion dollars to the massively intrusive Obamacare bill, big government liberals have, like a Pit Bull, sank their teeth into us and won't let go until they have sucked every drop of blood from us.

Obama is a spoiled man-child who has done more to divide this nation than any leader in our long history.  Having lived the pampered life of "minority teddy bear", coddled and protected and alienated from those who've had to work every day of their life, with nothing given to them, Obama speaks in platitudes as if he were in a courtroom arguing a point of law, rather than connecting with the American people...because he can't.

And having a sick lust for power, and for being worshipped, Obama will always take the easy way, the one that might score the most political points, and in doing so, he foments class warfare, race warfare between Whites and  Blacks and Hispanics and generates massive unrest among the populace.

Aided by henchman like Attorney General Eric Holder, (who declared war on White America from day one when he called them ethnic cowards), Obama has for nearly five years now circumvented the Constitution and Congress through his use of Czars to selectively enforce or not enforce the laws of our land.

In recent weeks Obama has stirred the racial pot by interjecting himself into the Zimmerman court decisions, ignoring the plague of Black violence while castigating Whites for having fear of it.  And all the while Zimmerman is rescuing traffic victims while Obama's Blacks are beating innocents and destroying property.  The racial pot is coming to another terrible boil.

Even worse than Obama's past failings has been his embracing of those on the very fringe of American society, a President not of all the people, but only those who follow all manner of perversion and Obama champions it all in the name of "personal liberty".  And in doing so, he mocks everyone who believes deeply in traditional American values; those values that made us the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world.

Before last year's Presidential election I had hopes that a 2nd Civil War could be avoided.  I thought we could change course and restore the values that serves us well for two hundred years.  But I was wrong.  Obama was able to wage a corrupt campaign of lies, of voter fraud, and a series of green check bribes that bought him another term.

And since last November Obama has declared his intent to continue with the socialization of the Republic.  He continues to demonize and divide, so the only path I see ahead of us is a 2nd Civil War, perhaps more protracted, and certainly as violent as the first one.

So what does a law abiding citizen do about an impending Civil War?  I would suggest there are many things a good citizen might do to prepare for it.  First of all, take a side!  Decide who you will ally with when the first great masses begin forming.

Prior to that, since we will see more frequent and more violent community skirmishes, you might consider joining your Neighborhood Watch.  Find one that would be supportive of personal weapons training.  And if your current Neighborhood Watch is against weapons training, form your own; there's no law that limits the number of NW's in your community.

Then get your Neighborhood Watch allied with a good old traditional organization like the Veteran of Foreign Wars, people who fought for America and are willing to train others in military tactics and weapons familiarization.

After that, broaden the scope and size of your organization by joining up with your local Tea Party to peacefully assemble and protest.  Motivate those who here to fore, have been content to sit at home and grumble and instill in them the necessity to protest in great numbers; in other words put the fear of God in government despots who have, to date, successfully intimidated you into sitting home in fear and frustration.

Boycott Hollywood and the main stream media; it is those very forces who serve to twist the truth to promote their liberal philosophies.  Should war occur rebel war planners will have already established plans to leave the networks headquarters of a simpering liberal media in crumbling ruins.

Study your Constitution; read it well.  Surrender to no one your rights to protect your homes and your communities.  Recognize that the Constitution promises you, the citizen, supremacy over the government.

Go to Costco and buy one of those year's supply of family rations and stock up on bottled water.  Take all precautions to protect your home.

When you have done all of these things, ALL LEGAL!, you will have prepared yourself when that first spark ignites;  all out Civil War in America.

And while you prepare...and while you wait, pray to our creator to intervene, to bless us with a more peaceful resolution of the problems that are currently destroying us.  Perhaps that creator's blessing will come in the 2014 elections when America, having fully reached her "gag" point, turns out the brown shirt liberal Nazi's who are dedicated to the destruction of our way of life.

God bless America.


Anonymous said...

I wish to wave my ballsack in the air.

Bill Long said...

You are slightly misinformed. It would be the first civil war . The other war was the war of northern aggression. The southern states had already seceded from the union. And formed the confederate states of America. But be prepared for this first civil war

Bill Long said...

You are slightly misinformed. It would be the first civil war . The other war was the war of northern aggression. The southern states had already seceded from the union. And formed the confederate states of America. But be prepared for this first civil war

Builder of arms said...

What this country needs is more arms builders and gunsmiths. To hell with buying them, joing together with a machinest and buy a cnc machine and build like hell is knocking at your door, its all legal help those that dont know how and build their own, I will be a teacher and even build triggers fir them