Sunday, July 14, 2013

Will Blacks Ever Stand Up For Real Justice?

     In light of the screaming Black Meemers protesting the George Zimmerman verdict, rendered by six women, two of whom were Black, this earlier blog is reprinted to call on Blacks to stand up to their own failings and quit crying when justice doesn't go their way.                                           

Tuesday morning a hundred Black high school students awoke to their day and decided to skip school in honor of Trayvon Martin.  The festivities began with a "mob rob" of a Walgren's drug store in the area.  As their own high school principal stood out front and begged them to stop these students robbed the store of over $1,000 dollars worth of merchandise and damaged retail displays within the store.

Where's justice for the Walgren's owner whose only crime was running a business?  Where are Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and Barack Obama when those Black thugs committed these acts?

Absent Without Leave (AWOL).

The large majority of Blacks are always AWOL when justice for Black crime is called for.

Let's look at what Black's did during Katrina:  Blacks and their apologists love to blame George Bush for not responding quickly enough.  But let's throw out the bull crap and look at the facts.  When the weather folks and FEMA ordered an evacuation ahead of Hurricane Katrina.  Isn't it ironic that whites obeyed the order while Blacks decided to ignore the warning and stay; throwing hurricane parties and looting vacated stores.  Blacks stayed, even as a thousand city buses stood ready in municipal lots ready to evacuate those in need.  Their Black mayor opted not to activate the buses in New Orlean's 9th Ward.  After Blacks threw their hurricane parties and finished their looting they then demanded the National Guard come and rescue them.  They were eventually sheltered in the Super Dome and within ten days had trashed the facility so completely it became uninhabitable.

In the aftermath of tornadoes in the Mid-West, Mid-Westerners pulled up their boot straps and began cleaning up, not waiting for Uncle Sugar to come to their rescue.  However, the 9th Ward residents waited for Uncle Sam to bring them food, water, trailers...and for a big FEMA check.  Thousands of fraud cases developed as Blacks gamed the very system that was formed to provide assistance to the truly needy.  While those Mid-West towns are back and thriving, much of the 9th Ward is still a mess because too many Blacks are simply incapable of standing up and doing something positive for themselves.

Where's the justice?  How many of the Black leaders stood up and condemned the looting, or the massive claim fraud?  None.
                                                        Where were Black Leaders when Al Sharpton was convicted of $1.5 million dollars in tax fraud?  Who was brave enough to condemn him?  No one.  AWOL!

                                                    Where were Black leaders and Black apologists when Harlem Congressman Charlie Rangel, Chairman of the House Banking Committee, convicted of $10 million dollars in IRS tax fraud?  Did Harlemites turn him out of office?  No, they re-elected him in a landslide!  AWOL from Justice!

As I noted in earlier blogs, there are many fine Black people.  But, because they've been given a "bye" for years, for fear that their accusers will be called "racists", millions of Blacks have developed an entitlement mentality that demands government succor...and complete immunity for their massive criminal element.

Sadly, even many of law abiding Blacks behave like automatons; they refuse to acknowledge Black crime and injustice and will march in the streets at the first hint that their 'feelings" have been hurt.

Sad, Damned Sad.

Post Script:  Here's a Black beating the hell of a white girl for absolutely no reason.  Where's Al?  Where's Jessie?  Where are the Whites with a backbone?

Just last week a 19 year old Black thug raped and beat to death a 90 year old woman; please tell me if you heard this story on national TV!


Anonymous said...

While this article conveys a few truths it also leaves out the fact many of these folks had no place to go as one had not been provided, nor monetary reserves to substain them once they arrived. then we have the wealthy white contingent that refused to leave not being mentioned.... Truth only works when relayed per batum!

JustCommonSense said...

You're wrong, anon. Many, many shelters had already been set up in Houston as well as northern Louisiana. FEMA had already announced emergency funds were available to sustain them while in evacuation status. No, too many of these people followed the same old pattern; ignore authority, party hearty until trouble arrives, then scream for Uncle Sugar. How could they not? Ever since the multi-trillion dollar Great Society programs, Uncle Sugar has been there to meet their every need...and when Sugar fails, scream bloody murder..and yes, use the race card when all else fails.

JustCommonSense said...

Forgot to add, Anon; where's my answer to the question: Where was the black leadership condemnation of the looting and crime?

Anonymous said...

this may or may not be all true...but as a society in whole all people tend to always take the easy out. especially when it is a hand out.....that being said i cannot stand those high and mighty people that suck the blood out of every story to put their faces in to the bizzzzzz (AL, JESSE, etc...) as stated where are those guys when it comes to punishing the hoodlums who are robbing and stealing for the fun of it ??? i really could go on and on but then i would be doing what they do and I WON'T STOOP TO THEIR LEVEL....i was taught better than that....

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks for your comments, anon. I agree with everything you say, except the part about everyone will choose "the easy way". We have millions of people who assume big, big challenges in order to enrich their life. I live in a community where an astounding 60% of the community do free volunteer community service work. And I personally know dozens of my military comrades who did repeated combat tours to stay and support their units.
Thanks, again.

RodneyL said...

where were the whites upholding justice when Emmit Till got murdered? Where were the whites upholding justice when lynching parties were going on? Where were the white mothers and fathers when angry racists were cutting off nigga ears and testicles to give out for souvernirs to their children? your argument lacks history. keep reading sucka because you know nothing about what black people have had to endure for centuries. keep on living in your glass house.

JustCommonSense said...

Rodney, my answer to "where were whites"...and then the long diatribe is this: I don't know..I wasn't' there...and neither were you...yet Blacks continue to present themselves as "victims", using your history as an excuse to continue being violent and non productive to our society.
Blacks today make up 13 percent of the populace, yet draw 42 percent of every welfare dollar. You get preferential treatment over whites for educational quotas to college, you draw far more, by percentage of free grants and scholarships. Blacks have had free housing built for them, only to turn them into ghettos. Because Blacks won't speak out against it, you Black children breed other children. Your youth are drowning in drugs and you don't speak out against it.
Blacks have had fifty years to advance and all you can do is talk about ancient black oppression. Guess what? Current whites weren't around back then, we've treated you according to your behavior, and we refuse to accept your lame excuses anymore. You lose.

Anonymous said...

That was a very well put statement, to RodneyL'scomments.
I am impressed, and will be a regular follower, of this site.

Keith said...

Interesting article. While I agree with some of it I would like to say that the way you act will recieve different responses. I was not there during the lynching parties and neither were most of folks white and black. I would be willing to guess the last lynching party was in the 1960's. That was 50 years ago and more. The people that participated in those things have to wake up three times a night to piss now. They are old or dead. If the black people want to live in the past then do not get mad when the country finally has enough and says to bad for you. Maybe you should have taken part in some of the education handouts and budgeted your money better. This will most likely get worse between races and the civil war was fought in the 1860's.. by the way black people we, you and us won that war and more than just black people fought in it.

Anonymous said...

i was alive during the civil rights protest. whites marched with blacks...why? because blacks would come to our homes and ask us to pray for equality. whites understood that rights were granted from God and the blacks were entitled to worked. then the blacks traded equality for government adoption. we never heard from the religious people again. i was the first white child forced to bus to a all black school. was beaten daily for being white.for the next 50 years i have been denied school, loans, jobs, and promotions because of affirmative action.
i overcame. worked 80 hours a week for 20 years to keep my kids from the public education system. borrowed money on my home to open a business.
im the rich white guy you claim owes you reparations.
i paid my part. my taxes have been enough to support 3 black families for life.
now im old and still hear how i owe you...for what? the pain you caused me? for the crimes you commit against me because im white?
lets review the definition of racism...holding someone to different standards based on skin color...thats also the definition of affirmative who is the racist?