Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Who Knew?


Wow! When you poll ALL climate scientists (not just those on government payrolls around the world) you find that, according to a Gallup survey, 83 percent of them don't believe human activity has a thing to do with it! Who knew?

And again, Wow! When the smartest scientists in the world (those who work along side NASA) take out the volcanic eruptions out of the mix (the natural disasters we can do nothing about), again it looks like we are exactly the same earth temperature we were 23 years ago.

Who knew? (Could it be those government paid global warming folks are trying to keep their jobs?)

Excerpt: The University of Alabama-Huntsville study, conducted by climate scientists John Christy and Richard McNider, shows that not only is the temperature rising far more slowly than predicted, but that the Earth's atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed. How do the study's authors know this? They corrected a mistake that many other studies and model forecasts leave uncorrected: First, they used only satellite data, the most comprehensive and accurate temperature numbers available. Then, they took out the temporary, yet significant, impact of both volcanoes and the El Niño and La Niña climate episodes that periodically wreak havoc on weather around the world. Once removing the influence of those naturally occurring events, the study's authors were able to come up with a stable base temperature for the world. Doing this, they found that the rate of global warming currently was 0.096 degrees Celsius per decade — exactly what it was 23 years ago. This casts serious doubts on the dozens of models used in coming up with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's dire forecast of massive global warming based on rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, mainly from human activity. Given that CO2 levels have risen sharply in recent decades but the pace of warming has remained essentially the same suggests that CO2 doesn't have the warming effect that many models assume.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Payback's A Bitch


So, having spun out of their graves, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson have pulled up their pantaloons and are sitting on the bank of the Potomac, cooling their heels in that historic river.

Ben, sloshing his fat feet in the cool spring waters, says to George and Tom, "have you guys about had enough of this revisionist horse shit the liberals are stirring up?.  I mean, really, these nitwits judging us by a standard in vogue two hundred years later is a bit much, isn't it?"  Tom just sits there, sphinx-like, staring into the waters.  "I know, Ben.  I suppose we'll be demonized a great deal more before this is over."  George, a bit uncomfortable in his bare feet, writhes his toes through the fresh spring grasses, then says "Admittedly, you two rascals are proper fodder for some latter day criticism but, for my entire two terms I tried to set a noble precedent for Presidents who came later."

At this both Ben and Tom began snickering, both of them thinking about the guy who just got elected in 2016.  George blushed and said "Yes, laugh if you will, but it's not my fault that so many of those who followed me weren't much up to snuff.   You guys stay up to date on the latest national debt?  Gracious, Bush and Obama ran up two thirds of that debt in a mere dozen years...........more than the other 40 or so Chief Executives combined!'

To that, Tom looked knowingly at his fellow founders.  "You might remember that I was the first President to pay off what George and John ran up in your dozen years.  Too bad my example wasn't followed".

"Settle down boys", said Ben, "you know it wasn't the national debt that spun us out of our was those ignorant nincompoops sitting up on Capitol Hill that riled us up.........that and those silly twits that want to haul our memorials down to the Potomac and send them to the bottom."

Tom, the smartest of the three, by far, said "you know, even here in the afterlife, we still have a little pull. What say we give these idiots a little of their own medicine?"

"What do you mean? queried George.  

"Let's out these liberal idiots!" answered Tom.  "Let's show the world what hypocrites these folks really are!  Let's spread the word about how that Hollywood is full of sexist beasts, even as they brand conservatives as hateful toward women.  Let's show the American people who the real enemies are in that war!"

"Good idea!", shouts Ben.

"Wait a minute, Ben, you groped your share of French lassies as I remember.  And you weren't shy in groping the Philly ladies either,  if I recall correctly", says George.

"Well, maybe you've forgotten that married lady named Fairfax", Ben retorts.

Tom interrupts, "look guys, we've all got our failings.  God knows it's been whispered about for a couple of centuries.  But those 21st century hypocrites are the worst!"

"Okay", says George.  "We're agreed.  We lift the lid and expose these two-faced politicians for who they are.  Should we bring old John into this?"

"Hell no!" screamed Ben.  "That self-righteous prude would be hell to work with.  You think he didn't grope a little Parisian ass while away from Abigail over the years?  I say we leave him out."

"Okay", agreed George.  "When should we start the ball rolling?"

"Now's as good as any", Tom declares.  "Let's start with Hollywood.  Then we'll out the liberal TV ilk.  Then, for the grand finale, we'll start on Congress.  By the time we're done half of those hypocrite bastards will be out of a job and Hollywood will be making hand puppet movies."

"What about that Ginger Head down at 1600 Pennsylvania?", asks George.

So Ben looks over at his two comrades, and whispers "one battle at a time, George.  Didn't you learn that during the war?".

Just as the three began discussing their plans, up walked General Lee.  "Couldn't help but overhear your discussion men.  Got room for a fourth?"

Friday, December 8, 2017

Jobs With One Foot In The Grave


The New America Foundation just recently released a report that says 47% of all American jobs will disappear in the next 24 years.  Of course they base that on job losses attributable to rapidly advancing technology.  (But don't you find that "47%" rather strange, since it coincides with the exact same percentage of folks who are on some form of government relief.)

Anyway, the foundation says the first jobs to go will be those in the fast food industry, typists, telemarketing, clerical workers, and real estate professionals.

We can easily see how robotic ordering kiosks are going to make fast food counter jobs obsolete.  And, if I'm going to be bothered by a telemarketer, it may as well be a robot I hang up on.  As to real estate sales, I've never understood why many of them can't be replaced by simply matching buyer with seller online.  It seems absurd to pay from 5 to 7% of a home's sale price to a brick and mortar matchmaker.

I'd like to add a few to this list.  It seems glaringly obvious that we could do away with America's university system.  College campuses today seem nothing more than an excuse to have toga and pizza parties and find safe spaces to hide from reality.  And at an average of $50,000 a year for tuition, I can easily see how some company like Apple (they already have their Apple University and podcast classroom lectures via podcasts) couldn't hire, oh say, pretty boy George Clooney, and have him read the professorial script, and do it far better, and far cheaper than those $300,000 dollar university professors haul in today.  Pay George a million dollars a class, to lecture to a hundred thousand students nationwide, and you'd be millions of dollars ahead.    We'll let the universities keep their labs, but then we'll lay off those professors who come in once a week, the rest of the time relying on graduate assistants to run their classes.  So scratch those liberal hotbed university campuses and we can boost family income and save billions of federal dollars.

Another institution not mentioned in this latest report is the newspaper businesses.  Those folks are hanging on by a thread now, their readership down by 70 percent since the golden 50's.  Though I love the tactile pleasure of holding a newspaper in my hand, I don't much care for the editorial bias, especially those hundreds of papers nationwide owned by the liberal Gannett Corporation.

I welcome your comments, dear reader.  I'm sure you can come up with any number of jobs on the chopping block in the very near future.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017



"Mice Utopia"

The study was first conducted at a university in Norway back in the early 60's. It was replicated again in 1971 at Portland State University by a graduate student pursuing his doctoral in psychology.

The study? "Mice Utopia". Researchers took two groups of average albino mice; one a control group, one experimental. The control group would be raised in an environment with a stable population. The experimental group would be allowed to populate at will, would be given corresponding increases in food and water to accommodate the increased mice population.

The mice population was that was given food and water, and not forced to forage for their own sustenance, were at first docile. However, as overcrowding took place, remarkable behaviors were noted. As the population increased mice became more savage with each other, death matches broke out between each other, parental mice ceased the weanings of their pups, leaving them to fend on their own. Researchers were startled to observe a rise in homosexuality. Even physical mutations began to be seen as the experimental mice began developing huge fangs....all of this in a period of only six months.

Can that same behavior plague be attributed to current human behavior? Can human society create their own hell through the artificial constructs of governments attempting "designer societies"? I don't know, but it makes you wonder. In an era where we are savaging each other, when folks wander away from societal traditions, and create some 50 different gender identifications, when character assassination can occur by mere accusation, when each societal and political group pursue the "death match" approach to resolving differences, perhaps those mice studies might give us reason to pause and think about it.

Check your fangs when you go to brush your teeth this morning.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Booze and Popcorn


As a senior citizen I am naturally behind many of America's cultural advances.  So, imagine my surprise when I recently learned that alcoholic beverages are now served in over 600 of America's 5,800 movie theaters!  And more on the way, according to my local paper.

Well, I'm thinking "what a brilliant idea!"  Now we can enjoy even more irritations while trying to watch a movie.  Rowdy children, ringing cell phones, generally rude adults, and now drunks!  And who doesn't want to send their children to a theater where alcohol is being served!  What could possibly go wrong, right?

I imagine this pretty well cements my life-long refusal to ever enter a movie theater, ever again.  My last visit to one was in see Forrest Gump.  And on that visit, I was surprised to see the wealth of irritants present as I tried to watch a movie.  I vowed that day that I would wait for a DVD release, or an appearance on television.

Maybe the theater chains can have "happy hours" during intermission!  A good guzzler ought to easily down two mugs of beer, or a couple of rum and cokes in that span.  

But I do wonder if the local child molestors, who have been diligently curbing their appetite for groping crotches, might find their defenses down after a couple of beers.  And I wonder how many vomit puddles they'll have to clean up between viewings.

You would think the theater chains would be happy vending $10 dollar buckets of popcorn, or $2 dollar candy bars, but I guess not.  

The bar's open folks!  Drink up!  And, who knows,  if you get drunk enough, maybe you won't notice how bad movies are these days.


Friday, December 1, 2017



America Incorporated has come out of the woodwork for Christmas, to pimp their product or service.  And, look, if you understand that those sentimental Christmas ads are just jerking you around, that they are playing on your emotions, hey, that's okay.  And if you don't mind that the greedy have co-opted Jesus in favor of materialism, then that's okay also.

But, look, if you are either devout, or even casual Christian, those folks hate you.  Just look at Coke, no longer an American whore, they have gone international in the last fifty years.  So, when Santa ain't around, in April and June, Coke is championing Muslim immigration.  And if I know anything, Muslims absolutely hate Christmas.  During my ten years in Saudi we were like those ancient "catacomb Christians", the ones who hid their masses from the Romans.  That's what we westerners had to do when I lived there.........we celebrated Christmas mass in someone's house in a western compound.  

And yet, Coke wants more Muslims here.  And they'll shame the shit out of you if you oppose it.  So don't be fooled by that caravan of Christmas lit Coke trucks.  And, even Santa is just a minor God in Coke's world.......their major god the almighty buck.

Corporate America is damned smart.  They never even show Jesus anymore, nor a cross.  And they've stuffed more stuff down Santa's throat than anytime in history.  They've got Saint Nick driving BMW's and Mercedes and husking for their products.

Folks, Corporate America care less about you than a street walker on Martin Luther King Avenue!  If they did they wouldn't jerk you around, playing on your emotions, and demanding you drop money at the corporate altar.

I enjoy those commercials as much as anybody.  But I have no illusions....I know when they are jerking me, trying to shake the dollars from my wallet in the process.

"Merry Xmas".