Thursday, July 18, 2013

"A World Turned Upside Down"


Al Sharpton gets a show on MSNBC so he can attack rich businessmen for not paying enough taxes....while he sits under indictment by the IRS for failing to pay taxes on $2 million dollars in income.

You can't call Jessie Jackson the "N" word but he is allowed to disparage the New York City Jews as "Heimie Town".

30 million illegals invade our country, then march by the hundreds of thousands down the streets of our cities demanding they be made citizens....and they get the suppport of millions of liberal open borders Democrats.

Al Gore demands that the world stop using energy but builds a palatial home in Tennessee whose energy requirements are that of 30 average homes, burns thousands of gallons of fossel fuels during his travels by personal jet to a fundraiser.

Hollywood movie stars live in $30 million dollar homes and hold telethons to get you to send your hard earned money for earthquake or flood relief.

Hollywood movie stars decry the condemnation of illegal invasion while paying a staff of illegals in cash to mow their lawns, trim their trees and serve them their meals.

Hollywood movie stars despair at the violence of Mexican drug cartels...even as they snort row upon row of cocaine sourced and delivered by those same drug cartels.

Gays were not happy because, under Don't Ask Don't Tell, rather than keep quiet about their sexual lives as everyone else does, they couldn't flaunt their sexual preferences while serving in the military. 

Gays were not happy with "Civil Unions" which gave their "spouse" legal rights...instead they want to make a mockery of marriage between a man and woman...simply because they wanted something that someone else had.

Harry Reid maintains his power in office by championing the "little guy" and attacking "the rich"....while participating in a shady real estate deal in Nevada that netted him millions. 

Nancy Pelosi, when Speaker of the House, says she is with the "poor man" but spends a hundred million dollars in taxpayer money for a large military jet to ferry her on weekends from Washington to San Francisco.  Spends tens of millions more taking her family and friends on Air Force jets to Europe...all on the taxpayer dime.

President Obama champions Teachers Unions but sends his kids to private schools cause the unionized teachers in the public schools do a lousy job of teaching.

Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel from Harlem, gets hit for $10 million dollars in tax fraud but heads up the House Banking Committee.....Last November he gets re-elected by the Harlemites because he delivers the welfare checks and public housing and free medicare and food stamps to his constituents.

Nancy Pelosi hates big oil but loves Natural Gas because she and her banker husband have a multi-million dollar investment stake in a natural gas company called Clean Energy Corporation. 

The VA Hospital, not funded to take care of all military vets, turns away over 50 percent of military vets but provides billions in foreign aid to Middle East countries who hate us.

Those military retirees who served their country for twenty to thirty years don't qualify for VA Medical Care, pay health care premiums and co-pays while someone who never served their country and who has been on welfare for their entire life, pay no healthcare premiums nor co-pays on their free Medicaid. 

The average working family in America must pay health care premiums of $1,000 dollars a month for a family of four; most can't afford it and go without....while an illegal anchor baby is covered with free medicare and pays not a cent.  If the working American family has to go to the emergency room they'll get a huge medical bill..and if not paid, the hospital will put a lien against your property or sue you in court.....but illegals go to the emergency room and pay nothing..simply because the supreme court said so.

During this recession the average American working family is so starved for money they are unable to take the kids out to McDonalds but a welfare family on food stamps gets a debit card that allows them to buy fast food at that same McDonalds.

Is there anyone else who sees something wrong?....with a world upside down?


grenadavet said...

WHOOOO!!! Another nail hit on the head,Just!!!! Let me give you a couple sheeple replies. "I pay my taxes. What are they going to do about it?" "I agree, but what can I do about it?" And the ever popular politcal reply, " That is over-simplifying the problem. We need to appoint a comittee to study it".

JustCommonSense said...

Right on, grenadavet; thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It is all overwhelming, we all need to come together, regardless of race, but as Americans and try to recover from this downward spiral.

Carol said...

This is some America we live in! There's so much to 'straighten out' that it becomes overwhelming when you try to put it into perspective.....

A Modest Scribler said...

Ironic;; both anon and Carol use the term "overwhelming" to describe our current state of affairs. That's because it is! That's why we have to tackle each problem one by one...sometimes it seems impossible...and it may be! That's why I fear a 2nd Civil War!

Seymore Butts said...

Please excuse some language:These shitbag race baiting illegal supporting fucking clowns need to step down off their taxpayer supplied high horse and have the everloving shit beat out of them.Line starts behind me, get back in line as many times as you want.