Saturday, July 27, 2013

Weiner and Billl and Hlllary, Oh My!


A minor setback in the Anthony Weiner political comeback occurred this week as disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner has again been busted for sexting and texting various parts of his privates to still another cyberspace bimbo.  

Wiener vows to continue his quest in the New York City Mayoral race.  He said, after consulting his wife Ann, and his close personal advisors, he is more determined than ever to "stick it out" (pardon the pun).

It seems the advisors he's referring to are none other than Bill and Hillary Clinton.  It seems that Anthony and Bill have similar problems, both being addicted to women not listed on their marriage license.  Ann Weiner, who once served on Hillary Clinton's staff is also getting sage advice on how to handle serial promiscuity.  

It was reported that Slick Willie picked up the phone in his Harlem office as soon as he got wind of this latest scandal and called Wiener to offer a few bits of advice.  "Ah, Tony, Bill, here...fella, you're going to have to learn to quit sending pictures of your willie over the net."  "Show it to em in person, I did with that young campaign aide in a hotel room in Little Rock"..."then ya got's her word against yours".  "I did the same thing with Monica...hell we were just sitting around in the Oval Office one day and I just whipped it out and asked Monica if she wouldn't enjoy a little "face time" with the President of The United States"...and she just lapped it up!"  "So cool it with the cyber pics, there Tony" ain't gonna be able to lie out of it with a grand jury when they got the pics of your manhood right in front of them!"

A short time later Hillary was on the phone to Wiener's wife, Ann.  "Hi dear, Hill here...well I guess Tony's pulled another boner (pardon the pun, my dear)"..."Ann, here's the thing ya gotta ask yourself...what's more important, political power or personal pride?".  Hon, if you want the political power, ya just got to write all this personal stuff off, accept the fact that ya got yourself a dickhead, but he's your dickhead and, if he wins, you're back in political shangra la and all it cost you was having America know what your husband's dick looks like."  "And, hey, it isn't like this is Des Moines, ya know..this is the big rotten apple where Charlie Rangel gets re-elected like clockwork, even after defrauding the IRS out of ten million dollars!"  "This is the city of public unions so powerful that their garbage collectors make $200,000 a year!"  "Besides that, dear..there's another fella running in the primaries that got caught dippin his wick regularly in a whore house in Washington, and he's doing okay!"  "Ya gotta really good chance to win here, Annie...go for it!"

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