Monday, April 30, 2018

Good For The Gander?


Tommy Brokaw is angry.  In his Friday morning, 4AM letter he bemoans the fact that a female co-worker has charged him with sexual assault.  Brokaw tearfully opined that fifty years of good work and citizenry went down the drain from his own personal "character assassin".    

Well, isn't that special!  I'm sorry but I have ask Tommy where he was when small armies of men were brought down by character asassination, supposedly happening decades and half centuries from when hey allegedly occurred.  Where was Tom's offerings of "reasonable doubt" when charges were made against his media competitors?  

Alas, Tom was safely on the sidelines, secretly grinning...even joining in on the tar and feathering.  I remember channel skimming early one morning last fall and finding Tom Brokaw on Morning Joe, castigating the many male brutes who had savaged so many in the "Me Too" movement.

Now it's Tom's turn in the ring.  No doubt this stag too will be taken down......shuffled off to the wings, and never heard from again.  That is the nature of the beast these days.  No matter how long ago, no matter how little proof is offered, a woman can now simply make the charge and take down any male of their choosing..proof be damned.

So do I feel sorry for ol' Tommy?  Nope.  I might have had he extended the courtesy of waiting for proof before his own piling on.  

I have only one question for my dear readers.  Don't you find that there seems to be a preponderance of wacky women making these charges?  And don't you find it bizarre that so many of them waited for ages to proffer them?  Even more bizarre; don't you think it's rather strange that the general public eats this up with a big spoon and believes every word, no matter how lacking in credibility the Me Too victims have?  

Go back and read my blog essay "In 50 years we'll all be chicks".  Recent events have made the inevitability of what I wrote unquestionable.  But I will admit that the process of the pending male holocaust is now accelerating.

Sad.  Damned Sad.