Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Pic Is Worth A Thousand Words

Hillary "What Difference Does It Make" Clinton
Diane "Gunner" Feinstein
Maxine "Muddy" Waters
Moochelle "Brown Rice and Broccoli"Obama
Elizabeth Warren, Native American

You have to pass it to know what's in it Pelosi
"Call Me Senator, General".."I don't like "ma'am"
"They is two Vietnams"

Debbie "Wasserman Test" Schultz
Oprah, sans her $1 million a year makeup artist

Barney Frank..oops!

Where do I sign up for the war on THESE Women.  Proof positive that "ugly goes straight to the bone".  Seriously, I've come to believe that these women are downright evil, that they are so rotten "inside" that all that ugliness begins to ooze out and transform them into she-monsters.

Lacking truth and even a small measure of principle, these women rely on lies to assume and stay in power.  War on Women means you aren't willing to fund their sex life and pay for their abortions.  That it's perfectly alright for 75% of Black women to breed horde after horde of violent and destructive thugs.

We've got an Arizona State University Associate Professor here in Phoenix that we pay her $300,000 dollars a year to teach women to hate men.
                                                           Breanne Fahs

Her name is Breanne Fahs.  She believes that our society will never be admirable until the entire male  population has been exterminated.  She has a doctorate in "Gender Studies" and encourages her female students to fore go makeup and grow a huge bush of underarm hair as a visible protest against males who lust after the feminine "type-cast".    A full nest of underarm hair gets the female an 'A' in her class.  For some odd reason, there are males in her class (gay?).  To earn an 'A' from Ms. Fahs her male students must agree to shave off all their body hair from the neck down.
Google it yourself folks...I can't make this kind of crap up!

Ugly...Damned Ugly