Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Burger King; Having It Their Way


I really like National Public Radio....and I like Public Television too.  They are the only source I've found that is willing to spend the time to discuss an issue in detail.  Yes, I know that 90 percent of the time they are championing liberal causes, but at least they are talking about it!

So, as most of you know Burger King is planning to leave the U.S. for Canada.  The King is telling Prince Obama that he's had enough of America's 35% corporate tax rate and find Canada's 15% tax rates far more friendly for the corporate bottom line.

So yesterday NPR spent a good 15 minutes talking about Burger King's imminent departure.  Except at no time were the moderators giving credence to Burger King's corporate position.  Instead they chewed on the numbers, lamenting the fact that a Burger King move to Canada simply illustrated the current state of corporate greed.

For instance, while Burger King will still pay a 35%corporate taxes for all U.S. operations, they will  pay only a 15% tax rate on their international operations, including Canada.  Further, Burger King corporate can now loan money to their U.S. based partners, allowing their American brothers to write interest expense off of their U.S. taxes, even as they record that interest income in Canada and pay a mere 15% on all the extra moo la.

Well, our liberal hosts on NPR were up in arms about this.  While they never discussed the inequity of the tax disparity between U.S. 35% corporate taxes and the 15% that every other industrialized nation is charging their corporate residents, they were burned over Burger King desertion of Obama's tax greedy America.

You could almost hear the NPR hand wringing over this development.  Our NPR masters were speculating on how many Americans would turn away from Burger King and not buy the Whopper!
At this, I began laughing out loud.  

Earth to NPR; liberals don't buy Whoppers!  Liberals eat Chipotle Mexican Grill and wash it down with $7 dollar Starbucks lattes!   Again, Earth to NPR; the average America Joe could give a shit less where Burger King corporate long as they can still buy Whoppers, 2 for $5!

But at least NPR was talking about it!

P.S.  I owned ten shares of Jack in The Box stock for quite awhile.  About five years ago I saw a Jack in the Box restaurant going up right next door to an In N Out Burger franchise....couldn't believe my eyes!  I hurried home and immediately put in a sell order on my Jack in the Box stock!  I figured that if Jack Corporate, and their franchise owners were stupid enough to think a microwave hamburg could go head to head with a hamburger fresh off the grill, then Jack was in big trouble.  I was right...that Jack in the Box franchise went belly up....Starbucks came in and took over the building, slapped some brown paint on the outside and installed a Starbucks logo...and they're doing good business.

Getting  back to Burger King.  The Obama Administration, upon hearing of Burger King's move to Canada, again threatened to punish American companies who weren't patriotic enough to pay 35% corporate tax rates while paying for Obamacare for their hundreds of thousands of employees.  Well, Burger King corporate issued a statement that directly slammed Obama.  Already pissed off by Obama's attempt to make them pay $10.10 an hour for Burger King franchise employees on military bases, the gist of their press release was "IF YOU THINK YOU CAN STOP US FROM MOVING, GO AHEAD.... MAKE OUR DAY!"

When will that socialist ever learn?