Thursday, August 16, 2018

30 Second Circuses


"McSalley's for Amnesty!" "Ward's for Amnesty!" "Ward voted against funding the wall" "Ducey wants to starve teachers!" "Sinema voted with Trump 62 percent of the time!"

The 30 second spots run 24-7, paid for by either the state or national party, or the hundreds of political pacs that dot the American landscape.

Billions spent on lies, whole or half, trying to coax at least half of that vast sea of ignorance out there to go to the polls and vote their candidate. Alas, half won't vote at all, most of the other half voting based on how many of those 30 second lies rang their chimes. Less than 5 percent of voters will actually go to a candidate's web sight and read their political positions. Even fewer will visit the Congressional Quarterly and read how their candidates voted on issues important to the electorate.

Yes, billions spent, and we are only in the primary season. Much more will be spent before the November general election.

Fade to black...and go back six or seven years. Barack Hussein Obama, who couldn't tell the whole truth if his life depended on it, stood giving his State of The Union Address in the halls of the House.

Immediately in front of him sat 9 Supreme Court judges. So Obama violated protocol by insulting the court. He said their decision ruling that corporate political donations were a form of free speech was terribly wrong.

For once Obama was telling at least a half-truth. You see, Barry didn't like corporate money going toward political campaigns. Yet he had no problem at all with his liberal labor unions kicking in billions to Democratic campaigns.

I would agree with Obama if he'd proposed a ban on "all organized money" for political campaign, corporate and union alike. We see the results of all that both obscene, and sometime dark money funding lie after lie on our TV screens.

I would be perfectly happy if only individual political donations were allowed, Hollywood millionaires and billionaires excepted. But, just as a wall at our border will help, but not totally curb illegal immigration (got to fix E-Verify and Visa overstays), the banning of corporate and union donations would not go far enough to stop the corruption and massive lying. To get money out of politics you've got to shut down those thousands of K-Street lobbyists who arrive with fat wallets and sit and sip coffee in every Congressman and Senator's congressional office.

The only other way you restore our Republic to former greatness is to ferret out the truth by visiting a candidate's web site and reading their position, then going to the Congressional Quarterly to see how bad their web site lies, then read how they voted on those things that matter to you.

Otherwise you are stuck with these 30 second circus sessions running on TV interminably.

Sad. Damned Sad.