Friday, March 22, 2019

Lost in America: Same-O, Same-O?

Lost in America: Same-O, Same-O?:                                                                       I was half amused today by an article sent to me from Linkdin, t...

Same-O, Same-O?


I was half amused today by an article sent to me from Linkdin, that little professional site where one can post his resume and score job opportunities.  Today the article dealt with reducing work place stress by eating the same exact lunch each day.  Seems that today's generations experience having to make too many choices as it is, especially at work.

So Linkdin advises that you tote that same old tuna, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and cut down on all the stress of having to make a lunch choice.  Brilliant!  Pardon me but I can remember three years in Vietnam where my lunch choice came out of a C-ration box that contained food prepared by the lowest government bidder.  So I got to choose preformed Turkey patties, ham and lima beans, crackers made to withstand ten years of storage, and loaf cakes that were perfect disks to throw at two feet long rats.  Take it from me.  I would have loved to have a choice for lunch.  Stress was dodging punji sticks and AK-47 rounds whizzing past the nose.

I guess I'm just one of those insensitive old farts that can't empathize with today's stressed out generations.  

I am wondering though how the snowflakes handle having to make a choice between jelly flavors first thing in the morning.


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Lost in America: Out of Sight, Out of Mind....Until Your Taxes Come...

Lost in America: Out of Sight, Out of Mind....Until Your Taxes Come...:                                                                           Last fall California passed legislation authorizing a $2 bil...

Out of Sight, Out of Mind....Until Your Taxes Come Due


Last fall California passed legislation authorizing a $2 billion dollar bond loan to build housing for that state's homeless, most of them illegal immigrants.  Alas, that is proving not enough.  Even as California dusts off the welcome mat for more Mexicans, Hondurans and Guatamalans the newly elected Governor, Gavin Newsom. has issued dictates to California cities, forcing them to build more Section 8 housing, or face having all state funding withdrawn from those municipalities.

Our Socialist Sacramento solons seem not to have learned from their two decades of socialist governing.  Like bees to honey, California's generous social safety net programs are drawing more and more folks to the golden state.  It is now possible for illegals to get a driver's license, and with simply a postal mailbox, sign up for state benefits.  Unfortunately, millions are doing just that; chalking up $2 or $3 or $4 thousand dollars in benefits, while living in a tent on the street, or even sleeping on the sidewalks on discarded mattresses.  And the sidewalk dwellers either send that government money home to their families, or spend it on drugs and alcohol, then flood the homeless shelters and soup kitchen for shelter and sustenance.

Los Angeles, the biggest magnet for illegal aliens, is the homeless capitol of America.  And, in addition to state funds channelled to Los Angeles, that city's municipal budget for 2018-2019 included $430 million dollars to get the homeless off the streets...that entire $430 million borrowed money that will have to be paid back eventually by taxpayers.  Los Angeles has been borrowing for years, trying to get the homeless off the sidewalks.....all to no avail.

According to the Los Angeles Times, California now owns 30 percent of America's homeless population.  And with those numbers the state leads all other states in outbreaks of diseases that were once eradicated from the American populace.  The latest health issue involves outbreaks of typhus, but even the once rare diseases are making a comeback; to include leprosy.

The biggest champions of illegal immigration are Silicon Valley billionaires and Hollywood elites, all ensconced in their gated communities.  And Sacramento Democrats who run the show, working hard trying to make a Socialist state work.  Out of sight, out of mind are the millions of human dregs, thriving on the lotus blossoms of alcohol and drugs, or the forged paper crowds, and all those looking for an easy ride through life.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Lost in America: "If You Can't Say Something Nice........"

Lost in America: "If You Can't Say Something Nice........":                                                                         "If You Can't Say Something Nice......." My m...

"If You Can't Say Something Nice........"


"If You Can't Say Something Nice......."
My mama used to say if you can't say something nice then you shouldn't say anything at all. I've never really bought into that old saw but, for the last three days my fingers have been frozen at the typewriter keys.....stilled by a depression brought on by the world's most recent ills.
Mass killings in Christchurch, Indecisive Brits and their "Brexit", cowardly Republicans.....and the corrupt rich, buying their children an advantage over the peasantry. Just too much to tackle when your heart is breaking over the societal collapse.
There is always a time in one's life when they are faced with moral choices. From my own experience it comes when you are tempted to lie, or to steal, to be unfaithful, to be disloyal, to take the easy way out. And if you choose wrong you make it so much easier to choose wrong when the next choices are presented to you.
I've always tried make the right choices. Some of my reluctance to stray from the path comes from fear of retribution....from my Creator, or from fear that those I love will think less of me. I haven't always made the right choices....but I try. And I believe it is those tries that rescue us from a total devastation of the soul.
So, in these last few days, in an incapacitated state, I have found no voice to express my sorrow at the corrupt and corrupted all about me. I simply have no answers for the redemption of folks who consistently ignore their moral consciences for the temporary expediency of getting ahead at any cost....the biggest being the stains on the soul.
But that staining is a viral thing. It touches us all in some form....either through fear of being outed for our own sins, or in revulsion that folks can be so utterly sick. Whether it's the CEO of Wells Fargo getting a $2 million dollar annual bonus as head of his scandalous bank, or movie stars and company executives, rich beyond imagination, trying to buy an advantage for their own children. And some of them, both parent and child, gloated about gaming the system, even as God had blessed them with great wealth and the means to live a productive and healthy life.
At this very moment I am sitting here at my desk, looking out at a little dog as he lounges lazily under a spring sun, and I admire him so much more than I do these sick, silk-clad souls whose images flood the front page of the morning paper. The little fella is just a dog. Present him with a T-bone steak, or a single bite of hamburg and he's equally grateful. He lusts only for what I'm willing to offer....and loves me freely even when I can offer him nothing at all.
Oh, but these humans have me metaphorically cowering in the fetal position, ashamed of my species. The depths that we humans can explore are so soul-sickening they strike us dumb with grief.
I'm sorry, Mama. Ain't got much good to say I'll shut up now and wait for a White Hat to come riding over the horizon. God knows we need one about now.

Friday, March 15, 2019

"Confessions Of A....................."


I can't tell you how many times, during the eight year life of this blog, I've been solicited to write material for other web sites.  The internet is a hungry beast, constantly foraging for something new and interesting to fill the void of blog and news site alike.

Alas, so much of what we see on the internet is either some biased form of the news, or celebrity gossip, or just pure silliness.  

Still there are sometimes intriguing little tidbits that get my attention.  Of late I've been taking pleasure in reading those "Confessions of A ....................", fill in the blank....stewardess, hotel maid, window washer, public restroom attendant, etc.  Those articles provide a bit of insight into the folks who present one face for the public, another, quite different in private.

I can only imagine what hotel maids find when they go in the next morning to clean up the refuse of folks given free rein of a motel or hotel room for the night.  Having stumbled into a few homes in my time I am always a bit stunned by the less than acceptable sanitary standards that I might have.  Or I might feel claustrophobic when entering a home where folks think any available space not filled with furniture is a disgrace.  More than once I've pretended to drink from a coffee cup that had traces of lipstick on the rim, or forego a cookie that's being served on a platter with remnants of last week's meatloaf stuck just below the rim.

Has to be worse for room maids.  They have to sweep up french fries from the rug, used sanitary gloves to pluck used condoms or sanitary napkins from a waste basket, empty kleenex from a cold sufferer, carefully avoid semen deposits as they change the sheets, pluck pubic hairs from the shower drain, and a thousand other distasteful tasks.

I have read confessions of a window washer and flight attendants.  After reading about those misadventures I kind of wonder how folks who are so frequently mixing with the public manage to have a favorable view of their fellow man.  Cops have it the worst.  Day in and day out they see the worst of human behavior.  And in dealing with that behavior become the subjects of scorn if a perp is not treated with the utmost of respect.  I couldn't do it......nor could I teach history in a high school class.  I'm absolutely sure I would kill one of those kids before the term was over.

I guess I could probably write "Confessions Of A Career Military Grunt".  Except few of mine would make the cut for Reader's Digest's "Humor In Uniform".  Most of the humor in the military was pretty raw.  But I've also seen heroism, and cowardice, and heartache, and boredom, as well as some of the most bizarre behavior a grunt is capable of.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Lost in America: Why Student Loan Stupidity IS Your Business

Lost in America: Why Student Loan Stupidity IS Your Business:                                                                       An 18 year old kid shows up on his college campus.  He's a l...

Why Student Loan Stupidity IS Your Business


An 18 year old kid shows up on his college campus.  He's a little dazed, like a deer in the headlights.  At the student finance office he signs his name for $50,000 in student loans.  The check arrives and he pays his inflated tuition, buys his books, then heads out to Pot Common and rents an apartment.  Shelter assured, he goes out and buys a car, hits the beer bars on Friday nights and, through the week, orders pizza and hot wings in.

By the time the kid graduates he's run up $100,000 dollars of student debt.  If his degree is in Ethnic Studies And Associated White Guilt he'll find it hard to get a job.  If he has a marketable degree he'll spend the next ten years paying off his student loan. 

Why should we care?  Because the current $1.8 trillion in student loan debt puts a damper on the larger economy.  The "unlucky stiffs" are likely candidates for food stamps and Section 8 housing and a welfare check.  The "lucky ones" are drowning in so much student loan debt they can't participate in the economy.  Their debt is such that they can't buy a new car, nor purchase a home.   Economists say that the $1.8 trillion in student loan debt probably lowers the Gross National Product by a full one percent.  It is an anchor around the neck of our economy and a siphon straw that strains the social safety net.    

As silly as our society can be,  perhaps giving a financially ignorant 18 year old such power to ruin his life is the silliest.  And, in addition to ruining his own life, that free flow of student loan money has contributed to soaring tuition damper installed to keep tuition rates reasonable....making it almost impossible for the student trying to work his way through college without incurring massive debt.

Government bureaucrats are always the last to do anything about the problem.  Thankfully though, 12 states now require high school seniors be given a financial management class in their last year of high school.  Arizona is only now joining  those who are at least trying to enlighten those kids who have never even owned a credit card before college.  Our Senate Bill 1184 is working its way through the sausage-making and hopefully will require tutorship on the dangers of running up student loan debt.  Perhaps they can teach these kids that those student loan checks are not monopoly money and the banker is gonna be on their ass about ten minutes after they are handed their diploma.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Why I'm Registering Democrat...And Why You Should Too


Why I'm voting Democrat in next year's primaries, and why you should too.

I am already gearing up to change my party registration here in Arizona.......from Independent to Democrat. Because Arizona does not have open primaries, and because Independents must choose one of the two major parties to vote in the primaries, I'm going with the Democrats.

Here's my reasoning. No one of any consequence is going to run against Trump, so my vote is wasted if I cast a primary ballot for him. And if I want a Republican in the White House in 2021 I've got to participate in choosing the most wild-eyed, socialist on the Democratic primary ballot. Though I wish it was that dimwit Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz, I'll probably have to settle for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or Corey Booker. Those Democratic front runners all support the economic crippling Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Free Government paid college tuition, forgiving $2 trillion dollars in student loan debt, and a huge amnesty program for our 30 million plus illegal central and south americans.

The more radical the candidate, the better chance the Republicans have of holding the Presidency and winning back control of the House. Then, when the general election comes around there is no way America's conservative and independent voters will buy into an additional $30 trillion dollars in national debt...........the costs the Democratic platform adds to our already $22 trillion in national debt.

Whether my friends in California will vote Democrat in the primaries with their "top 2" options is up to them. But they would be wise to go for the most radical Democrat as well. Whether your primary is open or closed, you'd all do well to vote in the craziest guy or gal on the Democratic block. 

Then, as soon as the primaries are over, you revert to your own party affiliation and sit back and watch the November, 2020 fun.

This tactic is not as bizarre as you might think. Many Democrats employed this strategy in previous primary elections. Time to turn the tables on them and give one of those wild-eyed socialists your vote, people!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Lost in America: Killing The Golden Goose

Lost in America: Killing The Golden Goose:                                                                 Spring Training is now well underway here in Arizona.  One can always ...

Killing The Golden Goose


Spring Training is now well underway here in Arizona.  One can always tell.  The streets within five miles of one of the 13 baseball stadiums are clogged with baseball snowbirds, as are the bars and restaurants that cater to them.  Were it not for the non baseball and baseball snowbirds Arizona's economy would not be as robust as it is.  Still, it seems that the ones making the most money are the baseball clubs.  Every one of these major league teams have cajoled a community to build them a grand spring training facility.  Our cities fold and do it because they believe those baseball snow birds make the cash registers retail stores and restaurants and sports bars.  However an ominous note is creeping into spring baseball, and it's called baseball corporate greed.  

Just today I heard that the average spring training ticket now costs $41.25 cents.  Depending on the club, and where your seat is, that number can be lower or higher.  And it doesn't take into account the money spent on stadium concessions...profits also going to the various clubs.  To put that $41.25 number into perspective, I can buy a ticket to my Major League Arizona Diamondbacks games during the regular season for $25 dollars.  And they throw in a free hot dog, coke and a bag of peanuts up there in the nose bleed seats.  

So I can see a time in the future when the baseball snowbirds just quit coming.  And why should they?  They are being gouged on hotel room rates and a temporary doubling of apartment rentals during that two month period of "small baseball".

If those snowbirds were smart they would hustle out here right after the World Series.  That's when Arizona hosts Arizona Fall Baseball.  Those Fall League teams are flush with baseball's most promising prospects.....a league that was formed to groom their best for next year's major league season.  Oh, yeah, the ticket prices to the Fall League are far more affordable.

Two million spring training fans show up every year.  But I can see a time when the greedy baseball executives kill the golden goose.  And that will not make these spring training cities happy.  Nor the bars and restaurants.  

When I moved to Arizona fifteen years ago the average spring training ticket was less than $15 bucks.  And at many stadiums you could cop a squat on the grass and watch the game for three or four bucks.  Times change.  Greed breeds greed.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Lost in America: Old King Coal "CAN" Be A Merry Old Soul

Lost in America: Old King Coal "CAN" Be A Merry Old Soul:                                                                   I've always been fascinated by new technologies.  One reason per...

Old King Coal "CAN" Be A Merry Old Soul


I've always been fascinated by new technologies.  One reason perhaps is because America always seems to save her ass at the very last moment by some innovative technology that restores us to world economic dominance.  If you're over 50 you might remember the 80's when everyone thought the Japanese, with their Sony VCRs and Toyotas, would soon take over world leadership.  They almost succeeded.  But then came along America's computer revolution and the 90's found our hardware and software in wide demand around the world.   Then, as we turned to a new century, it was China that is supposed to clean our technological clock.

Except just the other day I was reading about novel new American medical discoveries.  Then, this past week, I began to read about carbon capture technology.  And, yes, America is leading the way on what almost surely will save the planet.

I say that because the technology is already here.  And is now being deployed in a very small way.  Seems that American eggheads have found a way to suck CO2 out of the air, scrub the carbon from it, then inject it back into whence it came to begin with.....either in earth's substrata or far below the ocean floor.   The first, most practical application involve putting these scrubbers and sub strata injectors on faculties already producing the most carbon.  For example, a coal-fired energy plant can, with the employment of these scrubbers, make coal as clean as wind or solar...and at a much reduced energy cost.  CO2 scrubbers can be installed at large manufacturing facilities, like auto and steel factories, resulting in zero carbon emissions.
Eventually these CO2 wizards plan to put scrubbers airborne.  They have devised a way to change the temperature of CO2 atmospheric clouds, converting them to a solid, then sucking them through airborne scrubbers, to be deposited again far below the earth's surface.

Scientists employing this technology say that reducing our energy consumption will do nothing to solve our CO2 problem, so they are tackling it head on.  

Pipe dream?  Well you may be interested to know that last year Congress passed a bi-partisan bill that authorizes the federal government to pay $35 dollars per ton of CO2 to any company willing to build these scrubbers and send that CO2 to below ground oil or gas caverns.  And they will pay $50 dollars per ton if they inject the CO2 back into the sub strata.  The feds are providing the seed money for what is expected to eventually be a private enterprise effort.  Thus, it is very likely that you're going to see Exxon and Shell Oil sinking CO2 tubes in parallel with their oil-drilling operations.   You might ask if there's been any corporate enthusiasm for the project.  Well, the IRS has already produced an IRS credit called Q45 and companies are lining up for a very generous investment tax credit!

God Bless American know how.  If the damned Chinese don't steal the technology we Americans might just be on the cusp of creating a cleaner world....and getting rich in the process.  Oh, and by the way, Old King Coal might prove to be a valuable and "green" cheap energy source once again.

You're welcome.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Oh, Those Generous Democrats!


Okay, people! Time to give a nod to the Democratic controlled House of Representatives! They just introduced a Medicare For All bill this morning (Wednesday, 27 February) that grants free Medicare For premiums to pay and the package includes free medical care, vision, dental and abortions.

The bill was co-sponsored by 100 Democrats who claim healthcare is a right....and should be free.

Though the Office of Management and Budget has not costed out the program, independent auditors say the bill will cost taxpayers $3.3 trillion dollars per year.

Of course the hang up here is that, for all of 2018 the government took in only $3.1 trillion in revenue. So if we were to fund Medicare for All there will be zero money left for defense, social security, education, welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development and a hundred other programs and departments funded by the federal government.

The Democrats say "no sweat". We can tax the rich. Except the OMB already ran the numbers on that. If we taxed every billionaire in the nation at 100 percent of his income it would cover only six months of current spending.......and certainly wouldn't cover an added $3.3 trillion to pay for Medicare For All.

"No Matter", say the Democrats, "the federal government has a credit card that makes the American Express Black Card look like peasant fodder." "Put it on our bill and add another $33 trillion to the current $22 trillion of national debt".


Friday, March 1, 2019

Lost in America: Ah, The Vagaries Of A Biased Press

Lost in America: Ah, The Vagaries Of A Biased Press:                                                                       Well, if you read yesterday's morning headlines you proba...

Ah, The Vagaries Of A Biased Press


Well, if you read yesterday's morning headlines you probably saw at least a dozen news agencies trumping the headline "U.S.-North Korea Talks Collapse". 
Rather interesting. How is it that not coming to further agreements comes to be regarded as "collapse". Neither Trump nor his Secretary of State expected any more than a continuation of last year's meeting...each leader probing for signs of weakness...each leader assessing future possibilities. 
So was it a mistake for Trump to meet with Kim? Well, let's look at it through the prism of recent history. For more than 30 years now Kim, or his father, played American Presidents like a drum. As North Koreans starved one or another of the Kims would sweet talk Clinton, or Bush, then later Obama, to secure a few shipments of wheat and medical aid. As soon as the booty arrived the Kims would go back on a rampage.
In particular Obama, who always professed that he's the smartest guy in the room, failed massively in trying to get Fat Elvis to stop firing missiles into the Sea of Japan like a kid on the 4th of July. 
But Trump, after only one year in office, got Kim to ground his missile program...and maybe massacre a few less of his own people. The Trump Administration also managed to spark the first concrete talks between North Korea and it's democratic sister to the south. Clinton couldn't do it. Nor could Bush. Nor Barack Hussein, with all his smarts and Ivy League bred diplomats.
Then Trump comes along and, despite his inarticulate stumbles, gets Kim to play nice for over a year now.
But don't take my word for it. Just yesterday I was listening to an NPR host interview a foreign studies scholar from Stanford University's School of International Studies. Despite the NPR host's efforts to get the Stanford professor to diss Trump, he was praised instead. Seems that the diplomatic community has a color code they use to assess the status of relationships between the U.S. and other countries. They use the color green to say relations are good or greatly improving, orange to signify caution, red to indicate we're in the shits. The good professor said that, for the last ten years North Korea's color chart has been solid red. That is, until last year when certain aspects of our relations with Kim turned green. The professor said that getting Fat Elvis to refrain from firing missiles was huge. The professor also said Fat Elvis has stopped exporting nuclear technology to the world's bad guys.

To put all this in perspective, keep in mind that Trump is receiving diplomatic praise from folks who hail from a hot bed of liberalism!
So was the liberal mainstream media truthful when they hawked "Talks Collapse" in a 1 inch banner atop their mastheads? Of course not. They must smear this President in order to breathe.
Sad. Damned Sad.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

A University Grant To Concoct A Social Security Scam


Hmmm. Just had an interesting read about how the Feds are trying "save" Social Security. As you might know, 2019 is the first year in which the total Social Security taxes collections is not enough to fund the payouts to current retirees. And you might also remember that it was in 1965 when Lyndon Johnson and his Democratic majority in Congress chose to integrate the hundreds of billions in banked Social Security savings, and sweep the money into the General pay for both Johnson's Vietnam War and his grand government gravy bowl called The Great Society.

Since that time every Social Security tax surplus has been swept into one pile of money, to pay for our ever growing government gravy bowl.

Well, since we can no longer steal what's no longer available the government is now being forced to come up with some hard and fast fixes.

Accordingly, the U.S. government recently handed out a grant to Boston College's "Center for Retirement Research", hoping a collection of Eastern eggheads could come up with a few ideas to keep the fund solvent.

Well, they did. And here's a few of their ideas:

1) Remember when you got ready to sign up for Social Security and you walked into your nearest SS office? Well, they consulted your career earnings from the bowels of their computers, checked to see how much Social Security taxes you paid in, then proclaimed what amount of pension you would receive.

Proposed Boston College fix: If in the future you want to apply for Social Security you would be asked to appear before a Social Security panel to explain why you need that Social Security pension. They will not care that it is your money, paid in, as demanded by the government. They'll want to know if your mortgage is paid off, how much money you have in an IRA, how much you have in your savings account.....and if it is substantial they will ask why you are trying to suckle at the tit of Social Security. In other words they suggest you be means-tested to get any money back that you paid in.

2) Given the growing number of American citizens who do not work, and live off the generosity of city, state and federal welfare checks, and given the number of stay at home unmarried baby breeders, the eggheads at Boston College say something will have to be done to support these people in their old age. They suggest that a healthy portion of YOUR pension be withdrawn, then given to those who paid no Social Security due to their impoverished condition. As precedent they cite the current Social Security practice of giving green card holders without income a poverty driven payout of $1,000 a amount that exceeds payouts to our own elderly citizens. Brilliant, huh?

In the government grant awarded Boston College the Social Security Administration essentially said "these baby boomers are becoming a real drag on our ability to pay them what we promised we would". Again, brilliant!

3) The most intriguing egghead proposal was to try and tempt those who become eligible for Social Security into taking a lump sum up front, then surrendering their rights to ever again come to SS for more money. The Social Security administration asks the eggheads if SS pensioners might be bought off for as little as $50,000. Again, brilliant.

Be afraid, boys and girls, especially you 50 something whippersnappers who might have to prove you really need the dough you paid in.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Exploitation For Fun And Profit


I've been thinking hard lately about how it became possible for Blacks to game the system for more than 50 years now.  Charge me of overthinking this issue if you will.  But hear me out.

First of all, anyone my age will attest to the fact that Blacks have made huge strides toward the advancement of their race.  (No, I'm sorry, but I'm not buying the 21st century version of Black oppression.)  There are far too many Blacks holding down high positions in this country to claim they are victims.  From the Congress, to the hundreds of municipal, county, state and federal bureaus Blacks populate those government hives in droves....well over representing their relative percentage of the populace.  They were almost always awarded those positions through a quota preference system that has long outlived its usefulness and fairness.

Blacks are also well represented in our most prestigious universities, of both the multiracial oasis of the Ivy League as well as their own Black colleges who pretty much accept only Blacks......a reverse discrimination that they get by with through the employment of the race card.

And on the religious front we have Black "Elmer Gantrys"...charlatans all, like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Reverend "God Damn America" Wright, and good ole Louie Farrakan who longs for another Jewish holocaust.

And in the urban jungles of New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit, South Chicago, and Cleveland, and newly deemed "thugville"; Milwaukee, Black thugs rule the night streets, wreaking havoc on humanity and, when caught are nearly always given three or four "get of of jail passes" by liberal judges, before they finally go to prison, where they are well represented......constituting 50 percent of the prison populace from their miserly 15 percent of their ethnic representation in the general populace.

This society's elevation of Blacks to sainthood has always had me perplexed.  And I've given a lot of thought as to how they achieved their prosecutorial immunity.  And I've come to believe that a nearly perfect climate of opportunity came along that allows Blacks to achieve success with less effort than Whites, how they are continually forgiven for a multitude of sins, and how they have now convinced half of the American populace that they must bear the burden of  "White Guilt.

Let's chew on a few things here.  Let's first go back to post Civil War America.  Oh my, did Blacks have reason to bitch back then.  The North fights and wins a war for your freedom, and Abe signed an Emancipation Proclamation, and all kinds of federal laws were put in place to assure you your rights....and damned if the KKK and other miscreants didn't oppress the hell out of you in your "freedom years".  That must have hurt.  That must have stirred up a great deal of resentment......resentment so strong it was passed through your DNA to your off spring.  But you persevered.  Your children attended inferior schools, you couldn't eat or drink or even go to the bathroom in facilities reserved for Whites.    So let's an old car with a water pump problem, the steam was ready to blow off the old radiator cap.  And it should be noted that, just as America rallied together after Pearl Harbor, and 9/11, Blacks were unintentionally united behind the idea that they had something coming from a hundred years of oppression.  

So in the 50's came Malcolm X and his Muslim minions.  And on a kinder, gentler side came a Martin Luther King, who preached for peaceful change...but change never the less.  And in the midst of King's preachings came a pretty boy and his pretty wife from Massachusetts, and the Kennedys were Camelot, John the once and future king.  But, alas, there was an "Iago" lurking behind the scenes.  A lout from Texas who attained public office through ballot stuffing, who was ugly, who was mean as a snake, who probably wasn't even really loved by his wife and children.  

So, when the King died LBJ sauntered into the White House, and he sat at the Churchill desk, drinking cowboy coffee and eating Texas barbecue, and pondered on his condition of being unloved by anyone.  So even though he had been a "nigger hater" all his life, he called the Speaker of The House and he said "let's do something for the niggers".  And he came up with a series of programs called the Civil Rights Act an admirable one), and then he coaxed Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren to rule favorably on racial quotas for jobs and education, and then he brewed up a mix of programs that ladled out government gravy like it had never been ladled, aimed it straight at those "niggers" and called it the War On Poverty.  

And damned if that did not set off the next half century!  As Lyndon Johnson once said to his House Speaker "By god, these programs will have niggers voting Democrat for the next hundred years."  And so they do!  Blacks will give 90 percent of their vote to the lowest snake in the den if they have a (D) behind their name on the ballot.   And during this last half century every Black has been given a gold embossed race card to play when he runs into any opposition, or gets in trouble.  And Black men were freed to father six or eight babies, his name on the birth certificate with six different women....with Johnson's War On Poverty picking up the check!   And the pre-War On Poverty rates for families with a man in the household dropped from 80 percent to less than 25 percent today!
It seems to me that LBJ bred three generations of less than noble, game playing, race card bearing Blacks who not only rule the societal roost, but dominate the entertainment media, large pockets of government, boss the urban mean streets, of all....have convinced half of America that they must carry White guilt as readily as they carry a wallet.

So is the exploitation of others for fun and profit just a Black thing?  Hell no!  George W. exploited our post 9/11 patriotism to invade Iraq!  30 million illegal Central and South Americans are now copying the Black model and demanding equal favoritism.  They have joined the Blacks in their crusade to make Whites feel guilty if they want a protective border.  Gays long ago joined the fray and say if you oppose gay marriage you are homophobic.  And of late Socialists have joined the crusade, proclaiming that they deserve half of what a Blue Collar worker makes...and all of what a rich man has.  Add them all up, boys and girls and you now have a majority of America claiming victimization, each interest group citing their own personal and specific struggles for social and economic nirvana.

And why not?  Exploitation means never having to take responsibility for anything.  And it is more profitable than the margins Howard Schultz rings up on a single cup of his cappuccino!    The finale to this exploitation extravaganza has now arrived with bells and whistles and a 100 piece band, ushering out more than a dozen politicians who say they too are victims of exploitation.....Warren with her Indian headdress, Sanders for his age, Hillary with pant suit haters, Kamala Harris for her adultery with a man old enough to be her grandfather, Corey Booker for his race, and the Muslim Congresswoman from Minnesota whose catching flak for wishing for this century's Jewish holocaust.  And all of those politicians seek to be your champion for even more exploitation of those who are just trying to live and make a living in a world where no quotas for them are available....nor race cards to pull out when they fuck up.

Exploitation for fun and profit!  It's the latest's designers the Blacks who once swore they only wanted equality.  But when they got a taste of "immunity from fault", with a glittering sprinkle of sainthood, well, who can resist?  So, sadly, now everyone wants to get into the game!

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Friday, February 22, 2019

On How Trump Won The 2016 Republican Nomination


I've been giving a little thought lately as to how Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for President.  Not the general election; I believe the Presidency itself was won because so many people disliked and distrusted Hillary.  Even among Democrats, they either didn't much like her arrogance that led to her basement email server, or they didn't believe she and Bill could accrue two hundred million dollars in personal wealth without her Secretary of State shenanigans.

No, my thinking has been more along the line of how a quirky fellow like Trump could win out over a dozen polished politicians.  Trump was an inarticulate blowhard whom many in the party considered totally unqualified for the office, both academically and in temperament.  So how did The Donald wrest control of both the party, and send so many old political heads into withdrawing from the race.

Having thought about it some I think we have a larger, overreaching factor to look at.  I believe those fellows faded because they are representative of a weaker breed of human than we have seen in politics in previous years.  Rand Paul was "Ron Paul II", a version of maverick that could never connect with the great political middle.  Jeb Bush was the weaker dilution of the two previous Bushes....paled eyed, pale faced men who were never up to the intellectual challenges of a world peopled by Americans who didn't inherit money, didn't advance in their careers based on name alone.  Jeb was a sob sister who said illegal immigration was an act of love and that conservatism is only good if you don't offend anyone.

Kasich, as he has proved since, is a Republican In Name Only RINO who cares far too much about being liked than he does in holding to conservative principle.  Marco Rubio was some sort of Hispanic cross-breed between Bush and Kasich....a well spoken conservative pretender.  (No conservative would push for expanded child tax credits for stay at home breeders as Rubio did in the last tax cut plan.)

Except for Cruz, the rest of the candidates were fringe players, at best.  

So one wonders what Trump's seemingly easy defeat of these otherwise accomplished politicians does to signal the arrival of a far larger, more serious problem.  Are we now breeding the weakest stock to lead the conservative crusade?  Unlike the Democrats, who would offer their own mothers for slaughter if it meant a win, we in the Republican party seem to be breeding milk toast men and women who cringe when confronted with anything hard.  Witness this latest fight for Trump's wall.  We had Republicans at least swallowing hard before supporting the President on an issue that ought to be considered a serious national threat.  Many went past the fringe state....both our Senators from Alaska and Maine crying crocodile tears over a government shutdown.

So, if we are indeed facing the future with such poor breeding stock, what are we to do?  Will we continue to shuttle out half mad, inarticulate mavericks like Trump.  Is there a dearth of Reagan-like, principled strong men for those future battles?  This worries me a great deal!  Other than Ted Cruz, and perhaps the soon to be retired, articulate ex-prosecuter Trent Gowdy, I don't see anyone in the party capable of giving us strong principled leadership.

I believe we are in serious trouble, boys and girls.  Hell, we may have to wrestle a 90 something Clint Eastwood off his horse to represent us in the next go around.  


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Why You Are Finally On Your Way To Being Educated When You Realize How Much You Don't Know


The other day I heard a small snippet of an old Steve Allen-Jayne Meadows's "Meeting Of The Minds Show". For the 90 percent of you who have never heard of the show it was usually aired on a late weekend night, in a time slot where huckster Ron Propeil would be hawking a "set it and forget it" oven. Meeting of The Minds featured Allen and Meadows playing historical characters, usually sitting around a table and discussing various events in their lives that showed up in the history books.
My first viewing of the show, back in the 70's, produced a mixed reaction. My own college education in early bloom, I though it noble that these two entertainers were trying to bring a small measure of knowledge to viewers of Gilligan's Island and Three's Company. And, honestly, I detected just a little arrogance in the Allen-Meadows to a yen to show off their own intelligence to the masses. (Allen was a Mensa genius). 
However, last week's sampling of the Meeting of the Minds dialogue proved that Allen and Meadows dared not go too far in educating the public. For example, when Ben Franklin appeared in this 20th century setting, Jane and Allen simply re-raked Franklin's most commonly known facts....his electric experiments with a kite, his Poor Richard's almanac, with its wise quotes, and Franklin's admirable effort to bring the Continental Congress together long enough to declare our independence.
Those were all good things for an educated public to know. And Allen-Meadows should be applauded for their effort. But my reaction to their efforts this week, after my own four decades of scholarship, was that their efforts were superficial, barely scratching the surface as to who Franklin was. Do we have to know more? Well, yeah we do. We have to have far more pillars of knowledge about Franklin if he is to stand up against...oh, say a liberal challenge of his historic worth. We have to convince people that, though failing human, one of our founders served nobly. And the only way you do that is to know his frailties. After all, it does no good to leave old Ben stuck there on the page of history. We have to walk about his world a little to understand he and his times.
Let's look at old Ben's failings. Ben was a womanizer of the first order. He treated his wife shabbily. He was disenfranchised from his own son. And during his time in Paris, trying to coax France into aiding our revolution with troops and money, Franklin spent 90 percent of his time bonking old French his diplomatic partner, John Adam's, disgust. Eventually Ben's bonking the French ladies won us a French allied effort that led to our independence.
Why do we need to know Franklin's sins? Again, so we can give him a bit of slack. So that we understand he was flesh and bone just like us.....making his contributions to this country ever more meaningful, despite his sins!
And, boys and girls, that's what education is. The more you learn the more you realize just how much you do not know. An education keeps a person from being an ignorant ass whose brain can never be penetrated...who can never surrender his own ignorant notions for a few splinters of truth!
The most tragic misinformation campaign of late has been much of America's willingness to tear down statues of Robert E. Lee. Good lord! If America only understood the nobility of the man! If anyone took the time to study the man...and learned how he was heartbroken to see his native Virginia secede. Or if America only knew how even Union troops admired that grisly old general! One gets to know Bobby Lee and one feels a bit ashamed that they will never be as admirable a human being.
So thanks Steve Allen and Jane Meadows. Thanks for giving me fodder for thought in these winter of my years, when I have attained sufficient education to understand just how much I don't know. That is the only level of education that is worth a damn!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Monday At Bernie's


Well it's official.  (Whew!)  On Monday Bernie Sanders officially announced his candidacy for President for 2020.  Feeling the heat, a dozen of his socialist pals having already declared their candidacy, Bernie said "hey, I can ladle out government gravy with the best of why not go with the "original flavor".

And Bernie, just to show he's steadfast, has included his support for doubling the amount of welfare checks, expanding Medicare for all, the government picking up the tab for $2 trillion in student loans, and making a university education free for all.

Bernie said he believes he has a leg up on his competition because he owns the digital addresses of some ten millions of folks who never asks how much those giveaways are going to cost.  I just don't know.  Senator Kamala Harris has been generating her own lists of "cost plus zombies" and since California has moved its 2020 primary from June to March she believes she can front load her campaign with a victory in her home state.  She may be right.  Bernie will no longer be able to collect victories in those little piss-pot Midwestern states to build momentum.  He's going to have to go to California often if he hopes to win that state.

Perhaps Bernie can promise California that he'll prevent wildfires and mud slides, and build a huge, beautiful revolving door at the Mexican border........the better for the folks from Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to come through without being hassled.  Perhaps Bernie will offer the Feds taking over California's half trillion dollar shortfall in their pension system.   And if things get really nasty he might declare that, between he and Kamala, he's the only one who didn't sleep with Mayor Willie Brown to get ahead.

Bernie has yet to explain how he'll pay for free college tuition for 40 million young people.  Or where the $2 trillion in student loan forgiveness will come from.  Or the trillions more for a doubling of the welfare checks, or to foot the bill for 350 million people entering the Medicare rolls...without ever paying a dime into the system.  

But then being a Democratic Socialist means never having to explain anything.  It's enough that the goodies are promised.  Maybe Bernie can recruit his cabinet from Venezuela.    I hear they're not too busy these days.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Clarifying A Few Liberal Lies


On Clarifying Some Liberal Lies This Week

For those of you who haven't taken the time to look deeper I'd like to identify three big liberal lies this week. I do not expect the liberal lemmings to listen but surely those fair minded will get it.

1) Amazon paid no taxes this year: Actually Amazon paid out 600 million in state taxes and $1.6 billion in foreign taxes. They did not owe a federal tax for several reasons. For more than 15 years Amazon operated in the red as the company plowed everything they made into expanding their business. Those losses are allowed to be claimed on their taxes, with each annual loss allowed to be carried over into a year when they were finally profitable. Secondly, Amazon's various businesses hired hundreds of thousands of people who DID pay taxes....income taxes that would not have been collected if Amazon had not given them a job. In 2016 Amazon finally did realize a profit. And paid out nearly $3 billion in state and federal taxes. This year Amazon again reinvested in new distribution centers, new cargo processing equipment and expanded their cloud services, all of which allowed them to claim tax credits to offset income when they file their corporate returns. And again they created jobs that did generate income taxes! So when you see liberals claiming Amazon didn't pay any taxes, look deeper. How many liberals were crying for Amazon in their first two decades of money-losing operations? Did any liberals step up to tell Jeff Bezos they'd help him out with his debt? Didn't think so.

2) Alexandria Ocasio-Ortiz helped to kick Amazon out of building a headquarters in New York City this week, claiming that Amazon doesn't pay taxes. See 1 above. But also remember that Amazon had pledged to hire 25,000 New Yorkers, all of them at salaries of at least $150,000 dollars per year. And you might also consider that an Amazon business in your city creates thousands of additional jobs....from taxi cabs to lunch caterers to contributing to the power grid. Liberal lies. Liberal idiocy.

3) In perhaps the biggest lie (and easiest for liberal lemmings to swallow) was that, because taxpayers were getting smaller tax return checks this year, Trump and his tax cuts were lies.
Get out your calculator boys and girls. If for the last twelve months you made more money than before the tax cuts isn't it reasonable to assume that you'll pay more taxes (8 percent) on an average 20 percent more in income than you did the previous year? And how many liberals adjusted their tax withholding to synch with the larger paycheck? Ask your liberal friends if they want to go back to an economy before those tax cuts took effect. Ask if they are willing to surrender their higher pay and company bonuses!

Lying Liberals!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Political-Media Incest


Did anyone catch CNN's Democratic Presidential poll they put out yesterday?  CNN allegedly conducted a totally objective poll of the current crop of candidates.  If you did not know of political-media incest you would believe that Senator Kamala Harris leads the field by a wide margin.  Because they had to, CNN did mention that good old Bernie Sanders, who almost toppled Hillary Clinton, came in third.  And they did say that crazy Joe Biden still has the love of Obama-ites, so has some support.  And to give their poll some credibility they had Corey Booker and Liz "Pochahantas" Warren bringing up the rear.

But then I found something interesting on that same news day.  From a non-political reporting site I found that Kamala Harris's biggest supporter, and the entity giving her their largest donations is Warner Media.  Does this ring any alarm bells, boys and girls?  It should.  Warner Media owns CNN, the news entity naming Harris the winner before a single vote has been cast!

If you don't know about this sort of political incest you would tend to believe, whether the poll is accurate or not, that it is at least being accurately reported.  Alas, there are more sinister factors in play....and for high stakes.

Is this political-media incest something new?  Of course not.  Just a couple of years ago I published my research on how many media personalities were either married to, or related to scores of folks who populated the Obama administration.

What can we, as citizens, do about this incest?  Not a whole hell of a lot.  But we can be ever watchful, ever skeptical, about anything that comes out of the mainstream media.  "Created truths" are liable to pop up anywhere, even in a news article that would appear to be benign.  

Don't be fooled.  It is a cancer of the worst kind.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Lying Out Their White-Suited Asses


I was running errands the other day and had my radio tuned to National Public Radio.  Their Here and Now Program featured a European Socialist who said the U.S. is insane not to return to the 50's era  91 percent top tax rates for the wealthy.

The first thought is the guy's a total fraud.  Assuming he had a basic education in economics he knows that that 91 percent tax rate was pure myth.  Literally no one paid that kind of rate because the tax code had so many loopholes even a basic garden variety tax preparer could hone that rate down to 42 percent....and that was for all municipal, state and federal taxes, unlike today where that holy trio can hit you up for 60 percent of your income if you're not careful.

When I got home I wandered over to the Tax Foundation to look deeper into those mythical 91 percent tax rates.  In fact, when you just consider federal taxes by themselves you find that there is less than a five percent difference in what the extreme wealthy pay today, vs the 50's.  But if you count municipal and federal taxes you find today's millionaires are paying out far more.  In fact the "1 percent" pay 80 percent of all taxes due and 50 percent of taxpayers pay nothing at fact they get thousands back in child tax credits and other anti-poverty incentives.

Now those 43 White-suited Democratic Socialists who just go elected say they are going to be kind.  Let by Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, they say they will only insist on a 70 percent tax least to start.

Well, if you want to see the markets crash, and if you want to see the largest wealth migration in human history, just let the Democrats do that.  They will stay in office for whatever remains of their terms and then be turned out.

The continual resurrection of that 91 percent 50's myth just shows how fraudulent Democrats are.  They know the truth and just hope like hell that you don't!

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Democrats: We Can Only Hope They Stay This Crazy


The far left crazies who now occupy some 44 House seats, and a dozen in the Senate are a new thing only in the sense that their numbers have increased of late.  There have always been seats in Congress held by people who, in the real world, could not hold down a job as garbage collector.  Once, wondering why that was, I wrote my local congressman and asked him about how folks as dumb as Sheila Jackson Lee, or as corrupt as Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters could achieve such high office.  His response was quite frank.  Shunting aside niceties, he said our Congressional representatives are only as good as their constituents.  He pointed out that leadership, for ill or good does not emerge from a vacuum.  If Blacks are content to elect, then re-elect again and again, someone like Charley Rangel, who nearly went to prison for tax fraud, there seems little hope for a moral resurgence of that community.  Same principle applies for Maxine Waters, who has never done anything for her ghetto dwelling constituents, lives in a mansion outside her own district, yet continues to win re-election.

Yet despite the historical precedent of our government always having a few bonafide idiots and scoundrels, I am worried that we are getting more and more of them in important government offices.  And even when I shunt my politics aside it seems to me that the vast majority of the loonies come from the Democratic party.  From the top echelons of the party we have folks like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who espouse openly Socialist policies.  New advocates are arriving on the scene every day...from Senator Corey Booker who failed miserably as a Urban New Jersey mayor, to California's Kamala Harris whose only claim to fame is that she slept with men forty years older to win a position of power.  We have Texas's Beto O'Rourke whose resume includes a hit and run conviction and aspirations to legalize as man drugs as possible to reduce drug related convictions.

The newest crop of crazies were elected on the heels of the MeToo Movement, a coalition of women who believe that abortion is a viable form of birth control and conviction by accusation ought to be enough to destroy a man's reputation.  Among those are radical Muslims from the Midwest, who openly scream "Fuck Trump" to New York's Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who makes Nancy Pelosi look like a right wing nut job.  Even as I am writing this Cortez is leading a door to door campaign to nix Amazon's placing one of their headquarters in New York City.   Despite Amazon's contractual pledge to hire 25,000 employees, all of them to be paid at least $150,000 a year, Cortez opposes the project...alleging that New York didn't hit Amazon hard enough for sweeter goodies.   In light of the proposed Amazon boycott, Amazon is now saying they may withdraw from New York.  

But even if we set aside Cortez's arrogant flamboyance, and just look at the policies she advocates, she is a scary thing indeed.  If Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez gets her way she could more than double the national debt in less than a decade.  She's dangled more free government goodies in the face of her constituents she makes a carnival barker look staid.

I may be wrong but I have to believe the latest sweeping into office of so many crazies had to have been spawned by a bunch of angry women suffering bouts of temporary insanity.  I have to think that, women things calm down a bit the American people will see these far left nut jobs as all hat and no cattle.  And if the current crop of left wing Presidential candidates stay consistent with their socialist agendas I just can't see the American people buying their long laundry list of government giveaways.  The average voter knows enough math to know none of it adds up.

So, to my conservative friends, let's hope the far left get even crazier.  That may be Trump's only hope to win re-election and for Republicans to reclaim control of the house.  And Trump, given four more years, can surely select a couple more Supreme Court judges that will finally nullify John Robert's vote, and purge the district courts of liberal judges who abhor reading the Constitution.