Friday, July 5, 2013

Michelle's "Prison"


Last week in Africa Michelle Obama was addressing a group when she described what it was like living in the White House.  She said "it's like living in a nice prison".  

Can you imagine the level of separation,  how alienated the Obama's are from Main Street America?  Anyone who is attuned to the millions who have lost their homes and now living in tents, or in their cars would surely never make such a statement.  

But as Michelle and Barack jaunt about on their $100 million dollar Africa trip they have opted to assume the role of "royals", basking in the admiration of foreigners as America begins turning away from their callous disregard for the pain of the sick, the jobless, the homeless and the hopeless.

No, such haughty diatribes are not new to Michelle.  After all, only the election of her husband could stir her to say "for the first time in my life I've proud of my country".  Since Michelle had lived in America for half a century at the time, since she has been given free minority scholarships, free preferential quotas for universities, enjoyed a $200,000 dollar taxpayer paid salary the level of arrogance and disregard for her country is astounding.

Barack is no better.  After all, he has already acclaimed himself to be one of the four best Presidents of all time.  At his first cabinet meeting in 2009 he was reported to have told them he's better at economics than his economics advisor, better on foreign policy than the State Department and better at politics than his political team.

I suspect the arrogance of these two comes from the very things that America bestowed upon them by nature of their race.  They have virtually lived in two worlds, and two worlds only; that of the tax-payer subsidized university system and that of the tax payer paid "community organizing" world.  Neither have ever held a job that didn't originate from the public largess.

So it is not surprising that we hear talk of "prisons" from those spoiled all of their life, luxuriating in their preferential "Blackness".   Obama said it himself in his memoir "Dreams of My Father".  Says he; "I learned that I could get anything I wanted from White people just by "acting nice" and  not being the Black thug they assume every Black to be".  

I suspect if Barack was totally of White blood the poor sucker would be holding a job in a warehouse somewhere and continuing to smoke that youthful crack and pot right into his adult years.  He would not have enjoyed all of those racial preferences and minority scholarships and would be like millions of in little houses and not "White House prisons".



Bill Long said...

barrack and michelle just two more negroes living in public housing and using public trans. only theres cost a little more.

Nema said...

Great post and sadly true. I now am ashamed to be an American. The rest of the world thinks we are all fools because of our leader (who leads from behind). We are seen as weak, liars, unprincipled and heading toward a socialistic (almost there, aren't we?) nation. I never thought I would see this day in America. NSA, make sure you tell the liar in chief what I posted here. :(