Friday, July 19, 2013

Obama's Justice Department opposes ID Theft Arrests


Yesterday I wrote about so many moral issues that are now upside down in America; what once was moral and lawful is now deemed politically incorrect, thus deserving of selective enforcement of our nation's laws.

Yesterday we saw a prime example of Obama's Justice Department's absolute refusal to enforce our immigration laws, and have now carried it one step forward by choosing not to enforce felony I.D. theft laws as well.

It seems a restaurant chain (appropriately called Uncle Sam's) had been hiring as many as 121 illegal Mexicans with full knowledge that these Mexicans were illegal invaders.  Sheriff Joe Arpao, after a nine-month investigation prompted by an insider employee tip, raided two of the restaurants in Phoenix yesterday, arrested ten illegal Mexicans and pursuing the rest of them.  Because Obama has ordered his Justice Department not to accept any illegal prisoners from Sheriff Joe arrests, the prisoners have been taken to the 4th Avenue county jail and held there.

Since the Justice Department won't take these prisoners and prosecute them, Sheriff Joe's only avenue is to, in effect, execute a form of "citizen's arrest" by soliciting the support of local citizens whose I.D. was stolen, and who have suffered the most from the theft of their identities.  More arrests are expected, and of those under arrest, or awaiting arrests, are also wanted for other offenses, including vehicle theft.   
While the Sheriff's hands are tied on the immigration violations, he will use the power of the abused citizenry to prosecute them for I.D. theft.  So far more than 70 of the American I.D. theft victims, legal citizens, have said they'll testify against theses criminals.

Still, Obama's ICE units have been ordered not to accept these criminals under any circumstances.  

Isn't it ironic that Obama's Attorney General, who did all he could to insinuate himself into the George Zimmerman prosecution, (as did Obama with his "if I had a son" speech), then lost in a court of law, now has opted to "persecute" George Zimmerman by refusing to accept the verdict of a lawful jury, yet, for political purposes, refuses to prosecute Mexican felons caught red-handed with someone else's employment records!  

An army of illegal invaders are planning on picketing outside Sheriff Joe's jail in the coming days.  
They are demanding Sheriff Joe release these illegal "victims" immediately.  (Not a word of sympathy was offered to the victims of these I.D. thefts).  The invaders march without fear through America's streets these days, demanding all manner of citizen's rights and benefits, when, in any sane society, they would be bused to the border and be ordered not to invade again under penalty of being shot on the spot.

Will America ever wake up and demand those in power enforce our laws?...all of our laws, and not only the ones they want to?

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Yep, Obama is doing what he can against sheriff Joe because Obama doesn't like him. Obama would rather see the United States go down in flames. Down in flames from his muslim brotherhood (no caps intended)buddies. I still can't understand why there are Obama lovers out there. Boggles the mind!
First he says Trayvon could have been my son, then he said that could have been me. I find it comical Obama thinks so low of himself. First off Trayvon did not have parents that loved him. If they did he would have turned out differently. Trayvon was into drugs, fighting, disrespected adults, and was racist. He even told his cohort Zimmerman was a "cracka." It's my understanding that kid died because his parents weren't involved enough in his life and obviously he didn't get to go to the woodshed like many of us did.
I find it shameful as Eric "the lair" Holder is gunning for Zimmerman. It didn't take long for Obama to do the same as well. Wasting our tax dollars on an email system to take tips on how Zimmerman was racist is way out there. Trayvon called Zimmerman a racial slur in a text message. It's so obvious who's the idiot.
I never understood how blacks all stuck together even if they were wrong. First off my kid would have never pulled that crap but if he did. I would have to agree with the courts and say that he was in the wrong. That's what's missing here. Trayvon, his parents, his large cohort, Holder, Obama are all in the WRONG!!

Seymore Butts said...

It is too bad it wasn't young obama.The reason that people still support that puppet in the white house is they are spoon fed liberal media and only that.I tell everyone that will listen(have had to corner a few)to do their own research but as Bill Engval says"You can't fix stupid".Always keep an extra magazine or 10 at the ready.