Friday, July 12, 2013

Obamacare And American Stupidity

                                                     The Rose Bowl: Capacity 104,000    

God, you people are stupid.  No!  Lazy and Stupid.  You don't know a damn thing about how invasive Obamacare is going to be in your lives....and you were too damn lazy to go out and vote Obama out of office last November.

So the Obamacare Army is in full deployment mode and I'm going to take out crayons and draw you idiots some pictures.  I'll try to stay between the lines.

Do you see that pic of the Rose Bowl stadium up there?  It's in Pasadena, California and it holds 104,000 people for a football game.  California is rolling along as that state deploys Obamacare, so enamored is that state's embracement of socialism.  The federal Obamacare army and California state socialists have already created over 100,000 federal and state bureaucrats to administer JUST California's Obamacare program!   Yeah, you heard it right; 100,000 bureaucrats between you and your doctor!  And who's going to pay for those 100,000 Obamacare bureaucrats?  You are, you dumb shits! That's but one of the reasons your medical premiums are going up 25% a year, and why Obamacare is going to cost you 500% more than Obama promised you!

Remember the "Death Panel" that Sarah Palin warned you about?  The one you snickered at?  The one Democrats flatly denied?  Well guess what citizen morons?  The Death Panel; that 15-person medical board that will decide which medical treatments you will be authorized to receive is already in place in Washington D.C.!

Now, let me get out my red crayon so you cretins can really see this one!  Simply multiply the 100,000 California bureaucrats times 50 and you come up with millions of federal and state bureaucrats, fully prepared to sit on their collective asses and come up with more paperwork, more complex hoops for you to jump through if you wish to have medical treatment!  Millions!

Have you not read enough lately about IRS abuses?  Have you not heard enough about the feds intervention in your personal phone calls and emails?  You don't think the current millions of federal bureaucrats, with average $150,000 dollar annual salaries, are enough for you?  

Americans today are fully as stupid as those rats following the Pied Piper off the cliff.  The Piper is Obama and his supporters are those limp wristed liberals who champion his destruction of American institutions.  But Obama's real success came from the 50% of you who stayed home on election day and allowed this socialist son of a bitch to be re-elected.

American stupidity has never been higher...and our standard of living, and our personal liberties have never been fewer. 

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

If voting worked, then we would've never had Obama in the 1st place. Voting doesn't work and it began to fail a long time ago. When everyone is allowed to vote, well, you get alot of morons who will vote for whoever they think will give them something. And that stuff WE are robbed from the government to pay for!