Sunday, June 30, 2013

Obama; Little Man Behind The Curtain


Barack Obama got elected by never letting us in on who he really is.  Like the mousy little man behind the curtain in Wizard of Oz, Barack was able to project himself as a powerful, transformational leader who, like the Wizard, could solve all of your problems.

By establishing iron-clad legal sealings of all of his college records, Obama felt free to re-invent himself, to create a character that might appeal to the masses, and in doing so, he stole the healing words of Lincoln and made them his own, while hiding the 20 years of blindly following his American hating Reverend Wright.

It takes a unique person to accomplish this "sleight of hand" conversion from Black Socialist radical to everyone's token Black Teddy Bear, lovable, harmless....just the ticket for those with collective White guilt to elect a Black man to the Presidency.  

After winning election Barry lifted the veil just a bit.  He set off to the Middle East to tell Muslims that America was no more special than any other nation.  To support this thesis he had to totally ignore America's fight for democracy over the past 90 years.  He had to ignore America's efforts to free, feed and medicate the world for much of the century.  Instead, he pandered to Muslims by denying Islamic Jihad and rejoicing in "the rich Muslim culture".  

In return for selling America down the tubes Barry was given the Nobel Peace Prize just three months after being elected, and before he had done anything to earn the award.  Europeans were just happy to see a President willing to trade American prestige for a little idol worship.

So last week Obama attempted a repeat of the massive hero worship he solicited while speaking at the Brandenburg Gate, just as he had done four years ago.   Sadly, only 4,000 Europeans showed up.  Contrast that to four years ago when Barry was able to draw a crowd of 200,000 worshipers, eager to see America's Stepin Fetchit of politics.  This time around the smallish crowd yawned and slept through Obama's speech.

These kinds of slights are a big problem for Obama, a man of monstrous ego.  Keep in mind that it was only a year or so ago when Obama placed himself in the top four Presidents of all time, more than worthy of a place on Mount Rushmore.  The Brandenburg Gate fiasco came just weeks after Americans began peeking behind the curtain and discovering the mousy little man with a bag of political dirty tricks; IRS abuses, media and telephone wiretaps and wounded by the fatal flaw to take responsibility for anything that happened on his watch.  Behind that curtain we find both the little man and all of his leadership failures, to include frozen panic when the Benghazi mess occurred.

As planned, most Americans are just now experiencing the Obama agony of Obamacare, soaring tax increases, runaway spending, perpetually high unemployment and an economy sputtering along more than four years after Barry spent a trillion dollars in an attempt to revive it with government giveaways.

Sadly, the curtain flew open too late.  Now we must endure another four years with a little man who has no clue how to lead, is still ignorant about how to fix the economy, and, with foreign policy, has utterly failed to translate his pandering of Muslims to achieve even a small semblance of peace.  

America is, at last, tired of Obama's speeches, tired of his shuffling the blame to everyone but himself, tired of his exorbitant spending on vacations, tired of his teleprompters, his "program czars"...America is just tired.

Like those Germans at the Brandenburg Gate last week, America has begun to ignore Barack Obama.  That's bad for America for America is desperate for leadership.  And it is equally bad for a man with an ego so monstrous that he must have an unending supply of love and adoration to exist.  That adoration ended when the curtains were pulled back and we finally learned what a small "man-child" Barry really is.


olacubm said...

The only accomplishment you left out of your missive was how the president performed an end-around Congress and is destroying the coal industry by regulation, and many thousands of jobs will be lost in the process. Even Democrats are running away from him on that issue.

Old Bob said...

Good post. I think you've nailed him.