Thursday, July 25, 2013

Americans Blindly Walking Off The Cliff


I've come to the sad conclusion that half of America is made up of dumb, zombie-like "followers", so thoroughly ignorant they will literally fall for anything.   You see it in their empty and meaningless lives; they trudge off to work in a job they detest, then they come home, fill their pie holes, then sit down in a fit of sloth and watch silly meaningless television.

These "follower mice" will succumb to anything shiny and bright.  In the last few days you see them falling all over themselves glued to the TV, awaiting the news of a birth in the Royal family...yeah, that incestuous collection of royals who, because of interbreeding over a thousand years, own an I.Q. a good 20 points lower than the average citizen.  

And when the English royals aren't pumping out babies, these "zombie Americans" grant royal status to  a Black diva like Beyonce whose impressive cleavage and average singing voice draws audiences of thousands and a breathless need to know everything she wears every hour of the day.  The follower mice, make no connection between the duplicity of Beyonce and gangsta  husband spending a million dollars a night for a birthing suite in a New York hospital, all the while identifying themselves with the "street poor" and writing and singing songs about the top 1%, as if they weren't one of them.  Beyonce and all the other "performance whores" will march for "Trayvon justice" and the plight of the urban ghetto while never donating a dime, nor take the time to emphasize the value of an education, even as they bask in the adoration of illiterate Blacks.

The "White Mice" have their own set of idols, usually some freaky Lady Gaga type who dresses strangely, sings badly, voices her disdain for "the establishment" even as she husks millions from the native zombies who view her as "iconic".  

These zombie mice last read a book in the last semester of high school, weren't taught ten minutes of civics so have little knowledge of how government is run, and either mope in frustration with their lives, and with their life, all the while citing the worthlessness of their vote....or they again follow the politician who flashes the brightest with the most interesting toys.  The "voting zombies" re-elected a man child last November because, being totally ignorant, they fail to comprehend just what a massive failure Obama's first term was.

Perhaps most sad is that these zombie mice cannot correlate "act and consequence" so they blindly follow those with the loudest voices; supporting citizenship for illegal aliens ever as it puts their own job in jeopardy, promises to bankrupt the social service safety net, and brings new and more dramatic waves of crime.   

And they are simply unable to grasp what $16 trillion dollars in debt it might effect their own lives.  They are completely blind to the inevitable truths; an economic science that proves current spending levels are not just unsustainable, but will destroy the American economy.

Oh, we have these blind mice on both sides of the political spectrum.  On the left these cretins believe that the government gravy train can roll forever, even as they demand more succor from Uncle Sam, while the far right soil any reasonable discussion of the liberal failings by talking about Obama's supposedly fake birth certificate or whether the U.S. government is secretly being run by a cabal of Jewish bankers in Switzerland; or worry about people who want to mongrelize White America.   The Right Wing Mice follow folks like those southern preachers who spoil any chances of reasonable discussion by making abortion the "make or break" issue on choosing our leadership.  

And if all of these zombies, the worshippers of the "golden calf", are a problem it is all because their knowledge is guided by a wildly liberal mainstream press who broadcast not the facts, but what they interpret as the facts.  And the zombies, being so terribly ignorant, have no choice but to swallow the propaganda of the New York and Washington liberal elite.

When the inevitable  2nd Civil War begins in America these zombies from the right and left will fall into formation and join one side or the other, and march into death, and never know what they were fighting for.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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