Friday, December 15, 2017

The "Me Too" Movement; Courage? Or Lynch Mob?


Well, we all know by now that Time Magazine, that tabloid that now serves as the last liberal bastion of the weekly magazine (a fact that sends old Henry Luce spinning in his grave) has named the Me Too Ladies as "Person of the Year".

Having perused some two hundred stories about the specifics of all that sexual harassment, I'm still left wondering if these ladies are real social warriors....or just the 21st Century edition of "lynch mob".  While I certainly abhor the boorish behavior of many of the men accused, I can't help wondering "why now?"....why, after 75 years or more of this sexual behavior, so many women are coming forward with their complaints that range from outright rape to as subtle as being made to feel "uncomfortable".  And wasn't it Ashley Judd herself, who admitted telling Harvey Weinstein that she'd go to bed with him when he got her a role that won her an Oscar nomination?  What does that say about Ashely Judd?

Or how about the gal who is now claiming that, 35 years ago, Dustin Hoffman grabbed her ass?  Was it not offensive then?  Or was it okay then because it furthered her career ambitions?   And if a bout of "grab ass" proved so offensive to her, why is there a photograph of she and Dustin as she's grabbing his crotch?  She says now it was revenge, yet back then she was yucking it up and thought it was funny!

Look, based on the stories we've read, clearly there were men out there who are patterned and habitual sex offenders.  There's no denying that.  Yet, were I to choose the front line warriors for the war against women, it would not be the women appearing on the front of Time Magazine.  

Can anyone remember, just last spring, when liberals in both Hollywood and Washington were snickering at prudish Vice President Mike Pence?  The Vice President has made it a life practice not to ever be alone with a woman, not his wife, without his wife being present, nor will he attend a cocktail party without his wife.  Pence calls having his wife as ally provides a "comfort zone".    Well, like I said, liberals were snickering like crazy about this.  Alas, now, eight months later, ole Mike was not so dumb after all!  

I've written unendingly about the harmful imbalance currently present in our society.  Even as women flocked to 50 Shades of Gray, a hot little book about sadism, even as they swoop up those romance books about bare chested, bodice-ripping pirates, they seek mousy, metrosexual men when it comes to relationships.  They want the men to mow the yard, change the oil in their car, but also change diapers, do the laundry, cook gourmet meals...then shave their pubes and their chests and be submissive in the bedroom.

It's all crazy....from social practices...all the way to the courtroom.  Women want to manipulate relationships that win them favor in the work place, and in the bedroom, and, in the court room, want mere accusation to be sufficient to destroy a man's reputation.

This year's holiday office parties ought to be a riot.  The men will stay on one side of the room, the women on the other.  The men will talk about........what?  Best ways to fold a diaper?  How to fold a fitted sheet?  Recipes for roast chicken?  And the women will be discussing all their "me too" experiences.  If you think this is facetious, just look at the holiday party rules companies are putting out the last few weeks; a two cocktail minimum and more mannerly holiday decorum.  And you can't blame them, really.  Sexual lawsuits are in high fashion.  Simply not worth having to deal with the "Me Toos".

The best advice I could offer men today is "do like Mike"...bring your wife along whenever you're to meet alone with another female, and if you're single, take your mother along on your dates, guys.  

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Who Knew?


Wow! When you poll ALL climate scientists (not just those on government payrolls around the world) you find that, according to a Gallup survey, 83 percent of them don't believe human activity has a thing to do with it! Who knew?

And again, Wow! When the smartest scientists in the world (those who work along side NASA) take out the volcanic eruptions out of the mix (the natural disasters we can do nothing about), again it looks like we are exactly the same earth temperature we were 23 years ago.

Who knew? (Could it be those government paid global warming folks are trying to keep their jobs?)

Excerpt: The University of Alabama-Huntsville study, conducted by climate scientists John Christy and Richard McNider, shows that not only is the temperature rising far more slowly than predicted, but that the Earth's atmosphere appears to be less sensitive to changing CO2 levels than previously assumed. How do the study's authors know this? They corrected a mistake that many other studies and model forecasts leave uncorrected: First, they used only satellite data, the most comprehensive and accurate temperature numbers available. Then, they took out the temporary, yet significant, impact of both volcanoes and the El Niño and La Niña climate episodes that periodically wreak havoc on weather around the world. Once removing the influence of those naturally occurring events, the study's authors were able to come up with a stable base temperature for the world. Doing this, they found that the rate of global warming currently was 0.096 degrees Celsius per decade — exactly what it was 23 years ago. This casts serious doubts on the dozens of models used in coming up with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's dire forecast of massive global warming based on rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, mainly from human activity. Given that CO2 levels have risen sharply in recent decades but the pace of warming has remained essentially the same suggests that CO2 doesn't have the warming effect that many models assume.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Payback's A Bitch


So, having spun out of their graves, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson have pulled up their pantaloons and are sitting on the bank of the Potomac, cooling their heels in that historic river.

Ben, sloshing his fat feet in the cool spring waters, says to George and Tom, "have you guys about had enough of this revisionist horse shit the liberals are stirring up?.  I mean, really, these nitwits judging us by a standard in vogue two hundred years later is a bit much, isn't it?"  Tom just sits there, sphinx-like, staring into the waters.  "I know, Ben.  I suppose we'll be demonized a great deal more before this is over."  George, a bit uncomfortable in his bare feet, writhes his toes through the fresh spring grasses, then says "Admittedly, you two rascals are proper fodder for some latter day criticism but, for my entire two terms I tried to set a noble precedent for Presidents who came later."

At this both Ben and Tom began snickering, both of them thinking about the guy who just got elected in 2016.  George blushed and said "Yes, laugh if you will, but it's not my fault that so many of those who followed me weren't much up to snuff.   You guys stay up to date on the latest national debt?  Gracious, Bush and Obama ran up two thirds of that debt in a mere dozen years...........more than the other 40 or so Chief Executives combined!'

To that, Tom looked knowingly at his fellow founders.  "You might remember that I was the first President to pay off what George and John ran up in your dozen years.  Too bad my example wasn't followed".

"Settle down boys", said Ben, "you know it wasn't the national debt that spun us out of our was those ignorant nincompoops sitting up on Capitol Hill that riled us up.........that and those silly twits that want to haul our memorials down to the Potomac and send them to the bottom."

Tom, the smartest of the three, by far, said "you know, even here in the afterlife, we still have a little pull. What say we give these idiots a little of their own medicine?"

"What do you mean? queried George.  

"Let's out these liberal idiots!" answered Tom.  "Let's show the world what hypocrites these folks really are!  Let's spread the word about how that Hollywood is full of sexist beasts, even as they brand conservatives as hateful toward women.  Let's show the American people who the real enemies are in that war!"

"Good idea!", shouts Ben.

"Wait a minute, Ben, you groped your share of French lassies as I remember.  And you weren't shy in groping the Philly ladies either,  if I recall correctly", says George.

"Well, maybe you've forgotten that married lady named Fairfax", Ben retorts.

Tom interrupts, "look guys, we've all got our failings.  God knows it's been whispered about for a couple of centuries.  But those 21st century hypocrites are the worst!"

"Okay", says George.  "We're agreed.  We lift the lid and expose these two-faced politicians for who they are.  Should we bring old John into this?"

"Hell no!" screamed Ben.  "That self-righteous prude would be hell to work with.  You think he didn't grope a little Parisian ass while away from Abigail over the years?  I say we leave him out."

"Okay", agreed George.  "When should we start the ball rolling?"

"Now's as good as any", Tom declares.  "Let's start with Hollywood.  Then we'll out the liberal TV ilk.  Then, for the grand finale, we'll start on Congress.  By the time we're done half of those hypocrite bastards will be out of a job and Hollywood will be making hand puppet movies."

"What about that Ginger Head down at 1600 Pennsylvania?", asks George.

So Ben looks over at his two comrades, and whispers "one battle at a time, George.  Didn't you learn that during the war?".

Just as the three began discussing their plans, up walked General Lee.  "Couldn't help but overhear your discussion men.  Got room for a fourth?"

Friday, December 8, 2017

Jobs With One Foot In The Grave


The New America Foundation just recently released a report that says 47% of all American jobs will disappear in the next 24 years.  Of course they base that on job losses attributable to rapidly advancing technology.  (But don't you find that "47%" rather strange, since it coincides with the exact same percentage of folks who are on some form of government relief.)

Anyway, the foundation says the first jobs to go will be those in the fast food industry, typists, telemarketing, clerical workers, and real estate professionals.

We can easily see how robotic ordering kiosks are going to make fast food counter jobs obsolete.  And, if I'm going to be bothered by a telemarketer, it may as well be a robot I hang up on.  As to real estate sales, I've never understood why many of them can't be replaced by simply matching buyer with seller online.  It seems absurd to pay from 5 to 7% of a home's sale price to a brick and mortar matchmaker.

I'd like to add a few to this list.  It seems glaringly obvious that we could do away with America's university system.  College campuses today seem nothing more than an excuse to have toga and pizza parties and find safe spaces to hide from reality.  And at an average of $50,000 a year for tuition, I can easily see how some company like Apple (they already have their Apple University and podcast classroom lectures via podcasts) couldn't hire, oh say, pretty boy George Clooney, and have him read the professorial script, and do it far better, and far cheaper than those $300,000 dollar university professors haul in today.  Pay George a million dollars a class, to lecture to a hundred thousand students nationwide, and you'd be millions of dollars ahead.    We'll let the universities keep their labs, but then we'll lay off those professors who come in once a week, the rest of the time relying on graduate assistants to run their classes.  So scratch those liberal hotbed university campuses and we can boost family income and save billions of federal dollars.

Another institution not mentioned in this latest report is the newspaper businesses.  Those folks are hanging on by a thread now, their readership down by 70 percent since the golden 50's.  Though I love the tactile pleasure of holding a newspaper in my hand, I don't much care for the editorial bias, especially those hundreds of papers nationwide owned by the liberal Gannett Corporation.

I welcome your comments, dear reader.  I'm sure you can come up with any number of jobs on the chopping block in the very near future.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017



"Mice Utopia"

The study was first conducted at a university in Norway back in the early 60's. It was replicated again in 1971 at Portland State University by a graduate student pursuing his doctoral in psychology.

The study? "Mice Utopia". Researchers took two groups of average albino mice; one a control group, one experimental. The control group would be raised in an environment with a stable population. The experimental group would be allowed to populate at will, would be given corresponding increases in food and water to accommodate the increased mice population.

The mice population was that was given food and water, and not forced to forage for their own sustenance, were at first docile. However, as overcrowding took place, remarkable behaviors were noted. As the population increased mice became more savage with each other, death matches broke out between each other, parental mice ceased the weanings of their pups, leaving them to fend on their own. Researchers were startled to observe a rise in homosexuality. Even physical mutations began to be seen as the experimental mice began developing huge fangs....all of this in a period of only six months.

Can that same behavior plague be attributed to current human behavior? Can human society create their own hell through the artificial constructs of governments attempting "designer societies"? I don't know, but it makes you wonder. In an era where we are savaging each other, when folks wander away from societal traditions, and create some 50 different gender identifications, when character assassination can occur by mere accusation, when each societal and political group pursue the "death match" approach to resolving differences, perhaps those mice studies might give us reason to pause and think about it.

Check your fangs when you go to brush your teeth this morning.


Monday, December 4, 2017

Booze and Popcorn


As a senior citizen I am naturally behind many of America's cultural advances.  So, imagine my surprise when I recently learned that alcoholic beverages are now served in over 600 of America's 5,800 movie theaters!  And more on the way, according to my local paper.

Well, I'm thinking "what a brilliant idea!"  Now we can enjoy even more irritations while trying to watch a movie.  Rowdy children, ringing cell phones, generally rude adults, and now drunks!  And who doesn't want to send their children to a theater where alcohol is being served!  What could possibly go wrong, right?

I imagine this pretty well cements my life-long refusal to ever enter a movie theater, ever again.  My last visit to one was in see Forrest Gump.  And on that visit, I was surprised to see the wealth of irritants present as I tried to watch a movie.  I vowed that day that I would wait for a DVD release, or an appearance on television.

Maybe the theater chains can have "happy hours" during intermission!  A good guzzler ought to easily down two mugs of beer, or a couple of rum and cokes in that span.  

But I do wonder if the local child molestors, who have been diligently curbing their appetite for groping crotches, might find their defenses down after a couple of beers.  And I wonder how many vomit puddles they'll have to clean up between viewings.

You would think the theater chains would be happy vending $10 dollar buckets of popcorn, or $2 dollar candy bars, but I guess not.  

The bar's open folks!  Drink up!  And, who knows,  if you get drunk enough, maybe you won't notice how bad movies are these days.


Friday, December 1, 2017



America Incorporated has come out of the woodwork for Christmas, to pimp their product or service.  And, look, if you understand that those sentimental Christmas ads are just jerking you around, that they are playing on your emotions, hey, that's okay.  And if you don't mind that the greedy have co-opted Jesus in favor of materialism, then that's okay also.

But, look, if you are either devout, or even casual Christian, those folks hate you.  Just look at Coke, no longer an American whore, they have gone international in the last fifty years.  So, when Santa ain't around, in April and June, Coke is championing Muslim immigration.  And if I know anything, Muslims absolutely hate Christmas.  During my ten years in Saudi we were like those ancient "catacomb Christians", the ones who hid their masses from the Romans.  That's what we westerners had to do when I lived there.........we celebrated Christmas mass in someone's house in a western compound.  

And yet, Coke wants more Muslims here.  And they'll shame the shit out of you if you oppose it.  So don't be fooled by that caravan of Christmas lit Coke trucks.  And, even Santa is just a minor God in Coke's world.......their major god the almighty buck.

Corporate America is damned smart.  They never even show Jesus anymore, nor a cross.  And they've stuffed more stuff down Santa's throat than anytime in history.  They've got Saint Nick driving BMW's and Mercedes and husking for their products.

Folks, Corporate America care less about you than a street walker on Martin Luther King Avenue!  If they did they wouldn't jerk you around, playing on your emotions, and demanding you drop money at the corporate altar.

I enjoy those commercials as much as anybody.  But I have no illusions....I know when they are jerking me, trying to shake the dollars from my wallet in the process.

"Merry Xmas".

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"New 'Kicks' For Old '66"


I was so pleased to read yesterday that the Feds,through the National Park Service, will installing new signing on the old Route '66. Though Congress will not be providing any funding for road improvement, at least with the signs, we'll be able to find where it still exists. 
And Route '66, our old "nation's highway", the beloved "Mother Road" does still exists. I know....I've driven long stretches of it. In 1997, as I chauffeured my mother out to Missouri, to celebrate her 75th birthday with her brother, I nearly drove that dear lady crazy, detouring off of I-40, so many times en route. I toured those lovely old towns, pulling my van up to old horse hitchings, springing for lunch at the old hamburger joints still open, and winding down parts of old '66 that were not much more than horse paths.
Though Route '66 was officially started in 1926, its roots run far deeper. In 1857 the War Department ordered a Lieutenant Beale, an army engineer, to develop certain East to West roads that might be used to herd camels bearing army supplies to army installations along that route, most of it running through the southwest.
Before 1926 there were no real roads for the recently introduced automobile to get from coast to coast. Then, in that year, Congress appropriated money to build that highway. When it was finished it originated in Chicago and ended at the Santa Monica pier in Los Angeles, weaving its way through the mid-west, through Missouri and Oklahoma and north Texas, then becoming pocketed oasis as it wound its way across Arizona.
And that "Mother Road" was a tremendous economic boon, providing construction jobs, expanding local markets to national, and, along that route thousands of businesses bloomed, to feed and house the millions of travelers hell bent on seeing the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
And it was on Route '66 where millions of Okies would weave their way from dustbowl to the promise of hope in the vineyards and cotton fields and citrus orchards of California. It was the Mother Road that carried my own family to California. We slept on the side of the road, and ate our baloney and potted meat sandwiches on the side of the road, and four year old me sat in the back of a tarped pickup truck, watching the miles fade behind me.
And it was the great adventure of my young life, drinking from canvas bag, or gallon pickle jars, and inhaling the sweet scent of sage and creosote along the way.
Route '66 was officially "retired" in 1985, the then mighty I-40 having already stolen away the gas and hotel and hamburger business...for travelers in a hurry to get somewhere longer satisfied to stop and smell the roses.
But I've traveled the Mother Road. And I have found peace and contentment on long stretches of that old road. I have wandered down that old road, then pulled off, shut the engine off, reveling in the ghostly silence. and I would gaze at that aged asphalt, and remember a time when the wheels of our old pickup rolled across that ancient asphalt as it carried us East to West, or West To attend funerals, then to carry us back home..the memories of the road resonating in our hearts when our heads hit the pillow for sleep.
And, some 65 years later, that Mother Road still calls out to me in clarion song.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Understanding Trump's Rise; The Media's Blind Neglect Of Main Street


I caught part of Charlie Rose over on PBS a couple of weeks ago.  Charlie was hosting veteran journalist Bob Schaefer.  I like Bob Schaefer.  I don't know his politics, don't want to know.  And I like Bob because he's been around forever.  He was writing for the Dallas Morning News on the day Kennedy was assassinated.  He covered Congress for 15 year and, when he took over the CBS Evening News for a time, he brought a bit of shine back to that once "tiffany network".

So, on Charlie Rose, Bob was asked about how America elected a Donald Trump.  Well, old Bob smiled, then just commented that he thought the folks out in the Rust Belt felt like they'd been neglected, and decided to "take a flyer" on Trump.

Of course Bob is right.  But he misses the larger story.  I really wished I could sit down with Bob and ask him one question.  "How did the media get so far afield of national sentiment, and how did the mainstream media stray so far. enabling that to happen?"

Friday, November 24, 2017

"Chatty Kathy"


Kathleen Richardson owns a PHD in Cultural Studies and teaches in one of those obscure universities up in Canada.  You might not have heard of Kathleen Richardson, but you might soon.  She's leading a campaign to ban sex robots and she's doing it loudly.   Ms Richard attests that female sex robots not only demeans women, but might actually prevent men from "properly relating" to the women about them.

I recently viewed Ms. Richards on a video.  She's about 5 feet tall and is spherical, her measurements probably 44-44-44, and her mouth stays busy.  Let's just say that Richardson would be right at home on The View.

Now I will say that I've never gotten turned on by a blow-up doll.  I like the real thing.  However, given the plague of women making sex charges for something that occurred thirty years ago, those nearly life-like modern sex bots might just catch on.  A sex bot is not going to screw you........then screw you again 30 years later when she sees an opportunity to embarrass.
Given the current social trends, I can see explosive growth in the sale of sex bots.  Those sex bots are not going to demand that you shave your chest, or do laundry, or become full blown "metrosexual" to make them happy.

Sex bots do not demand Alimony and will not claim half of everything you've earned since you were 16 years old.  Sex bots do not have angry mother-in-laws, nor relatives who chew with their mouths open at the holiday table.

I believe Ms. Richardson is fighting a losing battle.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Real Story Of The First Thanksgiving


When you begin a serious search about the first American Thanksgiving you tend to come up with a good dozen different stories, perhaps a few grains of truth in each one.  But, truth be told, we still don't know a lot about that first Thanksgiving celebration.

But we do know a few things about the participants.  For example, the Pilgrims themselves were quite a dumb lot.  While they were sure about the tenants of their religion, they seemed to be the most impractical lot of people who ever crossed the ocean.  To best understand the dearth of common sense the Pilgrim's displayed, you kind of have to look at how you pack for a weekend outing today.  A weekend of camping requires that you pack matches, a fuel source,  a tent, sleeping bag, and plenty of grub.

Well, the Pilgrims seemed all too willing to climb on a rickety ship, cross 3,000 miles of open ocean, with every intent to settle in an unknown, likely hostile land.  And yet those Pilgrims did not pack any fishing gear, or sheltering materials, or food stocks to last awhile after they arrived.  You would have thought a group of people so "anal-retentive" over a religion, would have thought to pack a few quilts and pillows, right?  Except they didn't.

And so, when those Pilgrims slid into Plymouth, they looked toward shore and kinda said to each other "what do we do now?"  

Well they waddled ashore and looked about them, and said, "well this looks like a good spot!".  Except, because they brought no shelter with them, they set about just building some crude huts along the shoreline....then sat down, and someone said "I'm getting hungry!"  Another said "Sure wish I'd brought a fishing pole!"

Well those Pilgrims began to starve, and die off from malaria.....cause no one thought to bring any quinine with them either.

Finally, as dumb luck would have it, a group of native Americans wandered by and asked "aren't you folks going to plant any seeds for your harvest?"  And, by some grand miracle, the reason the Indians could ask that question was because of a fellow named Squanto, a local who had, a decade before, been kidnapped and taken against his will to England, where he would learn English...and learn how to turn down offerings of Haggis and Kidney pie.

So Squanto was there with his Wampanoag tribal friends, and taught them to plant seed corn and drop a few pieces of fish bones into the hole....cause the Pilgrims had no idea how to plant!  Well, the Wampanoags eventually taught these dunces how to hunt and fish, and throw a few animal hides over their crude huts and, come fall, when they harvested their crops, the Pilgrims decided to celebrate their harvest.

Now get this.  Recent historians say that these dumb Pilgrims had no plans for a celebratory dinner at all! In fact, they actually decided to fast.  They thought they would fast for a few days after the harvest...a sacrifice to their god who made it possible!

Well, eventually they did have that Thanksgiving dinner, thanks to the Indians!  But you have to imagine how that feast came about.  Imagine you're attending a fat farm.  Fifty of you are sitting around munching celery sticks and sipping water.  Then, the fat farm supervisor sits down to the table with you as the Uber folks deliver her the Boston Market Family meal and place it in front of her!  How long can you chomp on celery as Fat Farm Manager is dining on turkey and gravy and mashed potatoes?

Well, if the new history is right, that's exactly how the Pilgrims came to eat at that first Thanksgiving.  Seems the Wampanoag tribe arrived at the settlement with roast venison, pots of Atlantic Cod, roasted corn and wooden bowls laden with roasted squash!  Well, the Pilgrims' celery and water diet went right out the window as they dove into the grub!

And that my friends is exactly why we celebrate Thanksgiving today!  If it weren't for those Wampanoags we'd all be sitting around on Thanksgiving Day munching on celery.  So, when you sit down to your roast turkey and mashed, and cornbread stuffing...thank an Indian!

You're welcome!

Monday, November 20, 2017

"Smart City"


Well, as most of you know by now, the newspaper reports out with great fervor,  Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has bought a "small" 25,000 acre spread just west of me as the crow flies.  The land is a relatively boring desert expanse that hovers just north of the I-10 Freeway.  Gates and his investment group shelled out $80 million for it.  


The area of land just happens to be fortuitously located adjacent to the future "I-11" north-south industrial freeway that will accommodate international trucking, originating in Mexico, its first end junction culminating in Las Vegas, Nevada, then branching out to who knows where.  Along that freeway international trade from around the world will be freighted through the United States and on into Canada.

Although I-11 will be a boon to anyone around that area, the ease of transport is not Mr. Gates' primary interest.  Gates chief interest is in building a "smart city", already named "Belmont".  And within that city Gates has plans to build smart homes, fitted from floor foundation and up, with all the modern devices that current technology affords.  The homes will have solar power installed, water saving and filtering devices installed, central wi-fi terminals, fiber connections for telecommunication devices, including lightning fast cable and internet, sophisticated security systems, and the ability to control every appliance with phone or tablet.

Gates wants self-driving cars, so I imagine his master planners will come up with municipal codes that ban anything that runs on carbon based fuels.  So look for electric car charging stations all about the ville, and at least one self-driving car in every garage.  

Other than what's already been mentioned, we know little more about how Gates and company plan to run this smart city.  Home builders have already said that the concept of building a city from scratch is a great idea.  Surprisingly, they say that, in incorporating all the solar and fiber and other smart stuff  it should result in homes priced not much above what is available in already established neighborhoods.  Not having to retrofit older, less sophisticated homes, reduces the costs of infrastructure significantly.  Gates plans to set aside 470 acres to build schools and universities, the remaining 24,500 acres allocated to residential, commercial and retail.

Like I said, I don't know what else is planned, but you can almost be sure the city walkways and street crossings will be designed so that residents can walk along, staring into the screens of their smart phones, texting and sexting away, and will never have to actually look another human being in the face.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Playing Hero Without The Heroism


I read two bits of news that troubled me greatly this past week.  First, the U.S. Military announced that they are again lowering standards for entry into the military services.  Last year it was a lessoning of physical requirements.  This year they have announced they are accepting folks who have a history of mental issues.  What is particularly sad about this is that the military only needs 80,000 men and women to meet next year's recruitment goals.  So what we are sadly learning is that this nation can't coax 80,000 Americans to serve their country without lowering traditional standards.  And this from a sample of approximately 100 million eligibles.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"Keep Your Dick In Your Pants...And Your Mouth Shut" OR "Bill Cosby's Starting To Look Like A Saint!"

Dear Men,
You are on notice that the war between the sexes has gone from skirmish to all out war.  So, first of all, keep your dick in your pants.  Your penis differs from every other man on the planet by no more than two inches, and much less than that in most cases.  Women today, who begin practicing some kind of sexual experimentation at around age ten, already know what a dick looks like, so showing off yours in front of them is just so yesterday.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Carl Cried "Fowl!"


Carl was a Swedish immigrant who came to America around the turn of the last century.  First settling in Blair, Nebraska, Carl worked on a farm there, doing chores to pay for his keep.  He would eventually move to Omaha, Nebraska and begin clerking in a grocery store.  He was an industrious sort and soon became a farm commodities broker for the store, buying butter and milk and eggs and meat at wholesale, then retailing those commodities in the store.  Soon Carl's commodities brokering expanded into buying for several stores in the Omaha area.

Except, one fall day in the late forties, Carl really screwed up, going out and buying some 520,000 pounds of turkey meat at a bargain price.  Problem was, there was really no market for half a million pounds of that turkey meat around Omaha, Nebraska! 

Carl could have faced bankruptcy...but he didn't.  Carl found a local aluminum producer who agreed to turn out several thousand little aluminum trays, then rounded up his friends and they joined he and his wife in his kitchen as he whipped up several thousand turkey dinners in his little three pocket aluminum trays, the largest pocket for the turkey and gravy, the smaller pockets holding a scoop of mixed vegetables and a dollop of mashed potatoes.

And those TV dinners became a hit with post war working wives.  They scooped up Carl's frozen dinners with great enthusiasm....and the Frozen TV dinner was born.  Carl would go on to expand the business, offering meat loaf and fried chicken and chicken pot pies.


Well, maybe that turkey scare gave Carl a heart attack....cause, in 1949 he up and died.  But Carl's son would continue with the business.  And soon those frozen TV dinners were selling well all over America.  And Carl's last name became a household name!  His full name?  Carl Swanson.

Note:  Swanson Foods was eventually sold to Campbell's Soup Company. You still see Carl's dinners in your local grocery store under the Hungry Man Label.
May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Veterans Day...A Reminder


Last week, as I made my weekly commissary run over to Luke Air Force Base, I pulled up to the main gate, showed my retired military ID card, then was sharply saluted by the young lady manning the front gate.  She then thanked me for my service and, as I returned her salute, I thanked her for hers.  It is a ritual enjoyed between two generations of those who serve.  We are like an exclusive fraternity, the entry required involving the writing of a blank check to your country....up to and including your life.

That young lady in uniform stands partly on my shoulders, just as I stood on the shoulders of veterans from Korea and World War II.  We are a pyramid of millions, that young lady standing at the very top, standing on the shoulders of all who came before her.  She still lives by more than two hundred years of military tradition.  Those of us who no longer serve on active duty support her on her every deployment, cheer her on every time she gets a raise in basic pay, are there for her when she needs our support.

This fraternity of men and women never ask if another has seen combat.  It doesn't matter if they serviced jeeps, ladled chow in a chow line, clerked in the 1st Sergeant's office, or carried a .50 Cal and 75 pounds of ammo on their back.  Because everyone wrote "that check".  Everyone, at one time or another, had to bid a tearful farewell to family...not knowing if they'd ever see them again.  Many of them left for war on the eve of Thanksgiving or Christmas, or a child's birthday...the military clerk who typed up your deployment orders giving no thought to what's "convenient", and with little regard for the calendar.  

And this fraternity belonged to no labor union.  So when the task at hand called for a 24, or 48, or 72 hour work day, well, we grunted and lived up to the task at hand.  Those lucky enough to pull desk duty might have gotten off for Christmas, but most did not....a holiday was something that resonated more in mind than in the reality of the day.  Most of us were on the battlefield, or in observation towers, or bunkers when the church bells rang out for Christmas mass, or call to Easter service.  And the only thing that made all of that tolerable is that we were in it together...shoulder to shoulder, the clinking of canteen cup, or a friendly exchange of C-rations to celebrate the holiday.

Speaking only for myself, I have had my share of service hardship....gathering my toddlers and hugging them tight to my chest, my heart set to explode as I bid them goodbye for a year, giving my wife a last embrace, manning lonely outposts in god forsaken places, and missing my homeland so much my heart virtually ached.  

But I, and nearly every veteran, will tell you it was somehow worth it.  Military service is oh so tough, but it truly gives back as much as it asks for....with the possible exception of that civilian-run VA hospital who long ago forgot their mission.   But the military folks themselves taught us the value of "we", the sharing of a human experience that puts "community" above self.  My Air Force was there for me every time I wished to go out and get more education.  She was there when I needed tuition assistance, her base the refuge I returned to when my time on campus was done.  And each time I was promoted to a higher rank, she was there to smile upon me with pride...and a few dollars more in my pay check.  I gave the Air Force 22 years of my life, many of them unbelievably challenging. And yet the Air Force gave me the life I have today, and, for good or bad, made me the man I am today.

And, whether that young lady at the Luke Air Force Base main gate serves four years, or forty, she will take with her a bounty of honor for the service she rendered.  And she will always know that she is part of that vast pyramid of veterans who boosted her onto their shoulders....and do to this day.

Happy Veterans Day to all who served...and to all Americans who supported us when we did.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Teaching A Man To Fish........."


Just about every mid-size to large city has soup kitchens these days, providing a place for the homeless to get a meal.  Phoenix Rescue Mission has been feeding folks for decades.  In recent years, though, they've concocted some ingenious ways to get those homeless off the streets, and working to feed themselves.

The Rescue Mission's first venture into entrepreneurship began by recruiting, then training homeless folks to prepare and serve food.  They began a catering business a few years ago and now furnish lunch catering to numerous businesses around the Valley of the Sun.  

Next came "Mission Cookies", a retail cookie business run almost entirely by folks who were once down and out, now employed in the art of cookie baking and distributing.  That too is doing well.

Now Phoenix Rescue mission has gone one step further, opening a restaurant, open to the public, whose proceeds will go to support all of their other operations.   Calling their new eating spot "Mission Possible", it may be the only restaurant in Phoenix established, not so much for the benefit of the eating public, as it is to those back in the kitchen preparing the food, and those out front serving it.

Mission Possible's "mission statement" is to provide unskilled folks, mostly on the public dole, the higher grade skills, not just to secure a minimum wage job, but the more highly paid chef and assistant chef and food management positions that pay far better.

In an era where sloth is much admired, and well compensated, I'm encouraged to see a far more positive approach to helping people get back on their feet.

You can indeed teach a man to fish....and never have to support him ever again.

And that's fine.........damned fine by me.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Demand For Confessionals Soar


(UPI) Dateline, Hollywood, 8:00AM, 1 Nov 2017

The Mayor of Hollywood just announced that he's working with several Catholic churches in the city, to borrow ten Confessional Cabinets. The confessionals will be placed at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, allowing Hollywood stars and producers to trek there and offer apologies for heterosexual and homosexual sex abuse.

The mayor said the confessionals are already booked through December and city schedulers are already working on January.

Note: The Hollywood community is currently on a city-wide "time-out", the denizens of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu all taking an oath of silence....even foregoing the savaging of our President as they wait for the next axe to fall. Movies and TV programs are being cancelled left and right, faster than a mile long line of dominoes.

America seems to be learning something too....that their kids have been exposed to a questionable set of morals for decades, fomented by the movies, TV and music emanating from La La Land.

Confessional manufacturers just started a second shift to deal with the increased demand.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Why Trump Was Right To Pull U.S. From Paris Climate Accords


In theory the Paris Climate Accords was a good idea.  More than 160 countries signed on to the agreement, the gist of which, signing countries would execute environmental plans aimed toward keeping green houses gases below a 2% century increase in world temperatures, as compared to pre-industrial levels.

The problem with the agreement was two fold.  First, as is always the case, the United States was expected to provide most of the program's initial seed money and, second, force us to execute environmental plans that were far more stringent than America's pollution out put warranted, with all of the third world more or less being given a free pass.

As you all know, Barack Obama signed the accords, then immediately sent $3 billion dollars to seed the fund.  Shortly afterward, through his Secretary of State, John Kerry, Obama announced that the U.S. would then immediately begin writing billion dollar checks for the next millennium...and more if needed.

The problem with the current accords is that no country is bound by law to comply with the accords.  Most people might be surprised to learn that the Paris Climate Accords is not a treaty at all!  There are no punishments for noncompliance and no consequences.  In fact, at the last conference more than a dozen third world countries said they would only implement environment measures if the leading industrial countries continued to fund any economic losses suffered during their "sacrifice".  And even the various green house reduction targets often were just plucked from thin air, as if  30 and 40 and 50 percent reduction targets were mere figments of a delegate's imagination.  No clear plans, no specific measures identified....just imaginary thought balloons shooting skyward at the delegate table.  That was far different that Obama's promises!  He promised that we would close down all of our coal plants, even the clean coal industry.  He promised to wean America from petroleum based fuels by 2030 and punish American manufacturers through punitive taxes and fines if they didn't bow down to the Paris mandates!

And while Obama was selling America's economic future away the largest industrial producer kept quiet!  China was tight-lipped, only vaguely agreeing with the Paris accord objectives and keeping mum about how much money they might kick in to the effort.  That was a slick move for a country that produces 30 percent of all green house gases, more than double the U.S. pollution output!

While researching for this blog I came across an interesting pollution study recently conducted by the world renown medical magazine, Lancet.  Lancet reported the annual pollution caused pre-mature deaths around the world.  Seems that India, the very country that forced the Paris delegates not to make environmental pledges binding, managed to kill 2.5 million people a year with their massive polluting.  China was able to kill off 1.8 million people, while the United States managed a meager 155,000.  Oh, and it was Germany and France who racked up most industrial-related pollution deaths!

Yet, it was the U.S. that was the only country that was willing to sign a binding treaty....a treaty that few were willing to sign on to if they required binding commitments!

Folks, you would not know any of this if you restricted your knowledge base to the mainstream media.  If you recall, when Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords he was crucified by the liberal media.  But, I'll just ask you this.  Are you willing to chop off a huge hunk of this country's Gross Domestic Product without a single commitment from others to do so?  Are you ready for your tax dollars to subsidize the economic losses of the third world?  Are you willing to pay double your current electricity bill (50% coal based) without any sacrifice from other accord countries?  

By all means, let's all get together...every country in the world.  And let's sit down and establish some hard and fast climate and environmental rules.  We need that.  But, in fashioning that agreement, let's make it treaty form......with actual punishments for those countries who fail to comply.

Trump was right.  The Paris Accords was a bad deal........because it was no deal at all.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Sometimes A Great Notion!"


I've just thought of a novel and effective approach to solving America's epidemic urban crime!  I just wrote up a position paper and sent it out to the police departments in Chicago, Baltimore, South Central Los Angeles and Philadelphia

Monday, October 30, 2017

Christmas....a week before Halloween


Well, last Friday, the 27th of October, the two Hallmark Channels began showing Christmas movies.  That is all time early....they used to start streaming movies the day after Halloween.  I guess the world is a bit scary these days so at least some folks want to zip through Halloween as quickly as possible.

Now, just in case you'll be out on a turkey shoot, or Black Friday (or Monday) Christmas shopping, or interning with ole St. Nick up at the pole, let me brief you on the two basic plots for these movies.  Young lady has boyfriend, except he's a jerk, she learns he's a jerk two thirds through the movie, then finally yields to the handsome, saintly stud whose been following her around for the whole movie.

The second scenario (and these are the most prominent) involves the story of either a single mom, or single dad who has given up on Christmas, upon which, at the most opportune time, a great spouse candidate comes along and saves the day.

In each of those scenarios the key players will kiss only at the end of the movie....and never end up in bed as normal healthy people would be.   Naturally those fatherless or motherless children fall for the new mom and dad like a crack addict with the next hit in hand.

Don't get me wrong; I love Christmas movies, and Hallmark runs two months of them.  But I readily admit that I really have to suspend belief when watching at least of half of this holiday fare.  For example, can you imagine how many men and women had to die for these scenarios to come to fruition?  And, by necessity they have to die young.  I mean, no one's going to watch a movie about two silver-headed sixty-somethings finding love under the Christmas tree!  The "surviving spouses" in these Christmas movies have to be at their peak of "hotness" in order to rope in the millions of American women who are watching....and fantasizing about hubby Albert, beer belly and all, kicking the bucket so they can be one of these Christmas widows!  And may I finally add, since half of American women these days breed without benefit of marriage, why even go to the trouble of killing off perfectly healthy 30 year olds?  I think American women ought to be used to the idea of single motherhood, since half of them feel no need to have an honest to god father in the house.  And, thanks to the American taxpayer, many of them are living just fine without a two-income household!  (Pardon my "scrooge-ness" there at the end).

So, now you know.  Don't worry about missing one of these movies while you're out trick or treating with the kids.  Not only are the plots fairly predictable, but, if you miss it, you'll have a chance to catch it again during the 2nd to 12th showing!

You're welcome.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Pay No Heed Of The Man Behind The Curtain


Do you remember watching The Wizard of Oz as a child?  Remember the scene where the trio are finally swept into the lair of the Great Oz, then tremble at the frighteningly powerful image of The Oz ranting up there on the screen before them?  Then, Toto the dog runs over and nabs a bit of the curtain over at stage right and peels curtains away, revealing a mortal man, far less certain, far less commanding than the image up there on the screen?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Inmates In Charge of The Asylum


None of us should be surprised that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodall has caved in to the "knee-benders". Last week the NFL announced that they will not enforce their own rule about standing respectfully at attention while our national anthem is played and our colors displayed.

No surprise America itself, over the last three decades, have "taken a knee"...., surrendering their children to the "it takes a village folks" who insist corporal punishment is a sin, who dictate that our children must be indoctrinated into a liberal mindset where safe spaces and blue ribbons for participation is the norm.

And, with respect to our own national defense, Americans at large no longer serve in our armed forces. Our military today is made up from only 1% of the many just paid mercenaries who command no allegiance, where the American flag represents nothing...except as a symbol to be burned to piss of the right wingers.

We've even surrendered to that "oh so out of favor" puritan work ethic that once drove us to political and economic world being another object of disdain by those who grew up with a green check and a food stamp card.

We have surrendered all of those things in favor of our cinematic icons, and politicians who promise us more and more.....all charged to a credit card with a $40 trillion dollar credit limit.

Just read a news report that the "knee-benders" will not drive down attendance, nor viewership, as most Americans just don't care as long as they can continue to watch O'Bell Beckham cat squat, raise a hind leg, and piss on the end zone. Even Fox Sports had proclaimed they'll protect their ratings by not showing the national anthem at all.........that's one more two minute segment so that they can show commercials about Budweiser honoring illegal immigrants and Coke telling us that everyone is special....and America is not.

All I know is that the NFL will have one less viewer this I won't be there when Coke is telling America that they really aren't very special....the same message the knee-benders are conveying when Old Glory makes an appearance.