Saturday, July 20, 2013

Black "Uncle Toms"

                                                            Mia Love

94% of all African Americans will go to the polls this November and vote for Obama and the straight Democratic ticket.  They have done so for fifty years, no matter how the economy is going or how badly is their own economic situation.  It was Democrat Lyndon Johnson, caught on tape, telling his House Speaker "god damn, these Great Society programs will have the niggers in our corner!  We'll own the nigger vote for the next hundred years!"...and he was right!

Then you have six percent of African Americans who will not.  Folks like Mia Love, Allen West, Thomas Sowell.  Who the hell are these "six percenters that dare defy their liberal masters?

Don't these people know that liberal Democrats have succeeded in making sure that Democrats and the Teachers Unions have kept 50% of their children in school?  That liberal education policies have managed to graduate high school students who can read at the 5th grade level?  What wonderful accomplishments!

Don't these rebellious "six percenters" know that Democrats will take care of you from cradle to grave?  Don't these rebels know that Black unemployment is only twice the rate of Whites at 20%.  Don't they know that their liberals have been able to keep Black youth unemployment rates at only 30%?

Don't these Black deserters know that Democrats will keep their neighborhoods safe?  Look at the strongest Democratic urban bastion, Chicago.  Only 19 Black kids were gunned down last weekend on the South side of Chicago!

How dare Allen West and Mia Love and Thomas Sowell ignore the liberal mantras and think for themselves!  How dare they fail to embrace the liberal doctrine of "permanent victimhood?"  How dare they advocate for individual initiative and personal responsibility!  This is treason!

Why are these rebels willing to set aside the memory that Whites supported slavery 150 years ago?  Why are they saying that Blacks should not carry a 150 year old grudge and why are they not advocating for the idea that Whites must maintain a permanent sense of apology for what some Whites did a century and a half ago?  How dare they say "let's everyone get on with our lives and begin taking responsibility for our own actions!

How dare Mia Love condemn the fact that Black women abort their babies at five times that of White women!  How dare Thomas Sowell  state that Black men need to take responsibility for fathering, in lieu of breeding, and how dare he criticize the fact that 75% of Black families are one-parent households!  A Democrat is so much more forgiving and would never insult Blacks like that!

All of these conservative Blacks are Uncle Toms who have forsaken their modern Black heritage!  A pox on them!

The most liberal icon of the Democratic party was Robert Kennedy.  When campaigning in Indianapolis, Indiana one afternoon in 1968, he sat a podium next to a Black mayor and looked out upon an audience of Blacks.  Kennedy turned to the Black mayor and said "what a shame that all America can offer these people a welfare check....we owe them a job".

Robert Kennedy would be run out of the Democratic party for those remarks doubt he was just another "Uncle Tom".


TheRandyGuy said...

If 96% of whites voted for Mitt Romney, the media would scream "racism". After all, there's no way that percentage of whites actually agree with Romney's policies. But, lest we forget, there is the double standard where minorities (except for Asians) are immune from the racist charge. So, that so many blacks support Obama is not racism at all, rather support for a candidate they believe in. Let's all hold our collective breath, waiting for the MSM to question this lock-step support for Obama from our brown-skinned brothers and sisters. Still waiting... (crickets)

JustCommonSense said...

Randy, the Democratic stranglehold on Blacks doesn't say much for Blacks. Either they worship a government pay check more than their own dignity, or they are mindless automatons who follow the little fellow right off the cliff. Democrats, whether Rangel or Sharpton or the murdering philanderer Kennedy, or the corrupt lying rapist and child abuser, Bill Clinton, the Blacks hold them in great esteem.

A quote taken from Lyndon Johnson's presidential tapes after he got the $70 trillion dollar Great Society programs passed: "I'll have them niggers voting democratic for the next 200 years". Sad.

TheRandyGuy said...

A little off topic, but I want to tell you that this is the last election I will vote in if BHO gets a second term. If he wins, the Constitutional Republic is done, so voting becomes pro forma and of little consequence. As I listen to the lies and distortions of the Dim convention (little bits in small doses), it truly sounds like the death knell for America: They say the right things, but look at what they do. I fully understand your disgust and sense of desperation. Thing is, it will get ungly towards the very end because there are still enough of us out there that simply won't comply with government edicts and orders.

JustCommonSense said...

Randy, while I totally agree with you that an Obama re-election pretty well signals the end for our republic, and while I have openly stated that this blog will end if America chooses Obama, I will never surrender my vote.
After this election I may never live to see another election, but if I do, I''ll be there voting for liberty.

As I've written blogs on this twice, I believe we'll be fully engaged in a second Civil War by the next election if Obama is given four more years of Constitutional destruction. Those who don't believe that just simply do not understand the source of anger from those who value our republic. Instead they tend to just label us extreme right wingers. The truth is we who so strongly oppose Obama and the liberals is that we are simply tired of obstructive government and government getting a stranglehold on every facet of our lives.

Arizona Mildman said...

It is obvious that using comments from White Texas Politicians in the sixties has a bunch of you stirred up. I hear direct quotes from propaganda sources like FAUX NOISE. Trying to demand that all black people are the welfare problem has been refuted. There are more white people on government assistance than any other race. Here is another quote from LBJ. "If you can convince the lowest white man that he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll even empty his pockets for you.” - LBJ I can see a lot of you have your pockets emptied out for the puppet masters that control you through your hate. That is sad in a world where what used to be the best country in the nation. People like Allen West are paid political trolls. Mia Long, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and the entire Fox News Channel are all Political and News Trolls. They were educated in the same system that Religious zealots like Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee call "indoctrination mills" and learned the same things so they don't believe the things they say and write, but you people pay them to keep saying and writing them. Most of this article was fabricated and is paid for by Rightwing thinktank funders like the Koch Industries family, who also fund The Cato Institute, Freedom Works, and Americans for Prosperity, in order to get misinformed, ill informed, and low information voters to believe they really are being honest and trying to "reach out" to black people for votes, but as has been pointed out over and over, if you want to reach out to black and Latino voters, you have to address their issues, not just give them an "attaboy" speech. Blaming liberal democrats for all the things wrong with this country is stupid. Since the House of Representatives is mostly Republicans, they could be inplementing their own policies daily but instead they don't write legislation except to "repeal Obamacare" an act that they themselves voted for and the Supreme Court upheld.

A Modest Scribler said...

First of all, congratulations on tacking left, while high on the liberal kook-aid...liberals love to throw out the misleading statistic that "more whites are on welfare than any other race"....libtards will completely ignore the solid statistic that Blacks, representing only 12% of the populace command 43% of every welfare dollar. Think about that: if whites were on welfare with the same ratio they would eat up the entire welfare budget! And libtards will ignore census data that shows 75% of Blacks are one parent families. go back to your yogurt and granola and practice what excuses you will make for the 50% Black prison population...or what excuses you will make for urban mob robs, 50% Black school drop out rates, Black on Black murder, etc. Sigh.