Sunday, July 21, 2013

George Zimmerman Could Have Been My Son


George Zimmerman could have been my son.  Whites justifiably are cautious around young Black men.  Since Blacks, with only 12% of the population, commit over 50% of all crime, when we see and read some of the most heinous, violent crime reports in the newspapers, when we see a group of them mob-rob convenience stores, we become cautious when we come into the company of young Blacks, especially if they are dressed like thugs.

When I read of three Black thugs who killed a 90 year old White World War II vet, then turned and raped his 90 year old wife, and in the same week as the Trayvon Martin incident, I immediately question Trayvon's character.  When reporters dig out information that Trayvon broke into homes and stole jewelry, got caught with it at school, that he had been involved in numerous school fights, that he enjoyed his drugs, I tend to sympathize with George Zimmerman who was only trying to insure, as a member of Neighborhood Watch, that his community was safe.  I can understand George's frustration at seeing Black thugs commit repeat crimes, only to be turned out into the community by liberal judges.

Or my son might have been the young man nearly beaten to death this past week by Black thugs as "payback" for the Zimmerman verdict.  "Kill All Whiteys", the Black mob screamed.  Pardon me if I don't have a favorable impression of Black youth when I hear and read this.


Both of these men could have been my sons and I worry for their safety.  

And I cannot be comforted by a racist Black President who strides out into a news conference and cries crocodile tears over a perceived mistreatment of Black men, citing such things as Blacks tending to be monitored more closely in retail stores...thought I:  well, when Blacks commit 50% of the crime I got to watch where the harm is coming from!  

And when I hear a socialist and racist Obama ignore the more than 100 revenge beatings of Whites by Blacks, when I still hear him ignore the mess in his own home town, with a couple of dozen Black shooters mowing down people, how much credibility can Obama bring to the table?

Race relations have never been worse in this country and you can thank a cowardly man child of a President who refuses to speak the truths that Blacks need to hear.

And, as long as Obama is President, I'll continue to fear for young White men, crowded out of employment and education and scholarship quotas by court favored Blacks,  I'll continue to worry about going down to a Circle K at 10:00PM and be caught up in a violent robbery or mob-rob.  And I'll continue to worry about the millions of Whites being persecuted and attacked by ignorant Black cretins,  both in and out of government.

And my would be son, George Zimmerman, won a jury verdict as the mob mentality forced a trial that should never have been conducted at all, and sadly, the Obamas and the Sharptons and other Black thugs, having lost the "prosecution", are continuing a campaign of "persecution"against George Zimmerman.....who could have been my son.

Post Script:  Last summer this little girl was sitting on the front stoop of her home with her mom on the South side of Chicago.

 Her mom had just fixed her beautiful hair.  Around the corner came a car with three Black occupants.  They gunned down this little girl....and Obama and Sharpton and Jackson did not hold a news conference to mourn this little girl's death, nor did they condemn the savagry of these Black thugs...that would have been too "embarrassing"....Millions of non-Blacks suffer from the plague of Black crime...and Obama says we must ignore that and throw aside our caution and our fears...

Sorry, I mourn for too many who could have been my son...or daughter.


Carol said...

I grew up on the southside of Chicago. Got out of there by '82 & do not regret it. Although I had a wonderful childhood, there were very dangerous neighborhoods that I had to steer clear of or risk the unthinkable! Now, I couldn't be happier with the decision I made in '82 to hightail it to AZ. I now find myself moving further out of the Phoenix metro city limits......

A Modest Scribler said...

Hi Carol. I read your profile a long time ago when you first signed up for my blog. I envied you then...and still do, because of where you live and how you live...into a more natural lifestyle and free from some of the confines today's society tend to lay on you.

Yes, Arizona is one of those last bastions where the majority of the state still just wants to live freely with as little government involvement as possible.

Unfortunately, we are rapidly gathering California transplants who, having ruined that state, are bound and determined to ruin this one as well.

Let's wish Arizona the best and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

I say if you break a law you are a criminal no matter your race. The people who ruined and wrecked the Walmart in LA are not protesters they are criminals. Its really sad that every time something happens to a black person it makes national news but if its the reverse it gets buried. I'm not a racist but I sure think that is something most of these protesters are. Its sad to think that people cannot come together no matter the race and just for once do whats right. Riots are not right violence against a race for the sake of violence is not right. I just hope my children can see a time when there is true real peace and harmony.