Monday, April 23, 2018

Scenes I'd Like To See


Seems that our cultural elites and politicians are always issuing edicts about how our society is supposed to be managed.  And, really, anyone with a rational mind can see the hypocricy of their words with every uttering.  So I've come up with a few scenes I'd like to see and these liberal elites live up to their own arrogant edicts.

Yesterday, in front of a wacky crowd who chose to honor Colin Kaepernick, the guest of honor said America has got to stop the "legal lynchings of Black and Brown people."  How interesting.  I'd like to see Kaepernick venture into Chicago's south side at midnight.  (And you don't get to call the police for help).

I'd like to see Jerry Brown and Nasty Pelosi bar hopping in South Central Los Angeles.

I'd like to see Chucky Schumer walk into a blue collar worker's living room and explain why the blue collar worker's $2,000 a year tax cut was a bad idea.

Would enjoy seeing Barack Hussein Obama seeking out Emergency Room care at midnight at any ER hospital in America.

I really would have enjoyed seeing Donald Trump and Joe Biden duking it out, as they said they would if ever given the chance.

Next April I would love watching Diane Feinberg's tax preparers handing over to her her IRS Form 1040, absent the federal write-offs for mortgage interest and property tax on her and her banker husband's multiple mansions.

I would dearly love to see highly ethical, well spoken Vice President Mike Pence assume the Presidency by this Christmas.  I'd tell The Donald thanks for the Supreme Court nomination, thanks for the tax cut, thanks for curbing Chinese cyber theft, but we really need to win in 2020 and it ain't happening with you.

I would greatly enjoy seeing every talking head in the liberal mainstream media get a healthy dose of electric shock every time they censored or twisted the news to advance their own personal political biases.

I would love to see NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center come crumbling to the ground, their entire liberal news staff coming right down with all the glass, brick and mortar....and finally give Chris good reason to pee down his trouser leg.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Did China Just Blink?


Good morning ladies and gents.  Let's recap what Wall Street and the liberal main stream media has labelled Trump's "disastrous trade war".  A month or so ago Trump imposes tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.  China responds by declaring increased tariffs on American nuts, pork and doubles its current 25% tariff on American cars to 50%.  

Then last week Trump announces further tariffs on Chinese goods valued between $50 and $100 billion.  Upon China's announcement the stock market takes a serious dip and the main stream media again attack Trump's "trade war".  They eagerly await a Chinese response of broader tariffs in the ongoing trade war.

Instead, this morning, Chinese President Xi announces he'll cut tariffs on American automobiles, pledges not to again devalue China's currency, and further promises to open up China to American markets.

So, did China just blink?  Does China know what Wall Street and the liberal media won't admit....that China would be the ultimate loser in a broader trade war?  That feeding billions of people and keeping them from billion man street marches require a fully functioning economy?

Perhaps we ought to ask the most important question.  Have we been kissing Chinese ass for two decades, and selling American workers down the river?  Did it only take one crazy ass President choosing not to pussyfoot around on trade talks, to get what we wanted and needed?  And why weren't previous Presidents bold enough to do it a hell of a lot earlier?

You should note that there are no big headlines touting Trump's boldness this morning....just a few small news blips about Xi's caving and the stock market resuming its 60% climb since Trump took office.

The Chinese can be as inscrutable as the past indicates.  But we may have just seen them blink for the first time in a long, long time.

And you might want to give a nod to "the crazy man" for that.

Monday, April 9, 2018

For Pensioners Feeling A Heavier Burden


That national debt clock is wrong.  Our national debt is now $21.4 trillion dollars.......and counting.
As I was researching information for my earlier post I came across a fact that I had never really considered.  For years I have lamented that China holds so much of our debt, as does Japan, as does South Korea, as does other foreign powers who hold a total of $6 trillion of our debt, China and Japan our biggest clients with 20 percent each of debt owned by foreigners.

However, imagine my surprise to find that another group of Americans are holding more of of our national debt than all of the other foreign countries combined.  It seems that our Social Security recipients are owed $6.6 trillion of that debt.  Yep, the oldsters like me who have found pension raises hard to come by in the last decade, after paying in to the program for more than half a century.

Despite the long term worries over the viability of Social Security, the Social Security Trust Fund has been taking in more revenue than paid out for decades.  Where once that trust fund was sacred, not to be touched by politicians, the Democratic Congress, in 1965, led willingly down the periled path by President Lyndon Johnson, opted to start confiscating our Social Security Trust Fund dollars and sticking them in the General Fund, that giant monetary piƱata that politicians use to buy votes with government gravy.

If the Social Security Trust Fund had never been touched there would never have been any danger of it every going broke.  Alas, the government looted that fund in two ways.  First, they kept the lid on cost of living increases, allowing inflation to slowly eat away at a pensioner's buying power, which allowed Uncle Sam to issue I.O.U.s to be paid back with falsely inflated dollars.  Secondly, they simply recorded that Social Security tax revenue as an accounting entry, then shuffled our retirement dollars into the general fund, to pay for any number of frivolous programs...from studying the sex life of the common housefly, to paying out $15 billion dollars annually in Child Tax Credits to illegal aliens.

So, stand proud seniors!  Stand proud young folks who hope Social Security will be there for you when you are ready to retire!  Consider this, all; When you combine the $6 trillion plus America owes its foreign bankers, with the nearly $7 trillion it owes everyone who pays into social security, you have nearly $14 trillion of that $21.4 trillion in debt all accounted for!  The big banks, the Social Media moguls who own Amazon and Facebook, the big corporations, even Warrant Buffett, all own less of our government debt than the collective citizenry of retired pensioners and hard working blue collar stiffs!

And while American cannot realistically screw their foreign bankers, you can be absolutely sure they'll employ cost of living tricks and phony audit entries to make sure they never have to pay us back.

Any questions, class?

Friday, April 6, 2018

Neither A Debtor or Borrower Be?


For those wondering why China is not cashing in their U.S. Treasuries, given the onslaught of our mutual trade war, well, actually the Chinese have been paring their U.S. bond holdings for several years now.  As one can see by the chart, while Japan's share of our debt has kept relatively steady, China has been selling our treasuries for quite awhile now.  Early in the decade China held as much as $2 trillion of our debt.  As of the end of 2016 we can see that China has been net sellers of our debt.  

So if China is not happy with Trump's tariffs why have they not sold off their remaining holdings?  Well, they really can't.  Any mass selling by China and you'll see the value of U.S. currency decline versus the Chinese Renminbi...and that would only make Chinese exports more costly in a world where the dollar remains the world's currency.

We simply don't know how this tariff war will work out.  While Wall Street is quaking in their $500 dollar loafers, folks on Main Street, at least the working stiff, is happy that someone is finally fighting for their jobs.  Past tariff implementations have been unsuccessful.  Bush tried it in 2006, then caved and cancelled them in less than 18 months as politics raised its ugly head.  We don't know how stiff-backed Trump will be.  China clearly has the political advantage since, in less than 18 months, Trump will be trying to win re-election while President Xi just solidified himself as kind of a "President For Life" that dictators often do.

Let us see, boys and girls.  Those first U.S. tariffs were relatively small, as was China's.  Trump has now upped the ante on some $50 billion in Chinese goods so we can expect China to retaliate.  Those in the know say Trump is just exercising his "art of the deal" tactics with these tariffs.  They say the tariffs are meant to shake China by her big shoulders and force her finally to come to the bargaining table with some serious intent to play fair.

Let's hope Trump wins this one.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Seeds Of Lawlessness Spells Our Doom


The Democrats' Recent History of Lawlessness Will Come Back To Haunt Them

This morning brought news that Oregon's governor will refuse President Trump if that state's National Guard is called out to help monitor the border. This is just one of a long string of liberals who've chosen to violate our nation's laws.

In California we've seen the Governor throw out the welcome mat for Mexican illegals, even as he knows border crossings are illegal.. Governor Moonbeam also led the fight to implement a law that makes it a crime for law abiding Californians to report illegals within their community. The Mayor of Oakland actually warned illegals to flee in the face of an impending ICE roundup.

In Baltimore the Black mayor actually took the side of arsonists and rioters. In half a hundred cities across America municipal leaders have chosen not just to ignore immigration laws, but to openly flaunt them, providing succor and shelter to those are here illegally. A hundred universities now offer reduced or free tuition to illegal aliens, then hike tuition rates to citizen students to pay for their largesse.

This blatant violation of our laws has its roots in Barack Hussein Obama's first term. It was BHO himself who ordered banks to ignore contract law and force lenders into lowering interest rates on bad home loans and, in many cases, prevented them from foreclosing on homes more than a year in arrears. And BHO brought the full weight of the mighty federal government to force them to comply.

It was Obama who cheer the Fergueson and Baltimore rioters as they burned and maimed and killed, calling them "his sons". It was Obama who attended the funerals of thugs, and ignored attending the funerals of police officers and military heroes.

It was Obama who chose to violate the Constitution of the United States and grant amnesty to those here illegally, having readily admitted in earlier times that he had no Constitutional authority to do so.

So, the seeds of lawlessness were planted under Obama, and continue now wherever Democrats are in charge. Why do they play such a dangerous game? Because they believe their political philosophies triumph over the rule of law. When Democrats can't get their way via the ballot box, they'll do so by making a laughing stock of the law, or find succor in the army of liberal judges who violate the rule of law from the bench.

And, whether Trump wins the next Presidency, or a Democrat wins, the seeds of lawlessness have been planted and politicians from both parties will suffer. Those seeds of lawlessness have gone "full crop" now. And they are everywhere within the populace.....from those who despise the police, to those who consider our soldiers useless mercenaries.

Two things will happen as this plague of lawlessness grows to full fruition. The seeds the Democrats planted will soon come back to haunt them when it is their turn to govern. Having grown innumerable pockets of society who believe they are free to do what they want, they will soon encounter a nation that is ungovernable. And I would not be a bit surprised if the millions of us law abiding folks soon decide that we too shall ignore the laws we find we don't agree with. Pay taxes? Why should we? Let em try and catch me first! I can easily think of a good dozen laws that I don't much care about. Contract law? Didn't Obama already show that we need not be bound by contracts? Why should I comply with directives that say I need a Driver's License to drive, or a license for my pets, or even buy car insurance?

And if I want to burn down a Planned Parenthood center, or a local government Democratic Headquarters, why should the matches and gasoline not come out? And if I want to stop funding public schools, or food stamps, or pay that portion of my taxes that go to freeloaders, why should I not withhold that portion of my taxes that go toward things I don't believe in?

Mark my word, folks. These seeds of lawlessness have now been planted. And we're all in trouble. The social mandates necessary for an orderly society have now been compromised. Whether contract law, civil law, or criminal law, all have been proven they can be largely ignored by huge pockets of America these days.

America is beset with numerous problems these days...from the disintegration of the nuclear family, to parental failure, to liberal indoctrination in the failing school system, to a crippling $21 trillion dollar national debt. Many of those are solvable. But no solution is possible as long as the plague of lawlessness grows within our midst.

To all the "youngers" in my FB circle that typically just scroll past my "Paul Revere" warnings, well, I feel a bit sorry for you. I won't be around to see armageddon in full blossom, but you will. And it is that "scrolling past" that shall seal your fates.

Sad. Damned Sad.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

"Here Comes The Sun"


I just finished reading a series of studies about solar power that has me wishing to lob a few heavy salvos on those K Street coal and electric, gas and nuclear energy lobbyists over Washington way.  What has me so excited was a series of parallel studies that indicate we could install solar on every home in America for quite a reasonable costs.  If I might:

Our government masters (specifically the Department of Housing and Urban Development) says there are 131 million homes in America.  The individual cost to install a 4 kilowatt solar system in the average home is currently $17,000 per home.  4 Kilowatts will more than power the average 2,000 square foot home and, in most cases, provide a quarter of the home's production to the overall electric grid.  So, the Solar Power Association ran the numbers and said Uncle Sam would have to fork out $2.2 trillion dollars to fit every home in America with solar!  (By the way, that's less than what we've spent in Iraq and Afghanistan over the years of war).

Stay with me here folks.  The Solar manufactures and installers say they can install that same system on a home for less than $10,000 if contracted to do so on a massive scale, such as one awarded to them by the U.S. government.  Not only can they manage their work load more efficiently, large scale installations allow for massive cost reductions for bulk purchase of materials.

Still with me?  I had to run back to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to see how many of those 131 million American homes are already equipped with solar, and how many of those homes might be owned by folks who make more than $200,000 a year.

"Lawdy!"   If the U.S. government would not be required to install solar on the ones already equipped, and they didn't have to foot the bill for anyone making over $200,000 a year, we just got those housing numbers down to a more manageable 80 million housing units!   

So, if you are able to reduce the solar costs from a present day $17,000 average, down to a $10,000 dollar average, you've just shaved 40%  of the total costs of installing solar in every home.  And, given that Uncle Sam won't be springing for the solar installations of those making over $200,000 per year, you, the taxpayer, has now shed another $500 billion of costs.  

Factor in the reduced costs from a massive government contract, and say "you're on your own" to the folks making over $200,000 a year, and folks, you're talking about equipping every home in America with a solar system that produces all the power you need, and you're talking about a one time national investment of $800 billion dollars!   (Let's not sweat that would take ten years to accomplish a project of this scale, so let's bring the costs down to a more manageable $80 billion a year).

It gets better boys and girls!  The solar companies and solar installers would have to hire and train hundreds of thousands of workers.....workers that are currently out of work and drawing welfare or unemployment benefits!  And when those solar line workers and installers begin collecting a paycheck, guess what?  Yep.  They start paying federal taxes......taxes that will further offset the government's cost to build out that solar!  

Now I'm not gonna get out my calculator one more time.  You figure it out yourself.  Let's just say 200,000 workers begin paying taxes on their spanking new solar jobs....At a 20 percent tax bracket you've got those 200,000 happy workers paying tens of millions in taxes, further offsetting the costs of the national solar build out!  Folks, if we played our cards right we could probably equip every home in America at zero net costs!

Need I say more, people?  The greenies are happy, the blue collar are happy, everyone's happy...except those Washington D.C. K street electric, gas, nuclear and coal lobbyists!   (Yes, we might have to either subsidize or nationalize those traditional energy companies, cause it would be the absolute end of the greedy corporate owners of today's power grid).

A cleaner world!  Millions of happy households no longer forking out $400 a month every summer for their AC!  Homeowners selling their excess solar production back to the grid and getting a check back every month.

Anyone want to join me in firing a few salvos over toward K Street?

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do Nancy And Chuck Really Care About Those DACA Kids?


Through this morning's coverage of the Congressional spending bill we learned from Speaker of the House Ryan and Senator McConnell that Democrats were offered what they wanted on DACA...a path to citizenship for some 1.6 million illegals brought here as children.  In exchange the Democrats would be required to support the $25 billion to build the wall, fund an expansion of detention facilities, and hire more border patrol.

The Democrats refused.  They simply could not face the idea that future Democrats might not ever again be able to cross the border and vote to keep them in office.  Nor could they tolerate building more detention centers to house illegals nabbed by ICE and awaiting deportation trials.

If I were a DACA kid I would be worried.  While both the Supreme Court and the liberal-populated lower courts have put a temporary stay against deporting DACA candidates, in no way does that guarantee them a safe space in America.   If I'm reading The Supremes correctly, they will rule against Obama's DACA program.  It was unconstitutional based on the essential fact that only Congress can pass immigration law.  And they will rule that Trump, despite his rhetoric, had the right to end a program that was unconstitutional in the first place.   So, when The Supremes get around to ruling on DACA this fall, those DACA kids are going to be on the ICE removal list.

So what will Chuck and Nancy do when their best bargaining chip melts away on the marble floor of the Supreme Court?  What will they have to offer Trump and the Republicans to get a deal done?  The Mexicans have a word for it; "Nada".

There is no doubt in my mind that the Congress will eventually pass some sort of DACA legislation.  But without the courts hanging over their heads, and absent anything the Democrats can offer in trade, I suspect any DACA legislation will be far less generous...and involve far fewer candidates.  And if Trump is smart he'll insist on that wall money, and that detention center money, and money to hire the 5,000 additional border patrol workers he initially wanted.  And I would add one more codicil to that agreement....a firm line in the bill that insists Sanctuary Cities be denied federal funding if they continue to violate our immigration laws.

We shall see how this unfolds.  But I think Chuck and Nancy just sold those DACA kids down the river.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Again Hillary Plucks Foot From Mouth


Well, someone removed the wooden stake from Hillary's chest and she's out and about again, explaining how she lost the 2016 election.  Speaking to a group of potential Clinton Foundation donors over in India, Hillary now says the reason she lost was because Republican women are just ignorant and mindless automatons who just vote the way their husbands tell them to.

Her allegation was so frightening that even her fellow Democrats are standing, mouth agape, trying to tamp down the furor.  The "Dims" are scared to death that all those Blue Dog Democrats will once more abandon them come the 2018 Congressional races.

So after being shocked that her remarks re-crossed the oceans, Hillary tried to explain away those remarks, and only made it worse.

Given that Hillary thinks Republican women are mindless political slaves to their husbands, I have a few questions for ole Hill.

How is it that Hillary herself is still married to a sexual predator?  Is there a set limit of extramarital affairs before she sends old Bill packing?  And given Hill's regard for the rights of women, why, over her entire career, has she demonized the women Slick Willie assaulted or out right raped?

Another question.  If Hillary is so concerned about mindless automatons,  how is she not concerned that the Black race gives Democrats 93 percent of their votes each and every time a "Dim" appears on the ballot?  Given the horrendous Black unemployment rates, how is it that they continue to vote to stay on the liberal plantation?

Actually Hillary should be concerned about voters who mindlessly tote the party line in each and every election.  But it's not Republican women.  It's the men and women of the Democratic party who vote every couple of years for a failing political philosophy.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Battle Fatigue And The Energizer Bunny


I would not trust Donald Trump to babysit my grandchildren, or drive my wife to the grocery store.  Trump is like having as your best friend the school bully.  As long as he's doing good things for you, you don't much care who he's beating up in the parking lot.  But, as I witness Trump's machinations, I am frankly suffering from battle fatigue from Trump's "Energizer Bunny" approach to governing.  

Trump, fueled by T-Bone dinners and four quarter pounders with cheese, double fries lunches, awakes at 4AM, grabs the remote control, begins flipping through both friendly and enemy news stations, and begins tweeting.  Trump has time for tweeting because he seems totally incapable of reading and comprehending policy papers beyond the first paragraph.  

Trump is the ultimate hip-shooter.  Sometimes he scores a hit, such as his Supreme Court nomination, his tax cuts, and his more forceful illegal immigration policy.    But Trump misses the target far more, and he's burdened with a seemingly total incapability of articulating, or inspiring.    In his wake are fading porn stars (even as he had Melania at home) and questionable business ethics and a total absence of loyalty to his friends.  Just this morning Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was dismissed because Trump seems not to understand the nuances of foreign relations and he was dismissed "in abstentia" as Trump never has the courage to fire any of his many victims face to face.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump's first and most important political campaign ally, is constantly battered by Trump, Sessions' biggest sin his insistence on adhering to the rule of law.  Given Trump's long list of victims, some are abandoning the ship, many more are reluctant to sign on...most of them suffering battle fatigue from Trump's "energy bunny-ness".  

As I have stated here repeatedly, (and I have been fair in both cheering and condemning Trump as the situation warrants) I wanted from Trump conservative court judges and money to build the wall.  That is all I still want.  Every day I get up and pray that Trump lasts long enough to outlive one more liberal Supreme Court judge and stick around long enough to fund the wall and arrest a few million more illegals.  After that I'd be perfectly content to see Trump retire to Mar A Lago and his 27-hole golf course.

Frankly I'm ashamed that Trump's in the White House.  I'm ashamed that the entire conservative movement is painted with the same broad brush.  Morally he's a snake, ethically he's a coward, mentally he's psychotic.  But unlike the two Bush boys, and unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Trump occasionally stumbles to success in some of the national issues I consider most important.  And, as much as I deplore Trump, I'm grateful that he has shaken up Washington and its "good ole boy" way of doing things.  

So I'm ashamed that I've allied with the school bully.  But I'm not ready to abandon him entirely until he beats up a few more of those whom I abhor.  But, yes, I'm getting battle fatigue from how Trump gets that done.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Where Was I?


Blue collar Democrats and the average working stiff are rightly cheering President Trump's imposition of tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum.  For more than half a century America has been getting pummeled left and right with trillions in trade imbalances, none of them in our favor.  These unfair trade practices have been driving businessman Trump crazy for years, and rightly so.

World trade, by its very nature is so very complicated, made more complicated by the various free trade zones that exist around the world.  Let's look at the first two commodities, steel and aluminum, that Trump has chosen to hike tariffs on.  China and South Korea have been cleaning our clock on those metal productions for years.  And it is not just the inequities in labor and environmental laws.  Because of NAFTA foreign metal producers have been shipping production metals to Mexico and Canada, from which, because of NAFTA, they can enter the U.S. tariff free, even as the U.S. produced products are subject to import tariffs when shipped to China and South Korea.  

Well, our trading partners are upset with Trump, the most recently vocal, Germany and Great Britain.  They are fearful that Britain's 7 percent trade surplus and Germany's 24 percent trade surplus in foreign made cars and parts is under threat.  Both of our best trading friends have threatened to hike tariffs on American produced cars.  We are already hurting there too.  German assesses a ten percent tariff on American made cars, even as we impose a paltry 2.5 percent on foreign made automobiles.  And again, because of NAFTA, Germany has been cheating by setting up assembly productions in Mexico and Canada, then trucking them into the U.S. without any tariff at all.  Trump says this economic sleight of hand must stop.  Americans, regardless of political persuasion should agree.  We have already lost so much of critical production capacity in this country so that not only our economic health is threatened but so too our national security!  Shall we wait until we need tanks and guns and put in our orders with China?

Wall Street doesn't like Trump's tariffs.  But we've known about Wall Street for a long time now.  Those "universalists" on Wall Street, who long ago stopped caring about America communities, in favor of the almighty world dollar, care not how this country fares as long as their bottom line is healthy.  Politicians, whose campaigns are funded by those corporations don't much care about American jobs either, except those Democrats who need labor union money to stay in office.  Trump holds no allegiance for either side.  As inarticulate as he can sometimes be, you can be sure that, with respect to world trade, President Trump stands pretty much alone on looking out for American interest.

These Trump tariff hikes should not worry even those of you who are wary.  Trump's current tariff hikes, along with the threat of imposing more of them, will, for the first time in decades, finally force our foreign trading partners to the bargaining table.  And that cannot be a bad thing.  And we simply must revise those NAFTA agreements.  For too long Canada and Mexico have served as nothing more than a means for foreign producers to distribute their products in America tariff free.  Enough!

Monday, January 1, 2018

"On Saying Goodbye"


Today I will end my thrice weekly blog essays. It is a good time to put them to rest as it will mark "Just Common Sense"....'s seventh anniversary. Over those seven years I penned nearly 1,800 essays....about societal and political matters, yet many of them just talking about family.

I like to think that those essays, and the thousands of posts have served as a way to make it easier to say goodbye to my readers, my family and my friends. Having professed my admiration and love to all those who have touched my heart in some manner, it also makes it a little easier when I slough off this mortal coil. Unlike those less fortunate, I have had the chance to say what's in my heart throughout these seven seasons. And I thank God that He gave me the opportunity to do so. It was only a few years ago when cancer struck, and when I asked my own doctor about my prognosis, she simply looked at the floor and voiced her wishes that cancer like I had offered better chances.

And yet the big guy upstairs is a powerful force. He gave me more years......years in which to write about what's my heart and head, years to say goodbye with grace.

When one gets to be my age we are a little like the sugar maple; green and hearty in our "spring", then in autumn flourishing in colorful splendor, then, in late winter, pouring forth the sweet sap....the perfect marriage of sun and frost.

Fear not, dear reader. Like a distant uncle, I might pop in now and then, when I feel I have something important to say, but no more on schedule. And when I do, I'll send the invitation in your mail box, as I have done for seven years.

So, have a fine life people. And may your fortunes never force you to ever again hear "sad....damned sad."

Goodbye for now.