Monday, August 1, 2011

"Dear Congressman"

Note to Readers:  Please feel free to use any or all of this letter and write your legislators.  Let them know what you want to see done.

Dear Congressman/Congresswoman,

Unless you've been on an overseas sabbatical you may have heard that the electorate is a little upset about what's going on in Washington, D.C.  Most of us know that our national deficit is in excess of $14 trillion dollars and that we have $78 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities; specifically to Medicare and the Social Security Trust Fund because the money we paid into these "trust" funds were robbed and put into the government General Fund.  These liabilities are to be even greater as the costly Obamacare Health Plan begins to take effect. 

Let us frame our message to you in the simplest possible terms:  Enough is Enough!

We find it quite baffling that, while we see waste, fraud and abuse in nearly every government program, you don't.  We often hear both sides decry the other side as "cutting costs with a machete, instead of a scalpel.  We say, "man the machetes!"  In the event that you can't "see the forest for the trees" let us out here in the forest point out some obvious cuts that need to be made.

Since the current tax revenues of $2 trillion represents only half of government spending, let's bring those 200,000 American troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  The $450 billion dollars allocated each year to those two countries, in the form of war spending, the military assistance program, the supplementary spending, are needed here.  History has shown that the best one can hope for in the Middle East are authoritarian theocracies.  We can't afford any more futile attempts at nation buildling.  Bring our troops home and put 50,000 of them on our southern border to stop the invasion of illegals into our nation.

Just this past weekend the Government Accounting Office announced that our government overpaid our dues to the United Nations by an astounding $125 billion dollars.  Please recover that money immediately! 

All Americans who paid into Medicare and Social Security are concerned that the program has become a source of government largess for people who never paid into the system.  I refer to Green Card holders who, having never paid into the system, are allowed to receive Social Security SSI based on "low income elgibility".  If our new "legal immigrants" do not have sufficient funds to sustain themselves upon arrival please deny immigration approval.  Secondly, please join with your colleagues to amend the 14th Amendment; it was never meant to sanction the citizenship of millions of illegal immigrants who have taken advantage of this loophole to receive welfare, WIC, child tax credits, free medicare and all manner of social funding that has crippled our social safety net which was intended for U.S. citizens.  Our funding of illegal aliens is costing us in excess of $500 billion per year across the many programs available.

With regard to the illegal immigration problem, please do not assume that another attempt to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants will be accepted by the American people.  Rather, we urge you to strengthen existing employment laws to severely punish businesses who fail to participate in the E-Verify Program and are employing illegals.  As to the Dream Act which is being promoted by the Democratic party, the program, as proposed is too lenient.  It allows illegals as old as 40 years old to qualify for citizenship.  Instead, we propose that you limit this program to those who are willing to serve four years in our Armed Forces.  After completion of four years of military duty, grant these young people immediate citizenship.  Please, no waivers for "attending college" or other such nonsense.  We want to see a clear demonstration of true allegiance to this country before we grant citizenship to anyone.

Finally, we urge you to vote "no" on raising the debt ceiling.  Voting no will not shut down the government.  As tax revenues are received the federal government will be forced to live within their budget, as American families have had to do in these severe economic times.

If you haven't noticed, we have just provided you with recommendations which will balance the budget immediately!  We expect you to represent our interests or, frankly, we'll find someone else who can.

Respectfully Yours,

Just Common Sense


Anonymous said...

Good luck, I bet your letter will get filed under, read these for a laugh. That or it will be filed and forgotten. Maybe they'll shred it and use it as compost for their large property (that you nodoubt help pay for). Or maybe they'll wipe their arse with it. Whatever they choose to do with this letter, you can be sure it won't change a damn thing. And why won't it change a damn thing? Because there is no money included. There is no reason for any of these people to change what they're doing. They are now set in their ways that they can do whatever they want and no one can touch them. Untouchable is how these usurpers view themselves. Back to work you go, slave, you have lots of money to pay back for a debt that you didn't personally incure. Have fun with that.

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