Thursday, June 20, 2013

Liberalism Fueling A Second Revolution


I was saddened to read the latest Supreme Court decision that barred Arizona and three other states from enforcing proof of citizenship to vote.  Saddened but not surprised.  American liberals have so poisoned the societal and political well that  I fear violent revolution is now almost certain, and in fact, imminent.

It was the liberal school administrator in the mid-west who insisted that a four year old deaf boy change his signing name because his fingers, when signing, too much resembled "a gun".  The same madness occurred in Pennsylvania when a school district suspended a seven year old child for shaping his pop tart into the figure of a gun.  In dozens of other incidents students have been suspended for bringing water guns to school.  This liberal silliness only serves to raise the political temperature to such an extent that rational people begin to gag on these kinds of restraints.

And there are no limitations to how far liberals will go to suppress free expression.  High school teachers and college professors have been known to threaten students with failing grades for even daring to criticize their anointed God, Barack Obama.

When liberals found banning "kiddie meals" at fast food restaurants not enough, they began legislating the posting of calorie charts at fast food chains, all in an effort to regulate childhood nutrition.  Liberals have pressed the issue further by passing laws that restrict the size a soda can be and are even refusing to license fast food businesses in an effort to enforce 'green eating'.

Liberalism in America now represents lawlessness.  Liberals are most adamant that 30 million illegal invaders be rewarded with citizenship and full rights to America's vast array of social programs.  It no longer matters if legislation is right, or moral, or even effective; if it serves the political needs of liberals then it's good to go.

The problem with all the national liberal silliness is that the vast silent majority of middle America is rapidly reaching a gag factor; they are becoming extremely angry about America's rapid slide into moral and social decay.

And for every action there is a corresponding over-reaction.  It is the imminent "over-reaction" that I fear and that saddens me the most.  When the ballot box is stolen by ineligible voters, by government bribery, and by government intimidation Americans will, sadly,  choose to use extreme violence in an effort to right the ship.  We've seen it dozens of times in world history, most recently in South America during the 50's and 60's when the term 'Banana Republic' became a common term in our news headlines.

I see the same thing happening in America very soon.  The time is not far off when yesterday's Supreme Court decision on abdicating our responsibilities to honor voting proof of citizenship will soon just lead to the assassinations of Supreme Court judges, gunned down in the streets.  We can expect the same sad fate for the President, members of Congress, liberal college professors, ACLU lawyers, school administrators who exceed the boundaries of a community's moral standards, and any liberal who espouses the violation of our constitutional rights simply to dictate what we will believe, what we will eat and drink and how we will think.

The violence will be tragic beyond belief.  But I fear it is now inevitable; the hubris and arrogance of liberalism have put in place the "perfect storm" of circumstances and dictates that moral America can no longer tolerate.  It seems hard to believe now but I would not be surprised to see "hit lists" emerge for Obama and Biden and Pelosi and Reid and Sharpton and all those leading the liberal charge.  I can foresee the liberal bastion of NBC, Rockefeller Center, crumble into a sea of debris as a warning that America will no longer suffer media toadies who fail to honor their constitutional mandate to report the news fairly and objectively.

Yes, I can see anarchy just over the near horizon.  For more than two hundred years Americans have been able to work within our Constitutional system.  However, sadly, liberalism has learned to circumvent and/or ignore the rule of law to further their uber liberal objectives...and now only violent revolution seems to be the only possible consequence.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

As I read your daily missives, I wonder if the out of control IRS is targeting you for an invasive audit, or if the NSA has you on its high profile list.

Anonymous said...

YOU "non-liberals"-have lost all credibility-with YOUR RACIST WHITE GUY CANDIDATE vs failed "PERSON OF COLOR", INCUMBENT PRESIDENT OBAMA.


A Modest Scribler said...

anon, re your wonderment if i'm being audited and targeted? Assuredly just proved everything I said in my essay; liberals are the new "brown shirts", the new Nazi's, always ready to punish those who won't swallow the liberal Kool-Aid, that won't get in line with their immoral, law violating frame of thought.

Then you had to post again because you forgot to accuse me of being racist because I don't support the socialist man-child who occupies the White House.

You brainlessness is showing.

Anonymous said...

I am the firs anonymous, I do not know who wrote the second, but THAT post appeared the same time mine did. Again, I did not write the second comment. I will even reveal my first name and last initial to show my sincerity.
No longer anonymous,
Mark B.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks Mark comments still stand. Just because I refuse to reward illegals who broke our immigration laws, and just because I detest the man-child in the White House does not make me a racist.

It is far too easy to label someone a racist...that way you don't have to defend against the facts, as presented.


Anonymous said...

Now the libturds will blame you for pointing out what most American's are thinking. This madness has to stop. The libturds have created the moral decay of America with their mind set and policy making. The people (non kool aid drinking) are getting tired of "them" regulating and "telling" us what we can or can't do. There is going to be an uprising, I don't know when but there will be, and it won't be pretty.

It's unfortunate what America has come to. The libturds are un American, always complaining about her. But they're first to reap benefits from it's system. It's funny how their motto is "Foward" but in actuality they are bringing America to her knees.

Hopefully we can pull out of this, but highly unlikely.

I hate signing in as Anonymous. But don't want to open an account with Google. Brian Moore in Sacramento (and unfortunately) California.

Thank you for your writings.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, Brian. Yes, it's sad that this country has wandered so far from our founding principles. I personally have never lived through a period so devoid of moral living and thinking.

The hubris of the Democratic Socialists is astounding and their followers are comprised of uneducated buffoons and 'government largess tit suckers" who will swallow the liberal kool-aid without giving it a second thought.

And I too am sad that the current state of affairs is rapidly moving toward violent revolution.

Thanks for your comments.