Monday, June 10, 2013

Immigration Bill; Politicians Being The Whores That They Are


Let's be honest about the Immigration bill moving through the Senate this month.  The Senate is promising to pass the bill by the 4th of July.   It looks like they will do just that...and won't that be ironic.  Politicians will pass a bill that rewards lawbreakers, that will undoubtedly lead to further illegal invasion, and do it on the most patriotic day of the year.

Why is Congress passing such a law?  Simply because they are political whores.  Unlike our founding fathers, unlike the "statesmen" that wrote our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, today's political whores have one goal as their top priority; keep their seat in Congress.

And it is the Republicans who are the most despicable.  With an ear to the ground these Republican In Name Only's (RINOs) believe they lost the last election because of poor Hispanic support.  Bull hockey!  The Republicans lost the last election by a combination of failing to nominate a true conservative and by failing to recognize and plan a campaign against a foe who learned his politics in the streets of Chicago.

Further, and almost as frustrating, is the Republican notion that, somehow by voting for illegal amnesty, they're going to somehow gain political support from Hispanics!  Stupid is as stupid does!  These RINO's are essentially stabbing themselves, and the Republican party, in the back because as soon as the invaders are given citizenship they'll run, not walk, to the nearest Democratic election office to register as life long liberal Democrats and thus eliminate the chance that Republicans ever again achieve a majority in Congress or win the Presidency.

But far more important about this vote is a further pattern of supporting lawlessness, immorality and irresponsibility in our society.   We already reward the lazy and unproductive in our society by refusing to audit the efficiency of our social programs; to do so might put the "tit-sucker" vote in peril.  We already reward those who are willing to scream the loudest and totally ignore the "silent blue collar, taxpayer majority" of our nation.  And now we are providing succor to illegal invaders, lawbreakers who flaunted our immigration laws and show such daring hutzpah to march in our streets and demand that they have not earned!

Oh sure, the Senate has dressed up this bill to make it appear that there are all kinds of penalties and restrictions in order to qualify for this amnesty.  None are enforceable but they look good on paper and will suffice to fool enough of you to believe this is responsible legislation.  Liberals will lament the current precarious state of "the dreamers" while never acknowledging that there are "American dreamers" too!  These American dreamers wish they could attend college with discounted tuition as illegals currently enjoy.  American dreamers dream of having a job with pay that actually support a family.  American dreamers dream that they too could just get paid in cash and avoid paying taxes.  

But American dreamers don't march in the streets and scream and bellow for things they haven't earned.  American dreamers are hampered by earlier teachings that we respect the law, obey the law, and were taught the only thing they can count on are the products of their own sweat and effort.  And American dreamers have been shunted aside by their own leaders, in favor of 30 million illegal invaders who game the system to the max and march through our cities like a conquering horde.  And now Congress, including those who once voted for justice, now votes in support of those who scream the loudest...and instill the real fear that if they vote for justice and morality and the rule of law that they'll lose what is most precious to them...their seat in Congress.

Is today's Congress of "politicians" different than others in our nation's history?  No.  We've always suffered from a dearth of "statesmen", those who will stand against a majority when they know they are right.  Sadly, there are never enough "statesmen" to stand for right, and for the rule of law.  And sadly, we sometimes must suffer from a lack of strong moral leadership.  This is one of those times.

However the ultimate sadness, the ultimate truth, is that nations always get the government they deserve.  Congress will pass this despicable Illegal Immigration bill because the majority of Americans are simply too ignorant of the bill's consequences, too apathetic to stand up and tell their Congress that this despicable bill should be defeated.

Sad.  Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

Well said1

Old Bob said...

Well said, amen! Thank you!!
By the way, I have to put up with Franken, Klobuchar, and Ellison.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of typing you just did. There is not progress in this country because of people like you. Stop being a racist, this land belongs to the Native Americans, they should be the ones complaining.