Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Divorce, America Style


One thing we can all take heart about is that, with the Supreme court sanctioning gay marriage yesterday, might we finally hear a little less whining and keening about gays being crucified?  Will these gay liberals finally shut up and assume accountability for their own mistakes or will they find something else to gripe about?  When Gays join the "great unwashed" crowd perhaps they'll finally stand on their own, and not bask under a rainbow of societal persecution.

After all, with America's current 50% divorce rate, we are likely to see Gays match the casual dismissives of the wedding vowels of traditional marriage.  And an additional advantage is that, unless Gays really go crazy with adoptions, the taxpayer won't have to bear the burden of supporting the "breeding mistakes" that so many conventional marriages wreak on the taxpaying public.  I would have advocated for gay marriage decades ago if it meant we could rid ourselves of three generations of welfare queens who own a collection of birth certificates so vast they could form their own football team.  If they were all gay we'd have far less to pay out to those ten-children, drug-infested families who bask in the urban shadows of Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

I suspect the shine will come off many of these gay "Joans and Johns of Arc" who portray themselves as shining examples of love and devotion, all painfully persecuted for their preferences for same sex couplings.  We'll see that all these so-called devoted "couples" stray with about the same frequency as their "straight" compatriots, endure the same cawing spouses as do traditional marriages, and will argue over the TV remote with about the same frequency as conventional couples.

We can then judge character not by what they professed to believe but how they act in their daily lives. When we see one Gay trying to beat his spouse out of her/his part of the pension, when we see Gays in court fighting over the wording of a pre-nuptial agreement, when we see them fighting over who keeps the house, the car...or the sex sling we'll see the true content of Gay character.

So far, the Gays are happy.  The lawyers are happy.  The Honeymoon resorts are happy.  The bureaucrats in Washington are happy because they'll be gearing up to create a hundred different federal offices to manage all things Gay....and those $150,000 dollar a year federal bureaucrat jobs are plush, baby!

A couple of years ago the LGBT community wanted the producers of Sesame Street to announce that Bert and Ernie were gay.  Gays believed that such treasured icons as Bert and Ernie would promote their cause.  That is no longer needed; the liberal element of the Supremes did that for them today in one fell swoop.  Let's just see who lives happily every all the other fairy tales.


bill long said...

let the men marry men, let the women marry women, let women abort there unborn, pretty soon we will not have any more democrats.

A Modest Scribler said...

hey Bill, did you forget those 30 million illegals? Any time the Dems need more party members they just open up the border.