Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Obama's Cap and Trade Bill Next!


Well kiddies, are you ready to start paying triple rates for your heating and cooling needs?  Well, ya better get ready.  Even before the ink is dry on Obama's legalization of 30 million illegal Mexicans, he's already off on another wild-eyed quest that he couldn't achieve in his first term.  

It's called the American Clean Energy and Security Act and Obama's off to Georgetown University Tuesday morning to give a "kick-off" speech to get this Cap and Trade bill passed.  In keeping with his Chicago politics tradition, he's already got all his Czars deployed and ready to circumvent Congress and the Constitution and ram still another socialist mandate down America's collective throat.  

Might this be the time for you to take ten minutes and learn a little about what Cap and Trade is all about?  Here's some of the basics:

America still gets nearly 80 percent of her energy from coal-based product.  Remember all those hundreds of billions Obama gave to Solar companies?  They are simply an asterisk (*) in this line of words.  We get some from Nuclear Power plants but we haven't built a new nuke plant for over fifty years.  And we still get a little from hydroelectric despite the tree huggers campaigns to save some species of fresh water smelt.

No it is King coal that powers most of your local utility plants; those "bad guys" that keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Well, guess what?  Even before his first term, in a rare occurrence of honesty, Obama promised to bankrupt every coal company in America.  He hates coal.

So, fittingly, here's how the Cap and Trade bill will work.  Obama is demanding that every coal fired plant will have a very expensive "hydrocarbon capturing" system poste haste.  And if they fail to do so he'll shut them down. Obama will also order his energy Czars to implement a punitive tax on every company in America that uses coal-based energy to produce their service or product.    Finally, Obama intends to levy oppressive punitive taxes on your local utility.

These initiatives will accomplish the following:

1) Every product manufactured in America will carry a higher price as punitive federal energy taxes are passed on to the consumer.  Expect inflation to soar into the stratosphere as the price of everything you buy either doubles or triples in price.

2) Currently, your utility companies operate on 3 or 4% operating margins.  There is no way they can afford to pay Obama's punitive taxes so those utility taxes will be passed on to you through your utility bills.  Economists are projecting your electric bill to triple under Cap and Trade.

What about Obama's favorite ploy to bribe support for his program?  How does he get Jeffrey Imelt from General Electric to go along?  How will Obama get support from the Black Enterprise Institute?  How will The Anointed One "buy" enough support?  How will he get his army of liberal, welfare check troops to support him?  Why of course, promising that you, the taxpayer, will pay for energy for the "poor".  And:

Waivers, baby!  Just like those thousands of waivers he granted to bribe support for Obamacare passage.  

Don't like it?  Lump it!...that's Chicago politics, baby!  Between your 500% increased in Obamacare premiums, and your new taxes to pay for energy for "the poor", you're not gonna be able to afford to pay that 300 percent rise in your own utilities bills!

Hey, YOU voted for him...or YOU stayed home last November.  Live with it.

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Anonymous said...

Time for a revolution! That's it, keep putting more burden on the tax paying citizen's. And this will help the economy how? This will generate more jobs how? This guy is an idiot. He cares nothing about this country. He and his ilk are on a mission to bring this country to her knees. Revolt, Revolt, Revolt!

B. Moore