Monday, June 24, 2013

Paula Deen, Black Victimhood & Political Correctness


I'm not a big fan of Paula Deen.  (Read one of my first blogs "Buttering Up Paula Deen")  But I'm an advocate for fairness and I deplore Food Network's weak-kneed kow towing to the ever smothering political correctness that pervades our society today.  

So I went to Food Network's Face Book page and told them I'd go ahead and boycott Food Network just as swiftly as they cut the knees off of Paula for something she said two decades ago.  

 And lo and behold I began to get responses to my post from those whiney "victimhood Blacks" calling me a racist for supporting Paula.  And of course I responded.  I asked these victimhood Blacks to please show me a Face Book post where they had opposed the violent and racist language spewed out by Blacks 24/7 on every urban street corner, every five minutes on Black Entertainment Television or in one of those Black thug music videos that glorify killing Whitey and policeman.  

I ask them to provide a post where they opposed these huge Black "mob-robs" that occur in convenience stores across America every day.  I asked them to give me an example where they stood up in opposition to 20 murders a week in South Side Chicago.

The response from these whiney Black "victims?"  One of them said "oh god, you are just as bad as Paula and I hope someone finds out who you are and punishes you!"  The other whiney Black just reiterated "racist".

Neither were prepared to answer me.  Neither could offer a single point of defense against the reality of Black thuggery in America today.

Blacks today, having been bred and fed by a welfare check for three generations, are the most spoiled human species on the earth today.  They represent 50% of all criminals in our prison system and they, and their liberal supporters, use the excuse of "urban poverty" to explain away their heinous criminality.

So, having little to take pride in, having produced so little after being given so much, they must jump at the first hint of racial prejudice.  They must cloak themselves in a victimhood which they neither deserve nor have earned.

I'm coming around to believing that Blacks don't hate the word "Nigger".  Indeed they laugh like hyenas when Chris Rock or some other Black comedian uses it.  And they pray like hell that some idiot White let's it slip off their tongue...even if the slip was twenty years ago...for it is then they rise in grand indignation, ignore all the Black crime and Black sin...and shake a fist and cry "racism!"

Am I throwing all Blacks into that collective cesspool of "victimhood?"  Of course not, in fact I greatly admire the culture that most Blacks have to surmount to achieve success today.  No, it is that very large minority of Black "victims" that wallow in their own misery that I address.

And they are indeed the most forlorn of the human species, having neither pride or self respect to stand on their own two feet and condemn themselves for their own sins...even as they magnify the sins of "the great Whitey".

Post Script:  This morning's news reported that a Black shot another Black while waiting in line for Lebron James' new line of $200 dollar basketball shoes.  Note that not one Black, neither Obama, nor Sharpton, Nor Jessie Jackson, nor the Black community has spoken up and condemned this..."just Blacks being Blacks" big thing...ah, but Paula's 20 year old words are cause for crucifixion.  Sad. Damned Sad.


Anonymous said...

whomever fired her I dare you to say you have never said the N WORD. Now resign and tell the whole world what you said so we know that you are a fair and impartial employer.Also destroy everything you have made of yourself so you can stop being a racist .

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Jamie Foxx can go on SNL
and deliver a ridiculously racist
monologue even saying how "great" it
is to kill whites in his movie and
everyone just chuckles and ignores it. Seems that only white people can be attacked and have their careers destroyed for being racist in our society. I hope in time this kind of crap backfires as
people just get too fed up with the
one-sided absurdity of it all. I went to
the food network page and it wasn't surprising how everyone is so sharply divided on this given how hard the media has worked to shape consumers to be. I'm sure you knew before you posted that nobody was going to be arguing with any reason or rationale because there is none if you ignore the reality of black on black crime and the amount of racism they stir up in movies, music and television.

A Modest Scribler said...

anon, the absurdity of the racial dynamics today are like a bad dream, a bad, crazy dream. Blacks are pampered, every sin overlooked, ever crime excused due to their urban poverty, etc. I agree, something has to change; we are closer to a racial divide than we are unity because of the utter silliness of today's political correctness.

Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Really well said.

Anonymous said...

Slavery was a bad thing. I wouldn't want to be a slave and I don't know anyone who would. African-Americans in this country should get down on their knees every night and say thanks for being able to live in this great country of ours. Let them go live in Africa for a year and they would be begging to come back to the good old USA.

Seymore Butts said...

Everyone is afraid of offending the welfare victims, not me. Get off your lazy(nigger)ass and get a job, volunteer in you community,and get over the past.Slavery happened it ended learn from it and move on as black people have done.

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't noticed, America is really good at racial profiling. Research how many Blacks were released from prison (even death row) after DNA tests began being used in court. Young Black Americans are being raised in poverty and are being taught and shown by their parents that there is no way out. Not to mention the breakdown of Black families in America. Over 50% of Black children are raised by a single mother. If America focused more on good healthcare and education, some of these issues could be resolved. I am not saying that there aren't Black Americans who don't take advantage of the system, but rather this is a result of circumstance and environment more times than not. If our country started placing a higher value on the family unit, I think many problems could be solved. Just my opinion...

A Modest Scribler said...

More than 15 years ago the New York Times reported that we had, up to that time, spend more than $70 trillion dollars on the Great Society Programs, to include massive sums toward education. We spend more per student than any nation in the history of man. But, if you are constantly whining in victimhood no amount of money can change things. And if your parents are overbred, drug infested parasites I wouldn't expect anything better from their offspring. Sorry, money is not the answer....a return to family and community values are, so you're partly right.

Anonymous said...

Black men are imprisoned at far too great a rate from the drug war so I don't think your assessment is very balanced. They lose their voting rights, can't get loans for the ridiculous education costs etc. I've lived in black cities, towns and never had much of a problem.

That said, I feel that the influx of nonwhites into what were white areas isn't necessarily positive. I am starting to feel that the separation of races might be what we end up with after all this nonsense ends.