Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blacks; Welfare..Where They Belong?


In light of the all the many reports lately, of how Blacks have abused the power of their office, perhaps I've been wrong all along.  Perhaps we need to farm them all out to pasture, keep them uneducated, inarticulate and give them a welfare check to support their drug habit, and hope they have a short life span.

We've all read of the tax fraud of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Jessie Jackson Jr. is getting ready to go into prison, alongside his wife, for commandeering $750,000 dollars in campaign funds to finance luxury vacations, buy real estate and furnish their homes.  The Black Mississippi Congressman who stole millions from public campaign funds and hid the cash in his freezer at least showed a bit of imagination.  Blacks are overrepresented in every crime statistic, whether blue collar or white collar.

Then, in Detroit, we have some 25 years of Black Mayors who all went to prison for stealing and misusing public funds, so much so that the city of Detroit is now $15 billion in debt and lawyering up for the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history.  

But it's not just the public stealing....when Blacks get a little power they begin to exercise discrimination against the White race.  Just today we read of a Black North Carolina state commissioner who openly stated she would not hire white males.   Were this blatant defiance of equal opportunity laws initiated by a White it would be all over the evening news tonight.  Don't count on it with a Black doing the dirty stuff; they are a protected race in the media with a cowardice so pronounced they won't speak out against the most despicable of Black wrong doing.  Besides, look at any Black official across the land; he's always surrounded by a mafia of Blacks without a hint of vanilla to break up the tone.

So maybe Blacks just aren't capable of practicing equal opportunity.  Maybe all the urban crime is just a by product of the Black culture!  And when they practice White collar crime it gets damn expensive to fix!  Again, look at Detroit!.  

Maybe we expected too much of Blacks when we created all of those equal opportunity laws fifty years ago.  Maybe those Southern racists were right!  Perhaps Blacks really are a gene pool or two away from knowing how to act fairly, humanely, and within the confines of the law.

Maybe the Dems were right all along.  Keep em dumb, keep em drug addicted, keep em breeding to replenish those who are gunned down each week in the ghetto, give em a welfare check and keep em dependent on liberal Whity on the plantation.

If this theory is correct, if Blacks do more damage when put in power, just imagine how much more damage our "demi-black President could do if he were 100% Black!  That's scary!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if my comment will show up or suppressed?

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, why would your comment not show up? The only ones that don't show up are spam ads for other web sites. That's all you got?

Anonymous said...

So i would really like to know why you seem to just hate blacks soo much? I understand that there are blacks on welfare but you also need to know that there are whites that are on welfare as well there are whites that need to get up and get there stuff together as well there are whites that are out there killing people and getting away with it as well. There are a lot of whites in jails and prison. Whats wrong with the US today is not the falt of one race its the government and how they are going about things they would rather have people like you pointing fingers saying oh well its all this races fault instead of looking at whose fault it actually is. i I work with alot of Retired Veterans and they are completely disgusted at what you had to say about black people and they are ashamed to say that you are even a veteran. They are ashamed to say that they might have even fought beside you.

A Modest Scribler said... I recognize you. You used these comments, almost word for word several years ago. As to why I am condemning Blacks; it is not all Blacks. As I have said many times, it is a large group of urban Blacks who are protected by politically correct liberals, who derive their political power from these societal dregs by giving them preferential quotas on education and job opportunities, issue them a green check and a food stamp card and buy their alliance.
Liberals love to keep Blacks in a deep state of "victimhood and ignorance because no one in their right mind will support liberal Democrats, except those on the government gravy train.
Yes, there are Whites who commit crimes but not nearly like Blacks...Blacks make up 12 percent of the population and are 50% of federal prisoners.
Blacks make up 12% of the population but take 43% of every welfare dollar, far, far more than Whites.
Blacks as a group are largely immoral and irresponsible; 75% of all Black families are one parent household with paternity for multiple kids spread over several fathers.
And even many decent hard working Blacks are guilty of cowardice because they do not have the courage to speak out and condemn this massive Black crime plague.
And finally, the Retired Veterans bit doesn't work; you used that before. The vast majority of vets support me, write me often and second nearly everything I write about.
As i said, I recognized you immediately when you used almost the same words months ago; I could even name the moniker you used to go by.

Brian Clancy said...

Dear anon,
Go find some liberal blog that pampers and coddles, no one forces you to read this blog. If this is upsetting to your tender sensibilities don't read it. K? Bye bye now

Anonymous said...

No i have never commented before I just happened to stumble across this blog and see how upset you are with blacks and decided to comment on it and it just so happened that my coworkers are with me and they are veterans as well and just did not like what you had to say. On the other had i do agree with you the crime rate for blacks is ridiculous but when i see someone blaming governmental problems on one race I find it wrong it's just wrong I am NOT a Democrat nor am i a liberal I'm just becoming of legal age in Phoenix Arizona and have not found neither one to my liking. I already have a career of my own I'm in college and working on my second career and you're right not all blacks are like that in fact it's people like you that encourage blacks to go out and get an education and get a better life from things you say so I thank you keep up the great work. :) have a great life and to the comment before yours you are right if I don't like what I read stop reading that is exactly what I'm going to do bye bye now :)

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, if you're not the previous guy who used "vets" to try and demean my words, I apologize for accusing you of such.
However, I stand by what I said....most vets have honor and the current state of affairs in America smacks of great dishonor to our traditions.
As to vets who work with you, ask them what they think about that North Carollina commissioner stating outright that she won't hire White men...or ask them to respond to any of the other Black stats I laundry listed. The problem with liberals is that they are basically dishonest; they refuse to argue the facts and will, in fact, deny them so as not to let them disrupt their liberal mantra.
Thanks for commenting.

chazz said...

maybe you are right. my family was called radicals because we demanded equal rights for all men in the 60s.
we were rewarded with forced busing and daily attacks for being white, a few race riots and federal legislation making equality illegal.
i suffered the discrimination of affirmative action. still i called for equal rights.... now im called a racist.
when reviewing the results of minority quotas in housing, jobs, and government. i cant help but regret treating someone as equal, who has no desire to be equal.
racism has a definition, its when people are held to different standards based on skin color... thats also the definition of affirmative action.
this act of oppression by government, has completed its goal. we are now equal. we all have debts we can never repay, we are being exterminated by criminals. we are denied our constitutional rights by government.and we are becoming economic and cultural refugees in the only home we have.
this is the results of progressives, liberals and communist that are elected repeatedly.
may God have mercy on our collective stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Less than (.05%) of the 86% of the 'NON BLACK' population is on wefare. FACT...
OVER (40%) of the 14% of the population that IS BLACK is on welfare. FACT!
Each and EVERY BLACK will vote FOR DEMOCRATS alongside the others that are on welfare. Look at "infantry related" MOS's and BLACK ENLISTMENTS 'after' 9/11/01. The numbers would suggest two things. 1: there were no blacks to enlist. OR- 2: BLACKS are unwilling to fight with the "whiteboys"... PERIOD! Numbers don't lie. However, DA PREZ lies nest of all, along with ERIC DA and don't forget; susan'video' rice... top three...ALL BLACKNESS!!!Heres their 'big chance'... watch how the next 10 years go after these three are partying at the blowhole on Oahu..... THEY ARE FAKE, weak, egotistical people that have a nice warm place waiting especially for them.... SEMPER FI!
* I'm a VET too Sambo!