Friday, June 21, 2013

Where To Go When Your Local Emergency Room Goes Bankrupt?"

During the past ten years  84 California hospitals have declared bankruptcy and closed down their Emergency Rooms forever.  Financially crippled by legistlative and judicial mandates to treat illegal aliens have bankrupted hospitals!   In 2010, in Los Angeles County alone, over 2 million illegal aliens recorded visits to county emergency rooms for both routine and emergency care.  Per official figures, the cost is $1,000 dollars for every taxpayer in Los Angeles County.   

This crisis is not limited to California, although, with their "welcoming programs", Californians pay the most; Unreimbursed medical care in California exceeds $1.4 billion, and that is after the state programs have paid in excess of $8 billion dollars in program reimbursements!  In Texas, the estimated cost to treat illegals is $8.5 billion and Arizona is spending approximately $4 billion per year to treat illegals in their emergency rooms.  Even increased hospital charges and the accompanying raising of your medical insurance premiums has not been enough to cover the costs of illegal medical care!

What was, ten years ago, considered a "major irritant" has now become a full blown medical and budget crisis.  Over 50 percent of ER visits in Florida are illegal immigrants.  The trends are exploding as well in Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and throughout the Midwestern states.

This crisis is directly attributable to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA)implemented by congress and mandated by the U.S. Supreme Court.  The law basically stipulates that no hospital may turn away anyone who appears at their Emergency Room doors for treatment, regardless of their ability to pay for the treatment.   At the time of its implementation no legislator foresaw that this act would be corrupted and used by illegal aliens to receive medical care for nothing, but that is indeed what has happened.  Illegals know the laws that are of benefit to them far better than American citizens, whether it be welfare, wic and food stamps in the name of their American born child, or whether it is using the emergency room for routine colds or the "ER drop and go" methods employed by Los Angeles street gangs when their members get shot up during their nightly street wars.

The latest financial estimates for emergency medical care nation wide exceeds $120 billion dollars (and that does not include state program payments as exists in California and other states).  The costs to the taxpayer is enormous and crippling but that is not what should concern Americans the most; it is the explosive increase in the number of hospitals who are choosing to close their Emergency Rooms altogether.  This crisis has now threatened the very life of your loved one as the time may come when Emergency Room treatment is simply not available to you.

Sure, if you've ever gone to an Emergency Room in the last ten years you know that more than half of them will be populated by illegals going in to get free routine and emergency care.  The wait is long for you, the citizen.  However, how much worse will it be when there is no ER period!

Folks, state governments cannot change this!  City government cannot change this!  But your congress in Washington D.C.  can enact legislation that alters the earlier EMTALA legislation and limits participation to American citizens only!  Keep in mind, only the Congress can override a Supreme Court decision!

Write em!  Write em before you rush to an ER to save a family member's life and there ain't one around!


Anonymous said...

America+Shit ??? Wow. Let me guess which country you have chosen to live in. Could it be America ?? You have no credibility unless you are living outside USA. And by the way, illegals are only here because their own governments treated them worse than shit.

JustCommonSense said...

This is for the unrelenting poster who uses the F-bomb every two words, types in all Caps, uses the most hateful terms imagineable; I will mark as spam and delete all those who use the F-bomb and demean everyone; there are civil and spirited ways to debate the issue. Disagree or agree all you want but do it in a civilized and thoughtful way.

Anonymous said...

LOOK at THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope more ER's close until US citizens start dying. Until then, no one will do anything about the illegal alien problem. Tax increases to pay for them and their constantly spawning anchor brats will increase and it won't be until citizens are taxed at 75% that they stand up for themselves and their country. The moron sheep will just keep electing lying flip flopping illegal alien harborers like Juan McCain, Raul grijalva, etc.

Speaking of electing, I hope you, mr. Commonsense, are on board the Ron Paul revolution so that we can stop the banking cartel and rebuild our congress with like minded men and women who will respect their constituents wishes and follow the constitution.

As far as I'm concerned, if you aren't planning to vote for Ron Paul, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Anonymous said...

EMTALA does not mandate treatment.

It mandates a medical screening exam and stabilization of acute life threatening conditions.

Hospitals should work smarter....sure...give them the medical screening exam...but if they won't fork up the cash...they can get treatment for non acute conditions elsewhere...where they will have to pay cash.

Hospitals and docs are scared of getting sued....time to bear up.

I am an ER RN

JustCommonSense said...

Thanks, anon. Good to hear from someone on the front lines. The few times I've been in the ER it was usually filled with Hispanics waiting treatment for their kid's colds. Once while there the ambulance drove up and they were responding to a Latino gang shootout victim in El Mirage.
Hospitals in L.A. apparently deal with gang shootings every night.

Anonymous said...

as I stated above....we don't have to treat thqt snot nose crap at all. But we have to provide a PA or physican exam...takes a bed and time and it's bullshit. Sore throats...all that stuff can be treated at urgent care or by just calling your own doctor. ER folks aren't ignoring you....we just have so many hands and crowding is a problem...that is why triage is so may have arrived before someone else..but...if they are a higher acuity...sicker....they are seen first...folks get pissed about that too. It's only common se4nse for pity's sake. Here's the trick....Personally, I don't want to be driving and walking around dead bodies...nor do I want folks with untreated communicable diseases walking about among us.

That crap of bringing in snotty nose and his little brother who has a slight fever and got tylenol bullshit.

Meet them and street them. Hispanic panic irritates me as well. Female, pissed at husband or boyfriend feigns illness and costs thousands to figure out it's all an act to make the male feel guilty.

ER RN aka Arcadia