Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bankrupt Stockton, CA and The Domino Theory

Yesterday the powers that be in Stockton, California met to discuss their route to municipal bankruptcy.    This central California city of 250,000 people today followed Vallejo, California into the realm of distinction of governmental bankruptcy.  Currently in arrears of payments due in the tens of millions of dollars, the city has debt of nearly three quarters of a billion dollars.

Last year Forbes deemed Stockton as America's most miserable city.  Homes sales have plummeted as productive taxpaying American citizens deserted the city over the last decade and decimated the tax base of that city.  The Gallup group ran a national study of obesity in America.  Stockton took the Blue Ribbon with a 34.5 percent obesity rate.  Illegal Mexicans, armed with Food Stamp cards and tax-free wages, are largely responsible for the crisis.  The combination of heavy Hispanic foods and a newly developed American appetite for Big Macs is the cause.  The University of Connecticut ran another national survey and found Stockton residents to be the most illiterate group in the United States.

When I was growing up in the central valley of California, Stockton was a prosperous medium size, inland port city governed by responsible leaders and peopled by hard-working American citizens.  Their future was bright indeed.

What happened?

Well, for one, politicians gave excessive benefits to their municipal unions in order to secure electoral support.  Now the city is unable to pay those $150,000 dollar a year plus retirement packages.

And, like just about every other California city, Stockton has had to absorb their share of millions of illegal invaders.  The latest official census indicates illegals are now in the majority, pay few taxes and are sapping the life out of municipal services.

Government union greed and an unprecedented illegal invasion has bankrupted California and the state's cities are crumbling one by one.

Get ready America.  Vallejo and Stockton are just the first couple of dominoes to fall.  As Obama and Holder and Napolitano mount an assault on all efforts to protect our borders and deport the invaders it's going to get worse.

America, when Arizona needed you to stand up and fight Emperor Obama too many of you sat on your asses and laughed it all off.  Let's see who's laughing when the invasion reaches your city.

NOTE:  Today, July 11, San Bernardino just announced their bankruptcy.  What does Stockton and San Bernardino have in common?  A huge illegal community and a Hispanic population which represents 70% of all residents.


Ken said...

I think your last paragraph meant to say "too many sat on your ass...", I agree. I also think too many are running away. The same rant we shout out to the illegal, "why don't you stay home and fix your messed up country, rather than run like cowards?". Well it appears everybody's best advice is run away. How about if it is worth it we turn and fight these enemies?

JustCommonSense said...

Ken, thanks so much for the correction; didn't make sense the way I wrote it. Re, "enemies"; right now Obama seems to be our most dangerous enemy as he continues to subvert the constitution and sneer at our nation's immigration and contract law.

Ken said...

Another interesting development on the "love your latinos" front. In Contra Costa County hospitals were facing bankruptcy recently because why? Illegals of course. Flooding the emergency rooms with no intention of paying for the visit. The populace became enraged with the prospect of losing our services as result of this parasitic invasion. The solution came quick to our deep pocketed supervisors, what did they do? Rather than demand payment, deny service, require proof of citizenship or anything else that made sense, they just built another facility just to see the poor poor latino. They now have their own facility, fully equipped that provides preventive services and a full spanish speaking staff and the service is all FREE!! It doesn't cost anything because THE GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR IT! I just got an email from my congressman, George Miller, he says the GOP just doesn't get it, and asks for my input. I think I'll tell him to hang himself from the Oakland Bay Bridge that was built by Chinese contractors who brought labor from china and now the bridge can't open because of steel deficiencies and cracking bolts (not to mention many years overdue and many billions over budget, but I think we have a bike lane on the bridge for the liberals to ride in to SF for gay pride day) . Just thought I'd throw that last one in there!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, for the last two weeks I've been resurrecting many of my previous blogs that addressed the ills associated with illegal immigration. Your comments reminded me that I had not included "What Do You Do When Your Emergency Room Closes?"...will have to dust that one off and re-publish. Although perhaps a losing cause, I'm fighting back all I can as this latest version of amnesty works its way through Congress. Thanks for your input.