Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Illegals On Welfare; Robbing Peter to Pay Paulo"

Please read the attached article on American Unemployment carefully.  I have argued tirelessly about the costs of illegal aliens on our social services safety net. The article deals with the long term unemployed American citizen who is nearing the end of hope.   I have said time and again that, when the money runs out, the folks that are hurt the most are American citizens.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to energize enough of you to write your legislators and demand an end to supporting illegal aliens.

 I have detailed over and over the welfare abuses from the feds and states supporting illegals with benefits which they never paid for...but you did!  Now that you need it, it is not available to you.  Is it fair that illegals come here, work for cash, pay no income taxes, send their children to school on your dime?  Is it fair that an illegal comes here, and in ten years has bred half a dozen anchor babies because they can use that anchor baby to receive WIC, Medicaid benefits, free Section 8 housing and even welfare? 

I have detailed statistics that show 76 percent of all illegals receive welfare benefits in some form?

Okay, now that you folks have been unemployed for three years, now that your medical care is threatened, will you continue to sit on your butt and refuse to stop the invasion..and the accompanying social service costs? 

There is ample federal money to take care of American citizens if American citizens will finally rise up and demand deportation, mandatory E-Verify to stop employers from hiring illegals, demand that Congress not pass the Dream Act and demand that Congress initiate the revision of the 14th Amendment which is the "free pass" for tens of millions of anchor babies.

Read these again and then you decide who you want your taxes going to:

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