Monday, June 17, 2013

"Hispanic Crime; Political Correctness vs The Truth"


Take a look at the above link.  It is a slide show of mug shots for those arrested during the month of June 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona.  You'll find that 80 percent of those arrested were of hispanic heritage.  These percentages are in keeping with any community where hispanics live, whether it be Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Chicago or Dallas.

I'm not saying that hispanics, by nature, are more prone to criminal activity.  (Though I do assert that the hispanic community aids and abets these criminals by allowing them refuge in their communities) And I'm not being 'racist' by offering this information.  I'm simply offering a theory that you might want to consider when the amnesty for illegal legislation arises again in Congress.

My theory is this:  We have granted amnesty twice during the past three decades.  We gave this amnesty to illegals who invaded our nation, thus breaking our immigration laws.  In essence, we gave amnesty and legal residence to a group (llegals)  of people who, by their very nature, are criminals.   This has been proven again and again by the rise of latino gangs, the rise in illegal drug activity, the explosive rise in identity theft and the intentional violation of the 14th amendment through the breeding of "anchor babies" as an entry point for copping welfare, WIC, free housing, food stamps and all other social programs.

These invaders were assisted by the government of Mexico who wish to rid their country of the criminal class and do so by aiding and abetting the illegal migration of same to the U.S. 

This theory clearly shows the lie perpetuated by the liberal open borders folks that hispanics come here for a better life; no they come here to game our social services programs and to participate on the profitable field of criminal activity.

Now try to imagine how many fewer there would be had we not granted amnesty to these criminals twice.  And ask yourself, can your community accommodate another 20 million illegals who are demanding amnesty and full citizenship?

You can call Americans against amnesty "racist" all you want.  You can deny the truth all you wish.  But just take another look at these monthly "mug shot panoramas."  You can look at January or March or October or December; it's always the same, the biggest criminal element are hispanic. We have our share of criminal citizens.  We can't afford to deal with 20 million more.


grenadavet said...

Just, don't forget the Mariel boat lift. Castro did the same; but he actually cleaned out his prisons of some of the worst types.

JustCommonSense said...

Yes, the Mariel boatlift was grim...but Mexico has been sending their criminals north for thirty years...and getting away with it.

Ken said...

Sadly, once again I ask, WHO CARES?? The supreme court has trumped the Arizona law demanding people to show ID before they can register to vote. They no longer need to show proof of citizenship, so supreme court says, they just need to be able to write down on a paper that they are citizens. That just gives away the once great kingdom to a group of lawbreakers, with a demonstrated lack of respect for this nation and its unenforced laws. I heard late last week a congressman who's name escapes me right now, say that there is no reason to pull them over to check their ID as they haven't broken any laws. I thought crossing the border illegally was "illegal". It is out of control, but obviously nothing can be done short of outright war. I need to go throw up now...