Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Infamous Benghazi "Talking Points"


I don't know how many of you read those "well scrubbed" talking points that Jay Carney and Ambassador Rice were ordered to present in the Benghazi Scandal Road Show in the aftermath of the tragic and unnecessary deaths of four Americans.  But I did....and I was damned impressed!  When the policy wonks got through scrubbing the field reports from the "boots on the ground" this debacle didn't look too damned bad!  

Obama's minions were able to scrub out the weeks old request from the Ambassador to beef up his security detail.  After firing the Navy Commander who went nuts when higher ups quashed his efforts to mount a rescue, voila, no problem!  When 23 State Department, CIA and Military folks directly involved in the incident threatened to blow the whistle they were threatened and the coverup was least until after the Presidential election!

I highly endorse this brilliant "modus operandi" and intend to use it in my own personal life.  From now on, when I bumble something I'm gonna lay low and not own up to it,  until I have at least prepared some defensive talking points.  

If George Bush weren't such a chatter box, if he hadn't "owned" every Iraqi failure, if he had just shut up and not uttered that famous "I'm the Decider", he could probably have blamed the Iraqi mess on Bill Clinton.  (He certainly could have blamed Bill Clinton for 9/11 because Clinton was given the chance to take out Bin Laden's training camp and elected not to do so!).  Or, GW might have reminded America that the World Trade Center was bombed earlier during the Clinton Administration and little was done to avenge that attack!  Imagine how Bush could have scrubbed a number of sins just by coming up with some "Clinton talking points!"  After all, it worked for Obama during his first four years of utter failure!....he simply developed an elaborate collection of talking points....all of them "Bush's fault".  

Yep...I like it!  


Ken said...

Sadly, Bush had no friends in the media to help him with that clean up. Fox news tried to remind folks of all the Clinton goof ups, but the rest were just busy attacking poor George. I must say, I hope he is remembered for "owning" it. I rather respect that a whole more, like "the buck stops here"! It takes a man to do that, what we have now is the finest example of a belly crawling weasel.

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I couldn't agree more. As a steady reader of my blog you know I opposed the Iraqi invasion, and long term occupation of Afghanistan....and I didn't like Bush's spending....but I do respect him for standing up like a man and "owning" his actions, as opposed to that slimy "man child" in the White House who shuffles the blame off to whomever is convenient.

Ken said...

slimy "man child", I love it. Hate it too...