Friday, March 1, 2013

Islamic Female Genital Mutilation

I just read in the news yesterday that a fifteen year old rape victim in the Maldives will be receiving 100 lashes, her sentence in the Sharia courts for having pre-marital sex.   She was introduced to sex  by way of rape by her stepfather.  According to Sharia Muslim law she deserved it.  Why was she allowed to reach the age of fifteen without having her clitoris removed, as is the experience of millions of little girls in the Muslim world?

The above cartoon was done by a female cartoonist in protest of this savagery on little girls.  According to PRI International she's taken a lot of heat from Muslims for it.  The cartoonist will no doubt have death threats soon, if she hasn't already.

Even in Muslim countries where this savagery is practiced more enlightened governments have tried to put a stop to it.  In the mid 90's the government of Egypt passed a law that bans the practice but so much Islamic protest forced the law banning mutilation to be overturned by the Islamic courts.


Radical Islamists believe the surest way of insuring proper female behavior is to lacerate their clitoral area and remove the clitories, thus making sex so painful a woman would only engage in it to provide children according to her husband's wishes.

Of course this savagery, combined with the absolute refusal to allow girls to get an education, is the ultimate "war on women".   While both Bush and Obama have made token protests to this practice, Obama never tied foreign aid with a ban on these mutilations.  He's never asked the President of Afghanistan to speak out against it, even as we have provided over a trillion dollars in military and economic support.  You'll hear only mild peeps from President Obama on this issue; any mention of this radical Islam war on women might offend all his friends in the Middle East.  Nor has Michelle taken a strong stance on this.  Laura Bush, to her credit, did travel to the Middle East and spoke out in favor of education for girls and she strongly protested the practice of female mutilation.  But until we tie our foreign aid to this practice it will continue.

And American women seemed to have no problem with Obama and liberal indifference; they'll continue to get the majority of the American female vote as long as they continue to support wholesale abortion and free  birth control pills.

The hell with those thousands of little ten and twelve year old girls getting mutilated by radical Muslims every day of the year.  War on Women, American women?  You wouldn't know a war on women if it was right in front of you...which it is!



Ken said...

This is without a doubt the sickest practice any human can do to another short of their love of beheading infidels (anybody who disagrees with them). I fear that democrats might take up the practice. I really can't begin to describe the anonymous I have for American feminists and islam in general. I'm truly sick of the "some muslims are good people". Bullshit, I don't hear them or woman speaking out loudly at all. That is not for all woman just the ones close to the democrat party. The hypocrisy is beyond disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your effort to raise awareness to this issue! But I noticed a few things that I thought I should correct and I hope you do not mind.
In Islam (the actual religion, not the way ignorant muslims interpret it to benefit themselves) female genital mutilation is NOT allowed. Premarital sex is not allowed; both men and women that participate in premarital sex are considered wrongdoers. But in the case of rape, it is never the female's fault! Islam differentiates between the two.
Now the "muslims" that follow "sharia law" are actually making up their own rules. Governed by people that allow for a male-dominated society, these "muslims" punish females for everything. They deprive them of the ability to enjoy sex, they blame them if they are raped, they punish them for everything possible. These "muslims" are not following Islam. They have surely made up their own religion but pretend to follow Islam.
I am a Muslim female. I am not oppressed. I have my own voice, i govern my actions. I follow a religion that allowed women rights at a time when women elsewhere were seen as subservient to men. My religion allows me to have voice. In the eyes of God, I am equal to every other man out there. And I have full control over my body. In Islam, heaven is said to lie underneath the female's feet. Metaphorically speaking, this alludes to the importance of pleasing women in order to gain access to heaven. Muslims are advised to take care of their mothers three times before they are advised to take care of their fathers. Not because women are more important, but because God knows some crazy "muslim" men will treat women as subservient creatures. God knows, and so he stresses the importance of treating women fairly. Any real Muslim out there knows these facts.
Again, I am pleased to know that so many people care about Muslim females. Female genital mutilation needs to be stopped! It is a practice that dates back to ancient African civilizations, specifically in Ethiopia. I would appreciate it, however, if you could also research the truth behind Islam. And with that, I advise you to look for trusted sources. Because I am a Muslim woman, and I know so many Muslim women just like me. We are free, we have power. We are equal to men. And this is what Islam preaches. We need to put a stop to the craziness that occurs in countries where men do not know the real teachings of Islam.
Thank you.

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, thank you for your thoughtful and reasoned comments. You make a good case for your religion....when religion, any religion, places the value of the human being above codified religious principles.

Anyone who stumbles through my many blogs will know that I have Muslim friends who I admire and value highly. However, there are millions of Jews, Christians AND Muslims who trade on their religion to advance their own personal biases, all to the harm of the innocents.

Those who know me know that I oppose all organized religions. Though I believe in God, I abhor the religious tenets that mortal man imposes on mortal man.....All organized religions are wrong because they all can't be right when the are often in opposition to one another. And just as with the Bible, too damn many mortals got their hands on their sacred text and wrote it the way they wished to, even sometimes with good intentions. But, I must say, no one has been as successful as Muslims in using the Koran for massive harm and destruction.

I am glad that you are happy with both the society you live in, and your religion...God knows we need more happiness these days.